Sunday, October 30, 2011


It would be nice to know that this was sent to every senator and governor and house rep.
As I see this was sent to Richard Shelby

To: Richard Shelby <>

The subject title of this email is the exact reason I am FWD it to you and your fellow senators in Congress to perhaps generate some reaction to what has been thought to be true before Obama was ever elected. He states in this accompanying video that he was born in Kenya, his father was a Kenyan, he, himself, was not born in Hawaii and several other things which prove that he is not a natural born citizen and that he is not qualified to be president because of his birth right. I don't know what kind of exposure members of Congress have to documents such as this because there is never any reaction to them by said members. However, the email system is loaded with information that apparently has a legal and truthful basis . We never hear any of that. And when one of us citizens brings it to ther attention of our Congressonal members, nothing ever results. It is time for such information to be disseminated to the citizens of the United States so we can stay abreast of every issue affecting our nation. I request that you address this matter with your fellow Senate members, and stop playing with the life of the United States as if it were a foreign country. Those countriues seem to be getting all the attention and funding anyhow.
James E. Pyle, LTC IN US Army, Retired PO Box 236, Alexandria, AL 36250

Subject: Obama admits Not Being Born in Hawaii!!

This has not yet been pulled. I just watched it today (10-1-11)He made this statement before he learned that he had to be a natural born citizen in this country to be a candidate for the presidency.

Circulate this
before it is pulled from the INTERNET.

video - Obama admits he is not a citizen

Watch it before it’s pulled!


catmar1944 said...

The problem is you are being ruled by a Corporation a de-facto government, there has been no constitutional Government since the South ran out in the late 1800's somewhere around 1860 I believe, anyway as they are a Corporation anyone can be the CEO and that is exactly what Obama is, he is the Chief Executive Officer of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. But take comfort that most other Countries are in the same boat, including mine, the UK.

Anonymous said...

catmar1944 is exactly right. I would think that most people on this site would already know that the UNITED STATES is a corporation and not a country. One need not be a citizen of the UNITED STATES to president of the UNITED STATES, INC.

If you don't believe that the UNITED STATES is a corporation check out 28 USC 3002 15A.

catmar1944 said...

Exactly right, thanks for backup.

Anonymous said...

The Sherrif is a near!

Anonymous said...

Not Natural Born -- TRUTH MATTERS. ( he is naturalized, not NaturalBorn )
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Ajoutée par/added by freedom1776flag, le 2mai/may 2010.The video starts out with some content from, which, of course is contrived. And yet, there seems to be a synthetic truth about what the president says. Is he "natural born" according to the Constitution? No. The requirement is that BOTH parents need to be U. S. Citizens. Two U. S. Citizen parents produce a "natural born" citizen. It's likely that Mr. Obama was REGISTERED in Hawaii, therefore he has a COLB, from Hawaii. The truth may well be he was born in Kenya; that is where we believe his "long-form" birth certificate, was issued. Nevertheless, "natural born" indicates, and speaks to the fact that BOTH parents have to be U. S. Citizens. His father WAS NEVER a U. S. Citizen, therefore, Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a "natural born" Citizen of the United States, thus he is in violation of Amendment 14, and Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of the United States Constitution. // //
FROM: 10:58min