Monday, May 28, 2012

Evidence Reveals Obama's College Class Got Lower SAT Scores than Dubya

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CGI's Billsbest: Evidence Reveals Obama's College Class Got Lower SAT Scores than Dubya
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Date: Monday, 28-May-2012 00:17:54

Evidence Reveals Obama's College Class Got Lower SAT Scores than Dubya
Is Obama as bright as he seems?
Average SAT score of Obama's 1981 transfer group to Columbia was 1,100
Bush got into Yale with score of 1,206 out of 1,600
Obama refuses to release his academic recordBy Julian Gavaghan

Barack Obama may have got worse high school grades than George W Bush after new evidence showed the current president was among a college class with poor average SAT scores.
Doubts about the supposedly superior intellect of Mr Obama were first raised after he refused to release his academic record.
He has also made some factual errors during his time in the job – although he is still a very long way behind his gaff-prone predecessor.
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adrianIII said...

And, of course, we KNOW that these numbers are absolutely correct! Don't we?

Well, sure... I saw it on the internet!

Anonymous said...

Sure it's correct. Didn't the WH put out Barry's BC from HI on the internet. They said that was "absolutely correct", right?

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course...And he knows how to pronounce corpsman as CORPSEman (dead body), knows that we have 57 states now instead of 50, knows the federal mandate (check out Cornell Univ. Law School if in doubt) of placing your right hand on your heart when the National Anthem or Pledge of Allegiance is said/played and never, never, ever needs a teleprompter because he is so quick witted! No wonder he won't release his academic record! I'd hide mine, too!

Dan said...

The Obama supporters are claiming ALL you that don't believe the superb intellect of Obama as Racists.
Obama DOES NOT have to prove this fact to anyone.
Obama DOES NOT have to release any of his records.
AND even this Picture of is ID card IS FRAUDULENT as it says FOREIGN STUDENT, but it states Barry Soetoro as well, so it is NOT HIM!
Are there executive orders that state that anyone that releases info on Obama which shows that he is a Foreigner is NOW a FELON including personnel at Columbia University?
Did you know that the word is spreading that Martial Law WILL BE IMPOSED by July 1st as then the GOP will NOT be able to have their convention and there will NOT BE any ELECTION in November, so Obama will STAY as President/Dictator.
Maybe you better look at the NDAA Law that Obama signed on 12/31/11 in which gives the President the EXCLUSIVE POWER to ORDER the ARREST, and even EXECUTION of any American for NO REASON AT ALL, but you Obama supporters claim this as the President has the right to go after terrorists!

Clean said...

I guess the point of the story is that W was a good guy after all and we need him back. BTW I've already been taken into custody from NDAA and have already been executed. My ghost is typing from the grave telling you people to be afraid of Obama, be very afraid. Actually you know what? just spend your life living in fear and you should be safe.

Anonymous said...

His class isn't the President, he is. :))

His grades were off the charts!!