Friday, October 28, 2011

"standing strong in peace"


Today the Lord was speaking to me about "standing strong in peace". I wrote it down to share with you.

"Be faithful in all the small things that I have told you to do. In so doing every step that you take from obedience will bring you to the next level. Remember that every step is preparation for your destiny. Be patient as you continue to fulfill the plan that I have for you. Your stand in the plan of promise will cause you to walk straight into the victory that I ordained for you. Even when the enemy tries to block, stop, or detain you, let him know that you mean business, and stand strong. Stand strong in My peace! I Am your peace, and your obedience to every step causes you to live in a place of peace. It does not matter what the circumstances say, I Am has spoken and will bring you to the place of fulfillment. You remained in My provided refuge when storms raged against you, because you love My Word.

Now to you My faithful child, it is time for you to prepare to enjoy a fresh new season. You can come out into the shining of a new day. Consider this as your times of refreshing, that has come as reward for your faithfulness to Me and My Word. In this refreshing will come freedom to walk in sign, wonders, and miracles. It will be as natural to you as breathing. You will know that this season is to usher in as many souls into the Kingdom as possible. Many will come to the 'rising' of My children, to see if you know your God. Because you have spent time in the secret place getting to know Me, they will know that you have been with Me. I have given a reprieve to the world at large so that My children will arise and carry out to the fullest My plan. Once you are strengthened and prepared to carry out to the full My plan, then the world will speed toward it's purpose. You will shine with My glory and those lying in darkness will go towards the light, and I will make their darkness light. Many will continue on in darkness, for they prefer it over the light, they love evil. My peace gives you the ability to stay tuned to Me and the next step that I have for you. All of the transitioning and repositioning is for your good, take Me at My Word. So stand in My peace and be not moved!"

Scripture References: Ps.119:165; Isa.42:14-16; John 3:18-21; John 16:33; Acts 3:19

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