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Date: Sunday, 30-Oct-2011 02:34:21
In Response To: Reader STVN: MONACO 57 GROUP UPDATE (hobie)
(Thanks, S. :)
(For some background on this, see the thread listing at the bottom of this post.)
Reader STVN writes:

> Dear Hobie,
> Please post the following, In response to a reader from Italy, RE;
> US$134.5 B Bonds, etc.
> Quote(Paraphrased):
> "There are no lingering doubts left in our minds about the US$134.5 B
> Bonds incident, Ponte Chiasso, Italy.
> (Q: Are there any doubts left about the resulting world wide publicity
> since then?)
> The details of what took place; The individuals involved; The face value
> of
> the Bonds, etc.,etc., have have received more than enough MSM coverage and
> exposure on a number of alternative media websites, commentaries, etc.,
> ...worldwide.
> Yes, the Ponte Chiasso, Italy, incident was what brought the attention of
> certain people (in the know) as to who the real perpetrators are.
> The individuals who took charge of these Bonds and have since (illegally)
> kept them, mostly for their own personal use and gain, are b7y now well
> known to you and us.
> Also, there's been more than enough publicity and volumes of published
> information available to satisfy most if not all serious readers and
> seekers of the truth.
> Suffice to say the following:
> The matter is currently in the hands of Top International
> Attorneys. It will soon be filed with the proper legal US Authorities and
> then everyone will know it as it becomes a part of the public record.
> Further, the 134.5 B Treasuries, stolen from Mr.Neil Keenan,
> brought the attention of the 57 Minister'ssecret meeting, which
> became known as "The Monaco 57 Group"....we have referred to.
That number has since
> grown to more than 100, with more ready to join us.
> While Italy is the country where this incident took place, that does not
> in
> any way imply the people of Italy had anything to do with it. They (the
> people of Italy) are certainly not in any way responsible.
> Mr.Neil Keenan and We want you and the whole World to know this one truth:
> For many, many years there has been an ongoing systematic and blatant
> abuse
> of our Global Financial Resources, i.e., International Collateral
> Accounts,
> Combined, by a rather small "Elite" Group of Individuals, who, together
> with their Banks and Financial Institutions have taken charge of these
> accounts and have been using them mostly for their own personal gains and
> profit.
> The amount of money(profits) they were able to generate from such grossly
> illegal activities defy common sense and reason. The numbers are so huge
> we
> can describe them only as Astronomical!
> You are asking and probably wonder:
> What will the fate be of those Individuals, Institutions/Banks be, after
> they are fully exposed and eventually declared guilty in a Court of Law?
> Who are the ones that will be held as being most responsible?
> What kind of punishment is most appropriate for such crimes?
> We have no final say in such matters, so better that we leave such for the
> Courts to decide.
> What we know and what we can affirmatively state is the following:
> There is a Group of knowledgeable, able, intelligent, honest and very
> determined individuals who shall continue to expose anyone found to be
> associated with the theft and illegal use of the International Collateral
> Accounts. The same applies to anyone who has been found to be an
> Accomplice and Collaborator.
> They shall be all found and exposed for what they really are!
> What we envision is a brand new Global Financial System coming to replace
> the existing one.
> We want a System that is Just, Transparent and Honest and able to look
> after the best interest of all the people - not only the so called
> "Elite".
> No more self-serving interests, greed, fraud and a cycle of
> political/financial corruption with no end in sight.
> We want to make sure the mistakes of the past are never repeated again
> *****************End of Quote******************************************

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