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Foreclosure - CA judges ruled conflict of interest

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Subject: Judges Conflict of Interest - Superior Courts of Los
Angeles Served!!! - YouTube

Dear Friends: According to the info below: All California Judges
have a pension fund heavily invested (60%) in Bank Derivatives - the
very Securitization Trusts that are foreclosing on homeowners. That
is a conflict of interest.

Result: If true, No California Judge should be able to hear any
Unlawful Detainer complaint to evict a homeowner. or any complaint
filed against the bank or securitization trust. (this will probably
be true for most other states as well)

The attack against the judge would be by CCP 170.1(a)(6)(A)(iii)
in California

Watch the video at and
read more at and

Background info by me:

Most of you have heard how the people have started protesting against
the Banks' lawless activity, and how the people lose their homes,
but the perpetrators of the fraudulent schemes to defraud both the
homeowners and the investors in the securitization trusts - those
perpetrators are NOT prosecuted. The TeaParty people organized
Occupy Wall Street, in response to the Arab Spring that the CIA
started in most arab countries. Occupy Wall Street has moved to
other cities as well, including Los Angeles.

The Unions joint the Tea Party organisation, and the Socialists
have been trying to take over the movement. / / are some websites

Oathkeepers is trying to pull the focus from Socialist Agents to
the Banking Cartel fraud.
(Oathkeepers is an organization designed to help Police, Sheriffs
and government officials understand their oath to support the
Constitution, and to help them understand what they need to do to
protect the people from martial law.)

Meanwhile, many people have been pointing out how the current
corporate government is NOT for the people, and are working to
restore the true Republic required by the Constitutions.

Attorney Richard Fine pointed out how California Judges are to be
paid by California. When LA County pays them in addition, they are
"on the take". California Senate Bill SBX211 was passed to forgive
judges from criminal prosecution for taking county money

The current situation above and below appears to be discussing the
California Pension for judges, not the 2 LA County Pensions for
judges that Attorney Fine brought into question, although they may
also be in question.

(read more about what I am doing at )

The info from the email I am forwarding: Watch the video and read
more below:

This is not just for current cases.  This is going to impact ALL
cases that have occurred!

The first 2 minutes of the video is just the into.  The interview
with a gentleman who really understands the issue begins after
that and his information is right on point!  If you're still not
aware of the fraud that has been going on with the banks and home
mortgages needs to listen to his words very closely!!!

I typed out what he said as best as I could, as reading while
listening can help this information make a greater impact as well:

Filed Tuesday, October 11, 2011:

"Requires the chief judge to notify all the judges and supervisors,
to step down from office disqualify themselves, in any case involving
a bank or a bank issue.  The retirement benefit program for every
judge in the State of California is at least 60% invested in bank
product, which includes mortgage backed securities.  So everyone
who has come before a judge on a bank issue, for a lot of years, has
not received a fair trial, as their was a conflict of interest. And
when the judges knew they had a conflict of interest, or should
have known there was a conflict of interest, they committed judicial
corruption, which is cause for disqualification.

The papers were served on the chief judge, were served on governor
Brown and the attorney general on Tuesday.  It requires governor
Brown, under his capacity as the chief magistrate, the chief law
enforcement officer for the State of California, to investigate
every judge in the State that is receiving a benefit from the bank,
and sanction them by disqualifying them, and requires them to clean
up their own mess.  In other words, contact every person they have
"stolen" a homes from, and I use the word "stolen" qualifiedly, to
particularly state the cause of action, is straight up theft. When
you're being paid as a judge, by the bank, to your retirement benefit
system, to kick someone out of their home.  It's flat wrong. Everyone
in the country understands this concept, and that's why we chose
California because there are so many people, right now in California
that are suffering from this judicial corruption.

Any citizen of the State of California has the authority to serve
papers on any public official.  The issue is this and simply this:
We the People created the government.  We own the government because
we created it and we funded it.  We paid for everything.  We own this
building, we own the governors office, we own the governors building,
we have the right to make complaints to them, and they have the
public duty, the public obligation, which they're paid to perform,
very well as a matter of fact, if you listen to our complaints, and
investigate, they have failed to do so.  And Susan here is trustee
for the original State of California, and by trustee, what I mean,
is that Susan has stepped into the position that have been abandoned
by our current public officers.  They all now work for a public
Corporation called The State of California.  It has a separate EIN
number, and operates as a "for profit" business. The real republic
of the government that serves the people was abandoned, and Susan
(Not sure about middle name used) Hamway, an attorney locally here
in California, in LA in fact, stepped into that position because
it was abandoned.

The public trust is the government created by the people.  I believe
that the courts around the country have already received notice that
this is only the beginning and yes they will take action. Because
once the people understand, the level of corruption in their courts,
in relation to the mortgage issue, they're going to understand,
that when the banks can not produce the evidence of a loan,
there can be no debt that is collectable.  Let me repeat that:
When the American people understand, that in order for there to
be a collectable debt, that could kick them out of their houses,
the banks have to prove the loan took place, and they can not do
that because no loan ever happened, and they would destroy anyone's
situation complaining about the mortgage fraud, if they could one
time produce evidence of a loan.  They would destroy all of the
arguments, all of the complaints, they've failed to do so.

What about the robo signing that has gone on?  You're dealing with
the result, not the cause.  What we served today is "the cause of
the issue."  In the paperwork that was served, and you can get a
copy of the paperwork on a website called:

All of the documents that were served are available on that site
and what it says is: Without evidence and proof of a loan, there
is no debt that could be collected.  So that is the "cause" of the
issue.  All the other issues after that, whether they can produce
the note, whether they have robo signing, or whether the transfer
to the trustees were correct, are based on a fraud.  The core of
the fraud, the core of the theft, the core of the corruption is,
that judges all know, that no bank can produce evidence of the loan."

Again the site for this video is:

Related sites: The actual serving of the document (57 pages) and the
clerks doing their best to "not accept service" which is a whole
other issue, how clerks love to try to not accept.  Their job is
to take in what ever documents are brought to them!


YouTube - Videos from this email

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