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"War on Terror" is an outright HOAX and a BLATANT LIE

The "War on Terror" is an outright HOAX and a BLATANT LIE of the rogue cabal criminal  'government' (CIA/Hmlnd Sec) in the district of criminals

The Case of the Missing Terrorists  by Paul Craig Roberts     May 15, 2012

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If there were any real terrorists, Jose Rodriguez would be dead.
Who is Jose Rodriguez? He is the criminal who ran the CIA torture program. Most of his victims were not terrorists or even insurgents. Most were hapless individuals kidnapped by warlords and sold to the Americans as “terrorists” for the bounty paid.
If Rodriguez’s identity was previously a secret, it is no more. He has been on CBS “60 Minutes” taking credit for torturing Muslims and using the information allegedly gained to kill leaders of al Qaeda. If terrorists were really the problem that Homeland Security, the FBI and CIA claim, Rodriguez’s name would be a struck through item on the terrorists’ hit list. He would be in his grave.
So, also, would be John Yoo, who wrote the Justice (sic) Department memos giving the green light to torture, despite US and International laws prohibiting torture. Apparently, Yoo, a professor at the Boalt School of Law at the University of California, Berkeley, was ignorant of US and international law. And so was the US Department of Justice (sic).
Notice that Rodriguez, “The Torturer of the Muslims,” does’t have to hide. He can go on national television, reveal his identity, and revel in his success in torturing and murdering Muslims. Rodriguez has no Secret Service protection and would be an easy mark for assassination by terrorists so capable as to have, allegedly, pulled off 9/11.
Another easy mark for assassination would be former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who staffed up the Pentagon with neoconservative warmongers such as Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith, who in turn concocted the false information used to justify the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Rumsfeld himself declared members of al Qaeda to be the most vicious and dangerous killers on earth. Yet Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Richard Perle, together with neoconservative media propagandists, such as William Kristol and Max Boot, have been walking around safe for years unmolested by terrorists seeking revenge or bringing retribution to those responsible for as many as 1,000,000 Muslim deaths.
Condi Rice, Colin Powell, who delivered the Speech of Lies to the UN inaugurating the invasion of Iraq, and Dick Cheney, whose minimal Secret Service protection could not withstand a determined assassination attempt, also enjoy lives unmolested by terrorists.
Remember the deck of cards that the Bush regime had with Iraqi faces? If terrorists had a similar deck, all of those named above would be “high value targets.” Yet, there has not been a single attempt on any one of them.
Strange, isn’t it, that none of the above are faced with a terrorist threat. Yet, the tough, macho Navy Seals who allegedly killed Osama bin Laden must have their identity kept hidden so that they don’t become terrorist targets. These American supermen, highly trained killers themselves, don’t dare show their faces, but Rodriguez, Rumsfeld, and Condi Rice can walk around unmolested. Indeed, the Seals’ lives are so endangered that President Obama gave up the enormous public relations political benefit of a White House ceremony with the heroic Navy Seals. Very strange behavior for a politician. A couple of weeks after the alleged bin Laden killing, the Seals unit, or most of it, was wiped out in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.
If you were a Muslim terrorist seeking retribution for Washington’s crimes, would you try to smuggle aboard an airliner a bomb in your underwear or shoe in order to blow up people whose only responsibility for Washington’s war against Muslims is that they fell for Washington’s propaganda? If you wanted to blow up the innocent, wouldn’t you instead place your bomb in the middle of the mass of humanity waiting to clear airport security and take out TSA personnel along with passengers? Terrorists could coordinate their attacks, hitting a number of large airports across the US at the same minute. This would be real terror. Moreover, it would present TSA with an insolvable problem: how can people be screened before they are screened?
Or coordinated attacks on shopping malls and sports events?
Why should terrorists, if they exist, bother to kill people when it is easy to cause mayhem by not killing them? There are a large number of unguarded electric power substations. Entire regions of the country could be shut down. The simplest disruptive act would be to release large quantities of roofing nails in the midst of rush hour traffic in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco. You get the picture: thousands and thousands of cars disabled with flat tires blocking the main arteries for days.
Before some reader accuses me of giving terrorists ideas, ask yourself if you really think people so clever as to have allegedly planned and carried out 9/11 couldn’t think of such simple tactics, plots that could be carried out without having to defeat security or kill innocent people? My point isn’t what terrorists, if they exist, should do. The point is that the absence of easy-to-do acts of terrorism suggests that the terrorist threat is more hype than reality. Yet, we have an expensive, intrusive security apparatus that seems to have no real function except to exercise power over American citizens.
In place of real terrorists carrying out easy plots, we have “terrorist” plots dreamed up by FBI and CIA agents, who then recruit some hapless or demented dupes, bribing them with money and heroic images of themselves, and supplying them with the plot and fake explosives. These are called “sting operations,” but they are not. They are orchestrations by our own security agencies that produce fake terrorist plots that are then “foiled” by the security agencies that hatched the plots. Washington’s announcement is always: “The public was never in danger.” Some terrorist plot! We have never been endangered by one, but the airports have been on orange alert for 11.5 years.
The federal judiciary and brainwashed juries actually treat these concocted plots as real threats to American security despite the government’s announcements that the public was never in danger.
The announcements of the “foiled” plots keep the brainwashed public docile and amenable to intrusive searches, warrantless spying, the growth of an unaccountable police state, and endless wars.
The “War on Terror” is a hoax, one that has been successfully used to destroy the US Constitution and to complete the transformation of law from a shield of the people into a weapon in the hands of the state. By destroying habeas corpus, due process, and the presumption of innocence, the “War on Terror” has destroyed our security.
Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and former associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, has been reporting shocking cases of prosecutorial abuse for two decades. A new edition of his book, The Tyranny of Good Intentions, co-authored with Lawrence Stratton, a documented account of how americans lost the protection of law, has been released by Random House. Visit his website.
Copyright © 2012 Paul Craig Roberts


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Visit his website:
Does the West Have a Future? may 11th....:

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....part1/4....Atrocities Made to Order. How Wall Street & London Manufacture Tragedy, to Sell War & Regime Change. Posted By: DannyCahalin, Date: Tuesday, 29-May-2012 21:19:55. We have seen the drill more then once,the only way we can shift this back in the direction we want,is to take away their main weapon they use to control,making them switch from guns to knives,is not going to work,...because by human nature the few will once again try to regain control.Soon, because of what they are plotting in the backrooms(your new system),we Americans are going to lose this ability to wreck the matrix from within.
We have the power,but we are on the clock,better we be the One's to deliver the shock treatment, then receive it,sacrifice now while we still can,take care all. //////////////------Text by Tony Cartalucci, May 29, 2012 - In the wake of the Houla massacre in Syria, and evidence exposing the West's initial narrative of Syrian troops "shelling to death" around 100 be categorically false,people are struggling to understand just what happened.The Guardian has chosen to post unverified witness accounts, produced by the Free Syrian Army,seemingly custom tailored,to refute evidence brought by Russia, to the UN Security Council. The BBC has admitted that only "most" of the accounts they've received, implicated what they "believe" were Syrian troops,or pro-government militias -and by doing so, imply that some did not, and have told a different account. As the window of opportunity closes for the West, to exploit the bloodshed at Houla,the Western media is increasingly backpedaling, retracting,and being caught in a crossfire of their own lies and propagandizing. BBC was caught initially using years' old photos from Iraq, for their Houla coverage,....while papers and networks across the board,have had to adjust their narratives entirely, as each new piece of verified evidence emerges. What is known is that Syrian troops were engaged with armed militants of the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA), in and around Houla. Syrian troops, as they have been doing throughout the conflict,were using artillery and tanks,to target heavily fortified rebel positions, from a distance. During or shortly after this exchange, militants began entering homes and killing families, with knives and small arms fire. The FSA and Syrian opposi-tion claim the militants were pro-government militias,while the government claims they were foreign-backed Al Qaeda terrorists, known to be operating throughout the country.What they weren't, by all accounts, were Syrian troops. A recent "editorial" out of the Globe and Mail,claims that Russia's position, that opposition forces were involved in the massacre,is "laughable."However, this is divorced,
from not only reality, but also from a complete understanding of modern 4th generation warfare.From Venezuela to Thailand,Western backed opposition groups have triggered unrest,and used it as cover to pick off members of their own movement, to then blame on the targeted government, and compound any given conflict, until a critical mass is reached, and a targeted government is toppled..

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...part2....A Historical Example: Bangkok, Thailand 2010.Wall Street-backed former-Thai Prime Minsiter Thaksin Shinawatra,a close associate of the Bush family, with connections ranging from before, during, and after his term in office,was ousted from power in 2006, by nationalist forces, for abuses of power. Thaksin had worked as a Carlyle Group adviser,sent Thai troops to aid in Bush's invasion of Iraq,attemp-
ted to implement a free trade agreement with Wall Street's Fortune 500, without parliamentary approval, hosted CIA torture facilities, and prosecuted a "war on drugs", that saw some 2,500 Thais extra-legally executed in the streets,most of whom were later determined to have nothing to do, with the drug trade. Since his ousting in 2006, he has received support from a myriad of prominent US lobbying firms, inclu-ding fellow Carlyle member James Baker and Baker Botts,Bush administration warmonger Robert Blackwill of Barbour Griffith & Rogers, and Neo-Conservative PNAC signatory Kenneth Adelman, of Edelman. With this backing, Thaksin has led an increasingly violent bid, to return to power, through a "red" color revolu-tion,constituting of a large political machine operating in Thailand's northeast provinces,and a perso-nality cult,called the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD).In April of 2010,Thaksin mobilized thousands of UDD members, to paralyze Thailand's capital of Bangkok, in retaliationto a court seizure, of billions of his ill-gotten assets.On the night of April 10, 2010, when riot troops moved in, to disperse the protesters, militants clad in black, opened fire on Thai troops. Page 62 of Human Rights Watch's "Descent into Chaos (.pdf)" report stated:"As the army attempted to move on the camp, they were confronted by well-armed men, who fired M16 and AK-47 assault rifles, at them,.... They also fired grenades from M79s, and threw M67 hand grenades,at the soldiers.News footage and videos taken by protes-ters and tourists, show several soldiers lying unconscious and bleeding on the ground, as well as armed men, operating with a high degree of coordination and military skills." HRW, an otherwise dubious orga-nization, only conceded to this, a full year after the events unfolded, and only in the face of irrefu-table photographic and video evidence ....(...)Previously, Thaksin's Western backers and his opposition leaders, had tried to blame all deaths resulting from the M-16's 5.56mm rounds, squarely on the Thai military,including the high-profile death of Reuters cameraman Hiro Muramoto.....(...) However, the most chilling aspect of the April 10, 2010 violence, was an incident involving the premeditated murder of a pro-Thaksin protester, by Thaksin's own mercenaries - recorded on tape and extensively photographed, then shamelessly and relentlessly used as propaganda,to this very day.The incident .... gives us immense in-sight into how Western-backed unrest,will take advantage of chaos it itself creates,to then purposefully kill both protesters and government troops, to escalate tensions and violence, while undermining the
legitimacy ...of a targeted government.

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....part3..... In a YouTube video (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC) recorded by Thaksin propagandists, .... Images: Frames taken from the video with annotations, describe the events that unfolded, shortly before and directly after Thaksin mercenaries, intentionally killed one of their own protesters. The final image eventually made it onto the cover of Thaksin propaganda magazine, "Voice of Taksin." (click images to enlarge) ....the spotter moving with the flagman,calmly stands above the dead man, and waves in a photo-grapher, who takes the infamous pictures that would soon be featured on the cover of Thaksin's propaganda publication..... It must be remembered that the video camera was fixated on this otherwise insignificant flagman,the entire time,leading up to the gruesome event,to specifically capture the entire, premeditated murder. .... The flag he was conspicuously waving just moments before, lays across his chest and was most likely handed to him, to aid mercenary snipers, in targeting him. .... The editor of "Voice of Taksin" has since been arrested and imprisoned for his role in the 2010 violence - however Western "human rights" fronts, including US-funded Prachatai, maintain that he is a "political prisoner" and a "human rights activist." Note: on the bottom of the magazine cover,a "free" CD is offered, featuring video of the grue-some staged murder of this unfortunate man....This horrific, cold-blooded demonstration of the callous, murderous nature of these so-called "pro-democracy" movements sowing chaos from Tunisia to Thailand, and certainly including Syria,..... illustrates the full depths of depravity, from which the global elite and their proxies, operate. Behind the thin veneer of revolutionary "singing tomorrows".... is a heartless, craven killing machine, as eager to dispose of its most adamant supporters, as it is inclined to eliminate its most reviled opponents. What was just described, has played out not only repeatedly in Thailand, but all across North Africa and the Middle East, as well as during previous attempts by the West, to oust Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Back to Syria. The Free Syrian Army has been regularly engaging in armed combat with government troops, and now more than ever, are better equipped with commu-nication equipment, weapons, cash and logistical support, from the West and the Gulf States. Just as Thaksin's gunmen were able to draw Thai troops into a conflict, used as cover to commit manufactured atrocities, to be used as propaganda against the Thai government, ...militants in Syria, have already demonstratively employed similar tactics. In 2011, "mystery gunmen" would regularly start firefights during protest rallies identical to the one in Bangkok, firing on both Syrian troops and protesters, with both sides describing ...elusive "rooftop snipers." Houla appears to simply be on a much larger scale, involving militants most likely not affiliated with local FSA fighters or the Syrian government, but foreign elements, just as the Syrian government has claimed.

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..part4...Just as in Bangkok, where protesters were taken as much by surprise as Thai troops, at the arrival of Thaksin's militants, FSA fighters,... Houla residents, and Syrian troops all seem baffled, as to who exactly committed the atrocities. And amongst all the finger pointing, it is the politically-motivated haste, by the US, UK, France, Israel, and the Muslim Brotherhood, to condemn the massacre, baselessly blame the Syrian government, and cry in unison,for military intervention,.... that is by far the most incriminating evidence yet, as to who was really behind the bloodbath.Cui Bono?To whose benefit? NATO and its Middle Eastern proxies, have made it abundantly clear, it was to their benefit. Clearly there is the distinct possibility that a third party took advantage of a prolonged engagement between the FSA and government troops in Houla, to manufacture a very real atrocity. With so few facts in hand, it would be the height of irresponsibility to lay blame on anyone so squarely, that punitive actions are leveled. So while the Globe and Mail berates Russia, for suggesting that "the blame must be determined objectively," it is by far, without debate, the most sensible course of action, to take. If the West laments the distrust it now suffers, it has only itself, and its long history of running death squads, in exactly this manner,... to blame. // links at: // *****...................and................
West's Houla Syria Narrative Crumbles, Expels Syrian Diplomats, Anyway. UN admits almost all of the 108 killed in Houla, were killed at close range by militants, not Syrian soldiers firing artillery. by Tony Cartalucci May 29, 2012 - The UN according to Associated Press, has stated that, "most of the 108 victims of a massacre in [Houla] Syria last week, were shot at close range, some of them women, children and entire families, gunned down in their own homes." The UN has also stated that militants, not Syrian soldiers, were responsible for the massacre. .....(....)****.................
TUESDAY, MAY 29, 2012. Understanding the Propaganda War Against Syria. Rape and Torture: Weapons in the Propaganda War. Eric Draitser,, May 29, 2012. Rape and torture have become standard issue in the propaganda arsenal of Western media. Reports from organizations such as Human Rights Watch and the UN Human Rights Council that claim to document the systematic use of rape and torture by the “enemies” of the West have become usual fair in the soft war against whomever the imperialists have chosen to attack. We have seen these claims used to legitimize aggression against Libya, Iraq, and now Syria. ...(....)**** ...for more... ...for more....