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Message from Montague Keen October 23, 2011

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Message from Montague Keen October 23, 2011
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Date: Sunday, 23-Oct-2011 18:26:57

Message from Montague Keen October 23, 2011 

(Ephesians 6:12) 

My dear, the horrific events of last week will awaken many more to the real truth of what is going on. It shocked all decent human beings to the core. When such evil is directed at the masses, and technology is used to incite them, then this is the result. Is that the path you wish to go down? Where money rules and human life is brutally and publicly extinguished for GAIN. How can you ever see these countries as civilized ever again? 

This is not a time to hide away and hope that you and yours will be safe. Remember, "You are your brother's keeper". By your silence, you too, become the assassin. This is the Dark Cabal's effort to take and keep control; to remove all who were not indebted to them. It is so important to seek the truth, knowing that it will be your salvation. 

Tell Peter [Welsford] that he is right in his assumptions regarding his ancestors. They look forward to a joyous reunion with him when it is his time to join us. 

I know that these are difficult times to be on Earth. But it is important that you come together and support each other. You know in your soul that the light will extinguish the dark; then it is up to you to bring forward the young who are already equipped to live in the New Energy. You will act as guardians, ensuring that they understand their roles in the New World of peace and love. Your world will return to the religion of love that thrived in ancient Ireland. It was brutally removed by the Vatican. It is exciting, my dear, how Ireland is gradually giving up its secrets in this time of revelation. 

On the earthly plane, you are on different levels of consciousness. Some have a deep connection to what is happening. Others are as empty as shells, with no visible sign of light. They are the ones that are used by the Dark Cabal to carry out their orders. They recognize their own, just as you do. You see the light in others, you feel comfortable and at home with them. You and I, recognized each other when we met, just as you do today with the Light Beings around you. The Dark Ones come in all guises. Do not allow yourselves to be fooled by them. They will appear on the surface to be okay, but soon reveal their true selves. They have no hiding place. They cannot survive in truth and love. 

Those who work to reveal the truth are condemned and vilified, even if it is one of their own who is speaking out. God gave everyone free will. This is not enjoyed by many so-called religions, but it is everyone's right to live his life as he sees fit and not allow himself to be dictated to by dishonest and controlling sects. You do not arrive in your world with a label on your forehead. You are free to choose. 

On this side of life there is no religion at all because we know the truth. All that divided you on Earth becomes irrelevant. We do not need language or nationality and belief systems. They are all man-made differences, so are of no consequence when you pass to Spirit. It is how you lived your life on Earth that matters, nothing else. You cannot force another human being to be what he is not. Look with a critical eye at those who try to force their views or controls on you. Many laws have been passed that you are not yet aware of. This was done to impose more control on you, as they blindly follow The Plan. Food will be used as a weapon, to force you to comply. Parts of the United States are already trying to do this. 

Bless those who are protesting quietly without resorting to violence. Many have been planted among them who are desperately trying to incite violence and cause trouble. The protesters are an example to all of you as to how you can achieve our goals. Your media has tried to ignore them, to pretend the protests were not happening. But they have failed. The protesters are supported on both sides of life. We owe them a debt of gratitude. I observed your disgust at the misrepresentation of these people on radio and TV, and in the newspapers. You were shocked that the radio station that you have listened to for about 50 years is totally mind-controlled; they all read from the same script. Free speech has gone. Where are you supposed to go to get a true picture of what is happening? 

We are grateful to the people, who through their connection with Spirit, endeavor to show the real picture of what is happening. Do not allow the greed of the few to destroy any more of your world, no matter what implausible story they come up with, regarding reasons why they must invade other countries. You know that they are lying, but they are slaves to The Plan: they must carry it out otherwise they would be removed from office. 

Their world is coming to an end. Their reign of terror is almost over forever. They will not succeed in destroying your world or your people. Everything that they have lived for, and by, was stolen or forcibly obtained. Even their history is NOT theirs - that too, was stolen. 

The truth is being revealed and explained. The imposters will be removed. This will be done without resorting to violence or argument. They will use FEAR. It has always worked in the past. They do like their tried and tested formulas. But you are now wise to their LIES. You will not fall for them again. Do not allow FEAR into your lives. It is their weapon of choice to control you. 

Come together. Do not allow religion or race to deter you. Create the energy of love and hope wherever you go. You are the special ones, bringing about the change. Love will be the only 'weapon' used. Love is all that is needed. Love is everything. 

My dear, you feel the pain and distress of others. You find this time difficult. I have explained that once the soul leaves the body, it has no recollection of the suffering. It is reunited with its ancestors. The killing will stop. 

We have work to do, you and I. We will complete it ! Be assured that my love will guide you. I am your adoring, Monty. 

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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Anonymous said...

The Bible quotation at the head of this article might be seen as hypocritical, as much of the rest of the piece contradicts that Word freely and without hindrance.

There is no such thing as innate immortality in created beings. The Bible is extremely clear on this point. The dead live again only if, and when, resurrected by the Creator, Jesus Christ.

There is no place which does not become divided when falsehood tries to intrude upon truth, or vice-versa. Our planet is such a place. Heaven was such a place -- until Lucifer/Satan was removed, along with his die-hard associates.

These divisions - truth/error, light/dark - are not man-made and never become "irrelevant". What an irresponsible and irrational concept! These divisions-reality definitions-are as solid, universal, unchanging, and long-lasting as God Himself.

A lie is always a lie. Murder is always murder. Wherever, whenever, whoever.

This is something genuine LOVE knows and understands. Wherever, whenever, whoever, forever.

Good cops/bad cops, playing their long-term agendas. Jesus Christ shows them up in His Word.