Wednesday, May 30, 2012



Melbourn, Florida

May 28, 2012
I am beginning a process in you this day that will develop into an increase of My glory, which will bring you higher into the realms of My intimate presence and power, where you will be able to pull down the strongholds of the enemy over the vicinity in which you live. My increase is building, and it is like a shield that blinds the enemy from being able to even see you.

You are in the center of My perfect will, which is the center of My light and glory, purging out the darkness enabling streams of My increasing light. In the center of this light breaks down into the seven colors of My Spirit, representing every aspect of the power of My Spirit within you. My seven-fold spirit dwells within you increasing every day that you draw near to Me in spirit and in truth, that comes from allowing My worship to flow upward and outward unhindered.

This is the day when My people are beginning to enter in like never before have they entered in. I have taken off the shackles off of their praise, and have delivered those who were yielded, from the system of the harsh taskmaster. I am stirring up your gifts within. I am purging the dross that you are made clean. I am taking off the blinders that you may see, and opening up deaf ears that you may hear My still small voice speaking to you. I am giving you revelation in understanding My will, My ways, My word of wisdom.

Look and see that on the horizon there is a Light burning brightly. It is the coming of My Son of Glory. Remain still and know that I AM God, and that I am sovereign ruler of all things, and that I am protecting you with the shield of My glory burning brightly, repelling powers of darkness, and radiating in My glory is My grace bringing conviction, enabling those to enter into My kingdom of Light, those I gave My life for. Burn brightly that many will see and be drawn into My presence. In My presence there is liberty, grace and glory.

This is the day of My end time outpour of My glory. Breathe in and let My spirit enter in full measure, and as you breathe out, you are exhaling My glory, purging out the dross in the atmosphere. Yes, My beloved worshipers, you are changing even the atmosphere, and the enemy cannot penetrate this glory that engulfs you. The enemy cannot hear your plans, for I am raising up an army, and handing out My marching orders, and My strategies of attack to pull down, tear down, remove, and completely build up all for My kingdom and glory.

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