Monday, May 28, 2012

Drake's Videos - Benjamin Fulford Fulfillment? -vid

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Youtuber Comment: Drake's Videos - Benjamin Fulford Fulfillment? -vid
Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 28-May-2012 10:29:45

Drake is controversial
People don't know if they should believe him
He's not the first to proclaim that there are arrests coming shortly
He says blatantly that Obama will be arrested and many around him
This is revolutionary!
It's a military coup and nobody is doing anything about it, so maybe the Dark Cabal has lost their power
Drake says, as does Benjamin Fulford, that the Dark Cabal is short on money
Yet, Benjamin Fulford says that the money they have is in the accounts under White Spiritual Boy and those accounts have huge sums, so what's up?
I don't know, but you need to hear these audio recordings on YouTube videos!


Anonymous said...

This all sounds like the makings of a good comic book.

Anonymous said...

Either a typo or direct attempt at disinformation. I'm assuming a typo and that the word NOT was missing and the actions of "nobody" was not clearly explained.

My correction for this post is:

NOT Martial Law, and if...this is a small if...if nobody is doing anything, then maybe the writer is right and it is SomeBody or AnyBody who is continuing to effect change while Nobody sits around and does NoThing.

Banks are insolvent, so SomeThing is happening because AnyBody or SomeBody made it happen and maybe NoBody doesn't get the credit and shouldn't if they did NoThing to help.

Insolvent is a term under the Bankruptcy Act 101(26) and Federal Bankruptcy Law. U.C.C. 1-201(26)
Black's Law 5th edition has indications in it's definitions that a person ceased to pay or cannot pay their debts.

Anonymous said...

You gotta laugh at this stuff. Watch, laugh, and watch more hilarious videos are on the right. Johnny Carson would have had fun with these videos. John Belushi on the old Saturday Night Live would have have had you rolling on the floor with a video like this.

Holly said...

Who's site is TheFreedomReigns, because that is not the site that Drake uses?

Anonymous said...

Drake is a good guy and knows a few things like anyone else in the know about only a few things in the multidude of things.

Though certainly nothing revolutionary that has not been around for many years. His info is coming from just another wanna-be helper to overcome the tyranny, who is in the dark about the very extreme, off the charts, out of the box nature of what is taking place on planet earth like never before.

He cannot actually help anyone do anything about anything, because he does not know how to help himself. He his disgruntled about the government as if they did something wrong and he had nothing to do with it. Hello?

He like a very lot of folks are in for a very big shock and surprise when he finds out that Obama will not be one included in any arrests.

Most of you folks do not understand what is taking place, it's just not your fault. Any individual less than the capacity of the Commander in Chief will not be believed by the sedated masses of sheeple for trusting new information they are about to get very shocked and surprised with, just short of knocking them over in a coma.

A whole lot of know it all folks are going to be beside themselves in their minds, when they find they were very naive to judge appearances they were unable to correctly discern to understand on their own.

Everyone has been tricked beyond their wildest imagi-nation with their beliefs for something they thought they had all figured out, when they really didn't.

It's just nothing personal against Mr Drake. He is more like a Decoy in some ways, and also to keep your subconscious mind boned up for the shock it is about to endure.

The gravity and magnitude is on a majestic level, it is designed to keep you still standing and breathing of course, but that is about it.

Your mind is about to be devastated in order to break it down, so you are able to learn new things that are foreign to you, which you are currently not familiar with in order to behave properly, should you decide to be a part of living in a new world of unity of consciousness in the very near future.

Drake, David Wilcock, Ben Fulford and others do not know how to prepare your mind for that great feat and they are at a total loss as to what to do about what they do not know. They are selling you left brain news information.

It's just news for Human Doings, it is NOT the truth about the Human Being, of which, you are about to receive an education on like never before.

Anonymous said...

This man is right about ONE THING, we need outside help! We need to come to Jesus. no man can defeat satan, only Jesus is the answer. Aliens are a clever ploy put together by satan to take your focus away from the truth that we all need the Savior Jesus. It seems to be working. All I'm hearing lately is that so many people have put their faith in et's rather than our Savior. Jesus said , “Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.
This is not organized religion speaking, these are God’s own words. Paul in Galatians wrote: Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth?

Jesus will come back to earth in the very near future and defeat the dragon satan. Jesus will setup His Kingdom right here on earth and will rule the nations. The question is which side will you be on?

Anonymous said...

I wish folks would pull their heads out of the "Up and Locked" position between their legs.

In order for Military action against the "government" to be a coup, they would have to initiate the action for other "than following their oath" reasons. The Military interceding and removing the "government" because they are upholding their oaths to "...protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic..." is not a coup but an act of upholding their oath of office.

Their 1st responsibility is to the Constitution not to the government or the mopes that happen to be warming a seat in the Congress.

Some will point out that the oath also states that the Military member is to follow the orders of the officers appointed above them. That is correct, however, if any officer is issuing unlawful orders they are to be ignored. Just ask the German officers from the Nuremberg trials...oh can't because they were hung for following unlawful orders.

Anonymous said...

"He says blatantly that Obama will be arrested and many around him"

So now he's changed his story? First he says Obama is one of the good guys and signed these laws to make it possible to get the bad guys, and now he's changed his story to he will be arrested? LOL

Anonymous said...

Right after Fulford first speaks it sounds like the guy in the middle belched. The old guy must be the very last "Last Samurai".

Anonymous said...

Obama's clone signed the laws. The original Obama will be arrested and his clone will go on to win the election. Heil Obama.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous May 28, 2012
I have been in this fight for 25 years.
Tim Turner promised arrest a few years ago.
In fact He sounded very much the same as Drake.
Maybe Drake is to pickup the broken promises
where Tim let off.

I believe in an army of one.everyone stand your ground
there are more of us than them.This thing can only succeed
if you don"t trust anyone!
Have the balls to go one on one.

Marty said...

TO ANON 3:37: Comments like yours makes me "incensed". First you say that Americans would not "BELIEVE" whatever this astounding news is coming from anyone ELSE; therefore, according to YOU, Obama cannot be arrested for TREASON.

The problem with your argument is that the American public will believe ANYBODY "but" Obama - he's known worldwide as a blatant liar; he does the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he SAYS in the news media. The person who SHOULD be addressing the American people in a crisis is RON PAUL!

Also, if you're so much SMARTER and KNOWLEDGABLE about WHAT YOU "THINK" may be in the future, why is it so important TO KEEP IT A SECRET? Out with it!