Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Awake and Hopeful

May 30, 2012 by functional mute

 A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens opens with the line, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” This is a classic example of the duality that permeates every aspect of our life, i.e. light and dark, hot and cold, good and evil. I think America represents both the absolute best and the absolute worst on the planet.

 As my eyes have been opened to more and more of what has been going on in my country and the world, I have had to pass up many opportunities to be discouraged and depressed. I felt better when I was na├»ve, unaware… asleep. Information and Intel has not made me smarter, but awake. I’ve been ruined for sleep. Now what do I do?


I tend to be an optimist, not given to doom and gloom or fear. Partly because of identity and partly because I’ve read the back of the Book, Love wins. But, dealing with the enormous injustice that has and continues to infiltrate every aspect of life is a formidable challenge. Thank God we have hope, as an anchor for our soul. We must know that justice will come.

 The U.S. Constitution is an incredible document. One of the most significant mankind has ever created. It is believed by many to be divinely inspired. Seeing it abused and ignored, cuts like a dull knife.

 One example, the original 13th Amendment -  If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.

 Ratified in 1819, it was added to force all to choose US citizenship, thereby remaining eligible for public office, over inclusion or participation in foreign states and organizations; a primary example being an attorney, esquire, or member of the BAR (British Accredited Registry) aka lawyers. The American Bar Association and the individual State Bar Associations are all derived from, an extension of, the British Accredited Registry. Also, any title of… honor defined as ‘distinction, a title conferred for achievement, high rank, great privilege’ flies in the face of “all men are created equal”. The original 13th Amendment was never repealed, but was swept under the rug and ‘disappeared’ during the time of Presidents Buchanan and Lincoln just before and at the beginning of the Civil War and as relating to the slavery issue. The current 13th Amendment (technically the 14th) makes slavery illegal. It is no accident that the concealing of the original 13th Amendment was in conjunction with, and because of, the severity of the Civil War and the slavery issue. This cover-up goes back more than 150 years.

Can you imagine the constitutionally legal house cleaning that could be done in our government if all lawyers had the original 13th Amendment enforced upon them?

Obviously not all attorneys are habitual liars. After at least 6 generations of cover-up I dare say a number of them have never even heard of the original 13th Amendment. Much has been discovered and published exposing our legal system and it is only a matter of time before Common Law is restored. The tangled web of Courts, prosecutors, police departments, departments of corrections (prisons, jails, parole and probation) will surely be destroyed and reset.

I am a pacifist and only espouse non-violent remedies to this and the other vast, deep and serious injustices that permeate virtually every aspect of our lives. Therefore, I do not put my trust in man. But, in child-like faith, I rely on my loving Father and His Christ. He is our only Hope. True justice will only come through Him. His promises are sure and He has promised the restoration of all things (Acts chapter 3 verses 20-21).

A picture I took at a local park while going for a walk.

I realize that there are literally millions of things grabbing for our attention. And then there are the thousands of things we choose to give our attention to. We are on overload and don’t really process or retain very much of it on a conscious level. Let me say it again, He has promised the restoration of all things. No caps, no bold, no underlining – just 4 words; restoration of all things. Let those simple words run full course in your heart. What’s more, He has the goods to back it up. Check out Isaiah chapter 45 verses 23-25 for yourself, as one example.

We must endeavor not get stuck in fear and despair as we become awake to the cover-ups, murdering of innocents, and evil profiteering. Did anything really change just because we found out about these things? Honestly, what can we do about it? Respond with the same? There is no honor in that. One reason we have been allowed to see, is for the express purpose of knowing the greatness and sheer apparent impossibility of what it will mean when the restoration of all things is fulfilled.

Many of us have been hearing things like this for a long time, some for our whole lives and nothing changes. In fact it has gotten worse. We must not harden our hearts toward our fellow brothers and sisters or our Father. People are not our enemy. There is, however, an unseen evil hierarchy purposely created and put in place to test us. These entities are subject to the sovereignty of our Father and their operation is as a crucible to purify us.

Does this make our Father evil? No, He is just a really good parent. I think we all could describe what it means to be a good parent. Whether you have children or not you understand the heart behind the ideal parent. We understand all that is wrapped up in the love, giving, training, sacrifice and yes, tough love. We know the importance of not just giving them everything or making everything easy. The default operation and motive of an ideal parent is unconditional love balanced by the wisdom of tough love when necessary.

 We can be awake and know that all the injustice of real life – physically hurtful and emotionally painful – experiences is in fact… temporary. There will come a time when everything will be perfectly and justly rectified; the restoration of all things. This is the hope that is the anchor of our soul.


Anonymous said...

John- Thank you. I needed to read this this morning. The Lord see's to it that we receive the messages and answers that we need and they pop-up in places we may not expect. Does this author have a site?

John MacHaffie said...

Don't know - perhaps the author can respond.

Anonymous said...

OK, I agree with this to a point but God also gives us free will and we HAVE allowed this to happen. Maybe he thinks it is what we really want because we are all just sitting around waiting for someone to save us, namely GOD. God creates both sides, maybe he approves of good and and allows us to make the choice of GOOD OR EVIL and looking at the US fight now, we are quite a way down the path of evil. The right wing Christians are just as far off the mark IMO as the extreme left, they push war and killing and save me from the terrorist threats. Killing should never be the christian option but many are the biggest war mongers I have ever witnessed and all in the name of keep me safe, rather than turning to GOD they turn to Government which has become their GOD.

Again, this is just my opinion but we must analyze our heart and determine where our heart lies with the true Source or with the Government.

functional mute said...

I'm glad this could encourage you. Thank you for the reply, it encourages me. No, I do not have a site.