Monday, October 31, 2011

Rally to Restore the Constitution, 11/11/11 Washington DC

OK...all you people out there who want our Constitutional Republic back get busy and support these guys and spread the wordl.  They either need your body in Washington or your dollars to help fund this.  Send this to everyone you know! Make it the SHOUT heard 'round the world.

On the Rally to Restore the Constitution, 11/11/11 Washington DC  By Jim O'Neil

Thank all for the initial response to our donation request...a ways to go but we're on the way. We have new guidance for anyone that wishes to donate on line.  

If you're a USPU/VDA member  login to VDA and follow the instructions there.

For all others, proceed to the link provided in the earlier funding request or  Donate to 11-11-11 Event Fund!

If you do not wish to donate on-line, you may mail your contribution payable to The U.S. Patriots Union (11-11-11 Event). Mail to The U.S. Patriots Union - P.O. Box 783 - Hermitage, TN 37076-0783  Mail donations are requested to be sent right away.

Our natons rudder is broken, patriots...we're sending Libyan rebels to Germany for treatment in US Military hospitals and you wonder who pays?  Guess what....we do!.  At the same time Senator McCain is agreeing to rape military TRICARE health benefits to save funds.  Just lost 12 or 13 warriors in Afghanistan today thanks to a anti-American commander-in-chief that undermines our military at every turn. This doesn't even touch government selling guns to Mexican drug dealers killing our border guards; millions to failed energy busts; CZARS side-stepping Congress; on and on.  What the hell are we doing?  Obama is the enemy and people are snoozing, wondering if he will get reelected...wringing hands. We must stop this traitor, betrayer of the US Constitution.  This is what 11-11-11 Declaration Rally/muster in D.C. is all about...bringing to a screaming crescendo the failures and outright criminal behavior of the Obama Administration and his supporting Congress critters.

We all need to pitch in so it won't be so hard on any of us...Obama and his cohorts are slowly, like a cancer, eating away at our strength...soon we will be weakened to point of no alternative.  Be part of the fight, help with funding and lock arms and stand shoulder to shoulder together in D.C. on 11-11-11.  Our freedom and liberty is at tell me what's more important.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret
Crestview, FL
Visit Constitutional Emergency at:


Anonymous said...
On the Rally to Restore the Constitution, 11/11/11 Washington DC
- by Jim O'Neill Saturday, October 29, 2011,14,15&url=/vda-members/

Anonymous said...

.....part1/2.....Benjamin Fulford, 10-31-2011: Is the Rothschild Banking Monopoly Finally about to Be Dismantled? Posted by Pat Donworth // *** The situation in Europe is making it clear to all but the most brainwashed, that something historical, is taking place. What is happening is that the criminal element at the very top of the Western power structure, especially at the very top of the financial system, has been cut off from their money printing machine. As a result, the IMF and the major European and US money center banks, are insolvent. No amount of lying or paper shuffling or propaganda, is going to hide this fundamental truth.
The governments of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy etc. know that the debts they supposedly owe to bankers, were created through fraudulent book entries, and thus do not have to be repaid. That is why the banks suddenly announced that Greece only had to pay back 50% of their debt, even though such a write off would destroy them. They are hoping for a tax payer bail-out, that is just not going to happen. It is game over. The Rothschild banking nightmare, is ending.
Even the highly-brainwashed priesthood known as Western financial gurus and journalists, are starting to realize that something is not right. The big announcement by European governments of a “solution” to the Greek and Euro crises, is a case in point. If you analyze the announcement you realize that essentially the banks and governments are saying the banks will pay for 50% of the Greek debt, with money they do not have. The governments say they will pay for it by “leveraging” the money they already have. They do not say who is going to be dumb enough to finance a bankrupt gambler, who wants to quadruple his risk. Please note that as soon as the “solution” to the crisis was announced, high level begging missions were sent to Asia, including French President Sarkozy. Why would they need to go to Asia to ask for money, if they had come up with a solution? The IMF, supposedly the world’s “lender of last resort” is also continuing to admit they have no money. The reason is that the IMF itself, cannot prove that its money comes from legitimate sources.
The fact of the matter is that the criminal part of the world’s financial system, is falling apart. The IMF will soon cease to be solvent. The same is true of the World Bank. The BIS is also in trouble. In fact, the entire Rothschild banking monopoly, is in deep trouble. The freeze of “trading platforms” remains in place, meaning that the controllers of the fiat system, can no longer pump new money into the system. The best they can do, is reshuffle money that is already in the system. New money will only start entering the global financial system ....once the new asset-backed system is in place. “The IMF and the World Bank existed, to force the Rothschild banking system, on the countries of the world,” is how an extremely senior Chinese official explained the situation. “Our goal is to reboot the system, to start over and set all the parameters in a fair way, so that all countries benefit from the pooled assets of the people of the world, and not just Europe and North America,” he continued. The original system was meant to have been run by the Swiss and protected by the Americans, he continued. “The basic failure was that the system of checks and balances failed, and the people who were supposed to protect the system, ended up abusing it,” he added.

Anonymous said...

What is now going to happen, is that the 100 countries that have so far joined the new system started in Monaco in August, are going to implement the new system in four stages, according to a White Dragon Society source. The US military and agencies, will be involved in this process, right from the beginning, he added. Efforts to intimidate generals by using corrupt institutions like the IRS to try to repossess their homes, will backfire and lead to criminal prosecutions. The first step will be a lawsuit that will be filed before November 15th, against the individuals and groups who abused the Federal Reserve Board system. This will lead to liens being placed against many of the largest financial institutions in the world, according to the filers. There will also be mass arrests.
The other steps have yet to be disclosed. However, some basic truths are already known. First of all, all honest businessmen and bankers worldwide, will have nothing to worry about. Second of all, the money created through derivatives fraud will be eliminated from the books, even if that means bankrupting many of the big Western financial institutions. Third, major historical financial injustices will be addressed, and stolen monies and assets, will be returned to their rightful owners. This will be good news for the vast majority of Western citizens, as well as the inhabitants of long exploited regions like Africa. The international banking and payment settlements systems, will remain in place, after the reboot. This will mean the minimum possible disruption to legitimate business. However, as mentioned earlier, the international institutions set up and controlled by a small group of Western oligarchs after World War 2, will be totally revamped. //
Copyright Benjamin Fulford. Please support Ben’s work with a paid subscription. ...for more...