Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Ponzi pile funny numbers just keep getting bigger. How much more money isn't there?

THURSDAY, MAY 31, 2012
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The Ponzi pile funny numbers just keep getting bigger. How much more money isn't there?
The nominal value of all outstanding over-the-counter derivative contracts in the West is now reported to be between $1.2 quadrillion and $4.0 quadrillion. World Gross Domestic Product is around $60 trillion a year. Do you detect a slight problem with the mathematics?

A single US bank, JPMorganChase, is said to be concealing a fully-booked derivatives loss of between $70 trillion and $120 trillion. The market capitalisation of this bank is currently $128 billion. Wherever will Jamie Dimon find sympathetic auditors to massage his trading loss? And how much will he have to pay the people at the top of the rating agencies to keep quiet about his broken piggy bank?

Meanwhile, the US, which has always been the European bankers' main slave state, is being forced, by the City of London, to pay for the EuroCrash. The eventual bill will be paid by American tax payers and laundered through the US Federal Reserve system to European banks.

More developing global background here (28.05.12), here(22.05.12), here (14.05.12) and here (14.05.12).


Anonymous said...

All this debt only applies to the 14th Amendment Citizen SLAVES. Simply terminate your slave Status by terminating your Slave Status at and Free administratively process terminates your Debtor Slave Status. For those who don't understand the SCAM being perpatrated on you - Go watch "Change is on the Horizon" Part 2 at pete

Anonymous said...


I didn't have much time to look at these sites yet. Are these processes based on the Strawman Theory?

Dr. Gillian Grannum said...

Thank you for publishing my links. Blessings, Gillian

Anonymous said...

TO the above listed response. This is not anything to do with the UCC. However, instead of leaving you apathetic RESPONSE. It would help if you got off your lethargic backside and punched in If you have no time to be free then you will HAVE PLENTY OF TIME BEING A SLAVE. It seems my brothers and sister are stuck between the ears. The dumbing down of America has been a great success. It is the apathy of the masses like the gentlemen above who does not even have the gumption or capacity to push a couple of key strokes and actually read something of substance. When the pain becomes so great that is when folks might wake-up. But, then it will probably be to late. pete

Anonymous said...

I have read Mr. McBride's website and instructions, it is very detailed and well documented. However it behooves us to use prudence before sending a doc to any place with Cabal ties with your blood thumbprint on it. In addition, I have searched and found no testimonies from anyone as to whether they have/not successfully received their "credit card" linked to their collateral account / strawman account. Anyone out there who has followed this process? Thank you.