Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello to all and a reminder of this Saturday's Florida Republic meeting and some GREAT NEWS!!!

Come meet our president and listen to what he has to say

Here are the details again:
Good news for Sovereigns, family, friends or anyone in or facing foreclosure!!! This is extremely important information!!!

As the Florida Republic shifts into full action we need to have as much knowledge as possible. This is an Intensive all day seminar.

Topics:                          Deeds; Liens and Standing
Speakers/Trainers:      Tim Pledger/Thom Chapman /Gene Exum and others
Cost:                             $25.00 and spouse is free (just enough to pay for speakers expenses)


Anonymous said...

LOL he finally surfaces, what an effing joke !

Anonymous said...

All he wants is your money or Dinars

Anonymous said...

Poor guy must have run out of money and needs a handout. Come one, come all and get your fill of more disinfo and lies.

Anonymous said...

Kind of a coincidence he rears his head now that the RV will soon be announced? Probably not.

Anonymous said...

What a joke vote for a person who can actually restore the republic. RON PAUL. This TT is a joke.

TLGA said...

Well 42 states at last count had officially removed themselves and most of the members of their assemblies.

He announced a couple weeks ago that the people of the republic would have to start FUNDING the Republic until his FINANCING COMES THROUGH. When asked where the republic was BORROWING the money from, his answer was simply "where everybody else gets it"..... HMMMMM yep that part might just be the first time he told the truth... the IMF via his boss Daddy Bush... via your pocket!

The sad part is that innocent people in dire straits with mortgages under water and judgments against them will pay 25 bucks for a pig in a poke and lose precious time to gain true remedy.

Saving a home is done by personal responsibility to study and learn to do it yourself with real information and support. That can be gotten right here....

From there dig in your heels, roll up your sleeves and learn how to do it right while at the same time joining a huge group of people willing to share and support you through your ordeal.

Stop buying pigs and following snake oil salesmen expecting the magic bullet that does not exist.

I just got the second check from a scum sucking parasite debt collection agency... How? By learning and doing with the greatest support network I've ever found.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above. This bunch is likely more evil than the present defacto. I am amazed at how many stick by thes people, who collectively are unable to aim at the potty. They have no education and only want your money, now that you are goning to be wealthy soon.

No change here.

Anonymous said...

Tim Turner and Billy Ray scammed thousands of people selling their seminars across the country for over 3 year. They both took in hundreds of thousands of dollars while the people who paid for their seminars lost their homes, cars, families and some went to jail! They took Silver Dollars for Cities of Refuge that went into their own pockets as well. They need to pay the price for what they have done! Stay far away from preying scammers!

Rob said...

Snake Oil Salesmen All.

They make politicians look like Altar Boys and we know better than that.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that TT is still President of TRAP since his 6 month term of office has long since expired.

Anonymous said...

The only "King" is he is, is of his own throne....the bathroom throne that is. Freakin' Con Artist ;)

John MacHaffie said...

Have you all read the comments above. I wager TT will do another 'No-Show' in Florida. And what is that comment - his 6 months is already over.

Hmmmm ---- Very Interesting!

TLGA said...

Even more interesting. Day before yesterday the Free State of Pennsylvania, after REMOVING Nathan Peachey for unlawful and treasonous behavior from their midst and leaving Turner's Fantasy Roundup Game.. received CONFIRMATION from the Hague that the Free State of Pennsylvania is now internationally recognized. Well Timmy, what are you going to do about that? The document will be made public shortly and there goes your claim that you have Pennsylvania or any other state lawfully seated. It's time for tar and feathers and public display on so many fronts.

His latest press release is even funnier...
The Republic for the united States of America
From the Desk of the President
Thursday, October 27, 2011
Regarding: Interim vs. Permanent Government
RuSA Secured ID#: RP384786349RuSA
My Fellow Americans,
It has been brought to my attention that a few in our Republic are
entertaining an idea that we must refer to ourselves as a permanent government
in order to have authority to act. At this time we are an interim government and
have authority to act only on behalf of “We the People” who are members of the
re-inhabited Republic. We have no authority over those who are governed by the
UNITED STATES CORPORATE government. Until such time as the CORPORATE US
government fails or until we have a majority of the American People within our
Republic, we should not entertain any ideas of calling ourselves a permanent
government. Once we are recognized domestically, internationally and fully
operating, that designation will change to permanent government status.
We should be cautious of engaging in activities that could provoke the
UNITED STATES CORPORATION into becoming hostile toward us. We have no law
enforcement or military force, as yet, to protect us from harm. It is my opinion
that promoting ourselves as a permanent government could cause us problems.
We have been safe up to this point because we have followed a path of peace and
the letter of the law. It is not wise to slap an armed, four-hundred-pound gorilla
when you are unable to defend yourself. It is recorded in the CORPORATE US
SUPREME COURT that a parallel government is in place. By continuing to follow
that precedent, we have authority in documented law to protect us. I and the
other officials of the Republic have not supported and do not support any effort to
establish a permanent government until we have the will and recognition or
endorsement of the majority of the People across America.
Vice President/
Senate President
Senate President pro
Speaker of the House
Nathan Joel Peachey
Chief Justice of the
one Supreme Court
Press Office
Thank you for your time and efforts and God Bless,
James TimothyTurner -President


Anonymous said...

I havent given a dine to Tim Turner. What ya'll talkin bout?

Anonymous said...


This press release is not on the website. Did you make it up?

Anonymous said...

I been telling you people over & over you are wrong about your slander & disbelief...most of which is lies.
Teri Lynn is the ring leader & she is leading you all down the stairway to hell & shame.
Very soon you will all be eating your words & you will feel really foolish for your lack of knowledge & faith.
I suppost this is to say you all support Obama/Clinton & Bush?
Like everything is great & the restored republic is going to ruin it all for you.

TLGA said...

Make it up? Nobody but Timmy himself can spin such drivel....

It was forwarded via email.

Now as to the other Anonymous, the one with no sense... There are none so blind as those who will not see... Ring Leader of What?

While you are playing cowboys and politicians, others are getting things done. How much more time are going to suck on the bait?

Tell ya what... the day Tim Turner prooves, sorry his word isn't worth as much as Obama's, hard proof that ANYTHING he has ever said is true, retractions will follow. I know, how about the fake assassination attempt, let's start with that one, you know the one where he duped a poor follower into paying for a rental van because he had a warrant out for him promising to pay the guy... then didn't return the van until long past the rental agreement... the poor guy gets socked big time on his credit card and when he goes to your honorable liar in chief he is told, "well we all have to sacrifice, consider it your donation to the Republic"... yeah that's a good place to start.

TLGA said...

Update... I guess although Turner wouldn't say specifically where the "financing" is coming from he did say that it was a deal where a percentage would go to the Queen, a percentage to the people, a percentage to the Vatican and the UN and so forth.... can we say "Interim Trap to set up the very TOTAL DICTATORSHIP the NWO cabal has been dreaming of ready to step in when the current gang of criminals step out?"


Go back to sleep folks and attend tonight's twisted history lesson and tell yourself you are doing something worthwhile....

From: Vice President Charles Wright
Date: Sun, Oct 30, 2011 at 9:20 AM
Subject: October 30, Sunday night call

Hello Everyone:

Please join us this Sunday night, October 30, for the “Fire Side Chat” and continuation series reviewing Federalist and Anti Federalist papers leading to states ratification of our Constitution. This week we review November, December of 1787 and January 1788 releases of these papers.

Remember: The Federalist Papers were written and published during the years 1787 and 1788 in several New York State newspapers to persuade New York voters to ratify the proposed constitution.

The Anti-Federalist Papers are a collection of articles, written in opposition to the ratification of the 1787 United States Constitution.

Visit with us and discover the men and motivations behind these writings.

Be sure to have pen and paper to take notes.

Our goal is to develop the Republic foundation, based on our founding fathers intentions and principles. With this understanding “We the People” can bring about a lawful nation with freedom and liberty for all men and women.

See you there!

Sunday, 6:00 P.M. P.S.T.

Dial in Number: 424-203-8000

Participant Pin: 819054

Have a Healthy and Prosperous Day,

Charles EugeneWright

From the Desk of the Vice President

The Republic for the united States of America

That's right move along BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Anonymous said...


Did you have one of your snitches there? You should really report what happened there.

BTW, 4 days now and your press release is still not on the RuSA website!!!

TLGA said...

The link works for me just fine,. Give me an email and I will forward it to you just the way it came to me. I have no information on what server it is on. It's just a link that was in the email.

Snitches? That would imply someone who rats on those doing something wrong wouldn't it? Is that really the choice of words you want to use?

Actually many people forward me everything they get and a lot of it comes from those who left long ago, have demanded until they are blue in the face to be removed from the email list but are continually spammed with RuSA idiocy anyway. One of these days I'm sure there will be a federal law suit for harassment and just based on the emails I have archived I predict the plaintiff/s will win. That's a court room drama I would love to see. In fact one I would be willing to hitch hike to see if it's too far for my old car.

It's been nearly two years and the media boy still can't clean up his data base and stop sending RuSA info out to those who don't want it let alone to those who will compile it for later evidence. Security? That's funny!

TLGA said...



Anonymous said...

Watch the on line movies. "CHANGE IS ON THE HORIZON" each pat is about an hour. Very educational. Its about how we got to wear we are today with the Bankster, illuminatii bunch.