Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Kingdom's King Is Come

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This Kingdom's King Is Come

October 21, 2011
   Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. I have caused you to rise above the world and live on a different plane, a different dimension, a place between heaven and earth. And now the kingdom comes, the place where you really fit, really belong, and can be free to exercise your God-given gifts. I will be there beside you and in you as you do the kingdom works so necessary to remedy the world's ills.

   The Kingdom Age has come and all My beloved, those who are watching, will see it with their own eyes. Bewildered as the world will be, dismayed as the lukewarm "Christians" will be, distressed as the ungodly will be, you will see, and your heart will be enlarged with joy as this Kingdom's King is come.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ said His kingdom was not of this world. He said He will save His people, whoever chooses to be so, out of this world. This world is destroyed at His appearance.

After the thousand years in Heaven, He and His people return here, the ruined earth is burned, cleansed, and re-created anew. He will speak, and it will be done, just like He did at first.

He is not coming to 'renovate' this present world. He is not planning to 'move in' and take over this earth's political systems.

His Word gives not one hint of this as being true.

Our only remedy is an individual one. Salvation and readiness to meet Him in peace when He comes to end our world's horrific nightmare.