Sunday, May 27, 2012

ET Technology - Video on the work of Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Greer is a former emergency room physician and if you don't know his ground breaking work please search for his many hours of talks on UFOs and free energy all over the Net. I have followed his work for years and always enjoy the possitive outlook he holds for a possible future based upon technology learned from ET technology that has been supressed by men in positions of power who are only holding back Earth from true freedom because of their own fears. We are in a "Brave New World " and must change and adapt to survive . If we keep on dragging our knuckles and believing in the myth of "might makes right" we will soon go the way of the dinasaurs ! 
I have seen huge flying saucers so close I could have bounced a stone off of them !! They were really heavy looking like lead material and yet didn't make a sound. I don't know who made them or if they were ET ships or ours, but that proved to me at least that anti-gravity or something similar is very real . 
Dr. Greer seems to think that most if not all of the ET ships visiting are "friendly" and seems a little blue-eyed in this regard compaired to most other UFO researchers. I hope he addresses the ET threat aspect more than he has in the past in more detail in this film.
There are many kinds of ETs visiting Earth and the military has classified about 11 different races of them!
Much of the suppression of UFO military knowledge was due to evidence of harmful intent although much of that was reactionary paranoia by post WWII paranoids in the military. Still, it has not been proven to my knowlege whether the cattle mutilations and harmful abductions were all hoaxes by Earth power players as Dr. Greer implies ....or not .
The UFO field is deep and full of much disinformation
designed to confuse and mislead so that people just give up on ever getting at the "Truth", but don't let that stop you ! Open yourself to Dr. Greer's insights as he is deffinitely one of the trustable in his field and I think one of the few who isn't too bedazzeled by the shiny UFO objects to miss the high technology possibility of freedom from centuries of useless drudgery by billions of humans in service of a Matrix like slave state. So, check out the site for more info about "Serius " the movie :
In short...this is one of the most Sirius subjects you 
can't imagine :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the writer recognizes that both our government and ET's have craft here. One distinction will make though for ranchers and farmer's sake is the negative ET device used to sample livestock. It is top shaped, can move inter-dimensionally and is extremely accurate in collecting specimens from various life forms. It is a programmed device and specific parameters are given for collection requirements. Our government gave permission for these objects to be used on livestock and wildlife. I call it an automaton, but recognize that name is also used by an 19th century doll.
Their use should stop immediately upon the world reset if it hasn't already.

Anonymous said...

This article says:
"The UFO field is deep and full of much disinformation"

and then proves it by saying
"There are many kinds of ETs visiting Earth and the
military has classified about 11 different races of them!"

Many, many decades ago the insiders were already making a joke of the "Heinz 57" because there were at that time 57 ET species recognized.

That fact that Inter-dimensional life forms exist has a security level higher than the hydrogen bomb.

Not only is quantum mechanics very weird, but our reality is most probably very weird also.