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Second American Revolution May Be Underway ---- TAX REVOLT


Information coming to us from several sources is indicating that a second American revolution may be underway, with the objective of restoring the operation of the United States Constitution to its original vision as a charter of a limited government of enumerated powers, as it was intended by the Founding Fathers.

Whether this information is true or not does not really matter, for it is clear to any observer with a basic understanding of economics that the present trend in government spending is unsustainable. The outcome is not in doubt – the only question is whether the revolution that is inevitable in America will be peaceful, or otherwise.

The American form of government, described as a “representative republic” or a “constitutional republic”, was carefully designed by the Founders with apparent divine inspiration, and after extensive review of the history of government of nations throughout recorded history, in order to create a new form of government with the greatest potential for the preservation of the liberty of its citizens.

The Founders were clearly concerned about the potential for a large central government of virtually unlimited powers to devolve into the tyranny which had become so familiar and pervasive throughout history. For this reason, they carefully designed the Constitution to protect against this development.

It is now apparent that the fears of the Founders are being realized in the present day. Important constitutional protections have been overridden by Congress, by the Executive, and by the Judiciary. Our government has taken on all the characteristics of a tyranny, the manifestations of which are growing by the day. Moreover, it has now become evident that corruption on a massive scale has spread like a cancer throughout all levels of government in America.

If one subjects the origins of this tyranny and corruption to examination, it becomes clear that the sources of these nation-destroying problems can be traced back to the departures by Congress from true fidelity to the Constitution in the early part of the 20th century with the creation of the Federal Reserve System and the adoption of the federal income tax.

It can truly be said that the income tax (in the form in which it is enforced by the IRS as an unconstitutional direct tax without apportionment) and the private Federal Reserve System (including the unconstitutional fiat currency issued by the Federal Reserve System) are the ‘twin pillars” of the massive corruption which is engulfing all three branches of our federal government.

Accordingly, it is clear that once this second American revolution gets underway, the removal of the individuals immediately involved in and responsible for this corruption can only be a beginning.

Restoration of the Constitution must necessarily include the undoing of the disastrous actions taken by Congress in 1913. The Federal Reserve System must be eliminated, and the federal income tax must be eliminated or restored to conformity with the limitations of the United States Constitution as an indirect tax on foreign earnings.

In consideration of this need, I have transcribed and edited the short series of videos produced by Shreveport attorney Tom Cryer on the subject of the fraudulent federal income tax.

Attorney Cryer discovered the problem with the federal income tax accidentally while sharing lunch with a colleague who had learned of the income tax hoax, and who had stopped filing income tax returns.

Having considerable experience himself as an attorney drafting tax legislation, Cryer set about to prove his colleague wrong. He was astonished to discover that his colleague was correct, and that there is no law requiring most Americans to file income tax returns or to pay income tax on private earnings.

When Cryer himself stopped filing income tax returns, he came to the attention of the IRS and was charged with income tax evasion. These charges were reduced to “failure to file”, and went to trial by jury in federal district court in New Orleans in early 2007. Cryer was acquitted of all charges in July 2007, and to this day he does not file income tax returns or pay federal income taxes.

Tommy Cryer’s videos summarize the case against the IRS very succinctly. I believe that I have captured the essence of his arguments accurately in my transcriptions. I urge everyone who receives this message to read this transcription, and to watch the videos if possible, then forward this message to as many of your fellow-citizens as possible. (When doing this please remove my identification from your outgoing messages so that I don’t have IRS agents breaking down my door.)

Links to several excellent additional videos from other well-regarded sources recommended by former IRS Special Agent Joe Banister have also been included.


Following are condensed transcripts of the series of four videos on the truth if the income tax produced by Shreveport, LA attorney Tom Cryer, and posted on his web site at  www.truthattack.com

Tommy Cryer’s Story

Tommy Cryer on the Income Tax – Part 1:

1.       There is no law that makes the average American citizen liable for an income tax;
2.       Income is defined as the profit that is generated from some taxable activity;
3.       Your earnings and wages cannot be separated into principal and profit, or capital and profit; and therefore are not income as defined by the Supreme Court;
4.       Your fundamental God-given right to earn a living - just as fundamental, just as basic, just as constitutionally-protected as your freedom of speech and your freedom of religion – is not a taxable activity. It is exempt from taxation by Congress or any other entity.

Therefore, if you exclude from your income everything that resulted from your exercising your fundamental right to earn a living through any lawful occupation, then you will have a zero or near-zero gross income. If you have no gross income, you are probably not required to file an income tax return.

Tommy Cryer on the Income Tax – Part 2:

Income tax law is contained in Title 26 of the United States Code.

This law must be strictly construed. Nothing can be inferred, nothing can be implied, and nothing can be drawn from it as an indication of general intent. Either the law states clearly that you are liable, or you are not liable.

If the law does not state clearly that your income is taxed, it is not taxed. If the law can be interpreted in more than one way, then that law must be interpreted against the tax collector and in favor of the citizen.

Examine the law for liability –

First: Subtitle A of Title 26, section 701 – partners liable for income tax but only in their separate or individual capacities (this does not create liability without further specificity);

Second: Non- resident aliens and foreign corporations, section 884  - this is not income tax;

Third: Section 1461 -  Chapter 3 of Subtitle A – withholding taxes on non-resident aliens or foreign corporations

Nowhere else in Subtitle A is there any provision making anyone liable for any income tax.

Fourth: Section 3403, Subtitle C – Employment taxes, employer shall be liable.  Section 3401 describes “employees” and “wages”. So if you are an employer required to withhold taxes from a non-resident alien or a foreign corporation or from an employee as defined in Section 3401, you may be liable for payment of taxes.

Every tax law clearly states the subject of the tax. Every tax law clearly states the person who is liable.

I have twenty-five examples of tax laws – in each and every case of these taxes, they have first of all clearly defined what the subject of the tax is, and second, they have defined precisely who is responsible for paying that tax.

Only in the income tax law are there no (or virtually no) liability provisions, and there is no law making you liable unless you are one of the (few) individuals listed (see video).

See the movie “Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo – the reason that Russo could not get the government to tell him where the income tax law is located is because there is no law, and the government will not admit that:

Tommy Cryer on the Income Tax – Part 3:

What is taxed? The code says it taxes “taxable income”.

CFR Section 861: “How to calculate taxable income from sources within and without the U.S.”

What we learn here is nothing less than shocking. The first thing that we find out is that we should also deduct those items that cannot be included in gross income to start with.

Section 861.8 – Items that can be included: there is nothing here that applies to ordinary Americans:

foreign income, income from U.S. territories, sources from merchant marine vessel contracts.

Section 861.18: Some income is actually exempt from gross income per the Constitution.

Nowhere in the income tax law do we find a definition of income.

Income has been defined by the Supreme Court, but not by the statutes.

They do not tell us what is exempt income. They give only examples of what income is not exempt – all examples of non-exempt income are inapplicable to the typical American; three of four examples are from foreign sources, and the fourth example is income from U.S. territories.

There is no language that clearly states what income is included within the scope of the income tax law. If your income is not expressly and clearly and plainly identified as taxed, then your income is not taxed. Tax liability cannot be established by inference or implication.

We must look to United States Constitution to find out whether your income is within the constitutional power of the United States to tax – is your income really income under the Sixteenth Amendment and Article I of the United States Constitution?

I was shocked to learn that the Sixteenth Amendment did not authorize the income tax, as I had always been taught.

This is not me telling you this – this is the Supreme Court telling us this, time and time again.

I was also surprised to learn that most of my earnings over my lifetime were exempt from taxation, either because they were outside the taxing authority of the government pursuant to the U.S. Constitution, or they  were the result of my exercising a fundamental right.

All of these exemptions and limitations on the power of the federal government to tax are covered in “The Memorandum” at:

You must learn your rights under the law. Do not continue to be fooled by your lack of understanding, do not be fooled by implications which are not supported by the strict language of the statutes.

Tommy Cryer on the Income Tax – Part 4:

No law makes you liable for the income tax.

What income can be taxed by the federal government? Get and read “The Memorandum”.

What can we do about it? What can you do about the “big lie” that’s been perpetrated, and the “big trick” that’s been played on the American people?

The odds are that your income has never been taxable.

What you can do is to demand the truth from the government.

Write to your congressman. Demand to be told what law makes you liable for the income tax. If all of us demand the truth, the lie will have to stop.

Why is this important? Because all of this excess revenue that the federal government was never intended by the Founding Fathers to have has allowed it to outgrow its intended role, to take over and to usurp issues and decisions that you and I are supposed to be able to make on a state-by-state basis.

Fifty-six percent of the federal budget is spent on regulatory and government bureaucracies that the Constitution never authorized. Fifty-six percent of the budget that we are now funding with your hard earned wages are spent on purposes that are not permitted in the first place. That’s why this is important.

(Note: In this era of out-of-control federal spending, the portion of government spending that conforms with the Constitution is probably less than 20 percent, and may be as low as 10 percent. DL)

You can do this.

You can be a voice for truth, you can be a beacon for truth, you can demand that the “big lie” stops.

Keep demanding an answer to the question.

They cannot answer the question because there is no law.

Tommy Cryer Esq.


For those with a desire to learn more about the “big lie” behind the income tax hoax in America, and the beginning of the shredding of the United States Constitution over one hundred years ago when the Progressives (read Marxists) began their assault, the following videos are highly recommended:

“The Truth Behind the Income Tax”- Gordon Phillips

(This is an excellent presentation which had been taken down from YouTube. It was re-posted on May 11, 2012. Since it may be taken down again, it should be viewed as soon as possible.)


“Theft by Deception-Deciphering the Federal Income Tax” – Larken Rose

(This is a detailed analysis of the IRS code which explains the insidious nature of the IRS deception, available in a 90-minute video at Google or in a nine-part series at YouTube. )

“Theft By Deception - Deciphering The Federal Income Tax” at Google:

1:27:51  - 6 years ago

“The misrepresentation and misapplication of the United States federal income tax constitutes the largest acquisition of wealth by way of deception in history. A handful of government lawyers fabricated an intricate maze of legalese which created a perfectly Constitutional tax (a tax on income derived from certain types of international and foreign commerce), but which at the same time could easily be misread to give the impression that the income of all Americans is subject to the tax. For decades, the American people have been "conditioned" to believe that the income tax applies to all income and trained to pay "their" taxes.

All the while, however, hidden in a previously nearly universally misunderstood (therefore misapplied) section of the law known as Subchapter N, Section 861 was the truth that the income tax is NOT a direct tax on incomes but is an indirect tax imposed only on those individuals engaged in certain types of international and foreign possessions commerce. Most Americans are engaged in purely domestic commerce (commerce that occurs entirely within and between the 50 states). Subchapter N proves that domestic income received by residents of the United States (most incomes) is not taxed, due to Constitutional restrictions on Congress' power to tax.”

“Theft by Deception” on YouTube:

Editorial review of “Theft by Deception” from Amazon.com:

“The federal income tax deception has been so successful for so long that most people find it difficult to even begin to doubt the ‘conventional wisdom’ on the subject (that all Americans owe the tax). The federal income tax statutes and regulations were intentionally written to be confusing and deceptive in order to DECEIVE most Americans into paying income taxes that were NOT owed by law. Government lawyers were able to CONCEAL the fact that the "income tax" is an excise tax only on engaging in certain types of international (not domestic) commerce.
Even after the ‘legalese’ hiding the truth in Section 861 had been fully deciphered (which occurred only a few short years ago), the truth was still in a form that took significant effort to digest and comprehend.
When one first reads about this video, he may instinctively think ‘this can’t possibly be true”. However, the average citizen will also admit that he surrenders his hard-earned money to the IRS either because of an assumption or because ‘experts’ have ‘told’ him that he was required to do so, but not because he has ever seen the law for himself. The law does not lie and the evidence will not go away; see for yourself what the law has always said.
Product Description
The federal income tax law is constitutional and valid. But because it is limited, a handful of government lawyers deliberately fabricated an intricate maze of legalese which created a perfectly Constitutional tax (a tax on income derived from certain types of international and foreign commerce), but which at the same time could easily be misread to give the impression that the income of all Americans is subject to the tax.
All the while, hidden in the labyrinth of statutes and regulations, the law itself showed that the incomes of most Americans have never been taxed; the receipt of income does NOT automatically mean that it becomes ‘taxable income’ under the law. Deceiving even the ‘experts’, the critical significance of Subchapter N, Section 861 has until recently been nearly universally misunderstood, therefore misapplied.
At last the truth has been put into a form that is readily understandable to the average citizen. Using the medium of video, concepts can be explained in a way that is far more understandable than is possible using the written word alone. This 88-minute video gives a logical, well-documented proof that the federal income tax, while being entirely valid and constitutional, simply does not apply to the income of most Americans, according to many decades of federal income tax statutes and regulations. The video was designed specifically to remove all of the inherent difficulties in understanding the truth about the federal income tax. The viewer does not need any prior knowledge about the law to understand the issue.”


“It’s Time to Learn the Truth”  - Peter Hendrickson, author of “Cracking the Code – the Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America”



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...part2....On January 15, 2008 a federal judge prohibited certain persons from speaking or publishing information, about the nature of the federal income tax. So much for "Congress shall make no law ..." This was done in an attempt to keep you blissfully ignorant of what is transpiring in your own country - namely the establishment of a totalitarian state based on fascist corporate principals. For many years, patriots at the organization, Save A Patriot Fellowship, have informed the public about the nature of our legal system, and the income tax system in particular. The staff of Save A Patriot Fellowship, are now legally prohibited from doing so with respect to the income tax law. We at Piercing the Illusion, are not subject to these restrictions however.The Fellowship created a number of video training materials, that explain the nature of the income tax and many legal issues related to that subject. In 2002, it's founder and fiduciary, wrote the book, Piercing the Illusion, which sought to set straight the misrepre-sentations that have in one way or another deprived American citizens of the individual liberties for the past one hundred and forty one years. Our goal is to bring these and other resources to you.
"If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our
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