Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blog Now over 11 million views, over a million per month

Our adventure keeps on rolling on folks, now over 11 million headed for 12.

Thanks again to all for your support of this honest news blog.

This blog now has 5 authors who contribute periodically and the blog is welcoming more.

If you want to get something out to a big worldwide audience send me an email to johnmachaffie@gmail.com with subject 'AUTHOR'.

GOD Bless,

John MacHaffie


Anonymous said...

Thank you John. If it werent for you and this blog, I wouldnt of gotten this far. All the best.:)

Anonymous said...

John, I post lots of your stuff daily to a Starseed website that has 7000+ members, International Starseed Network. They love these articles. Basically, they want to know what is going on, so if it resonates with me, it gets posted. Keep up the good work!!! We appreciate it.

We can't get the truth from newspapers anymore. You know that.


Anonymous said...

You are doing much better now. I have watched your blog grow. At first it was pretty raw and messy and I suspected you might work for the bad guys. I realized after a while that you were only posting what is out there. Your work has become more refined and there is less 'junk' although some might say its all relative. This information nexus is one of the first places I visit. Of course I only pick what I need and 'comb' through it, but there is no other place I know that puts out as much as you do as they are all topics I am interested in. Good job fella