Monday, May 28, 2012

Picture of Obama and his Ex

Picture of Obama and his Ex

by Rodan ( 21 Comments › )
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The media has trotted out Newt Gingrich’s ex. They trotted out an alleged mistress of Herman Cain. Why are they so silent about Barack Husein Obama’s ex?
How cute they look! Is Obama’s ex still alive?
Update: Here’s a video of Larry Sinclair describing his fling with Obama back in 1999
Why is the media covering it up?


Anonymous said...

O ba ma! wunuwubu li hayuh

Anonymous said...

I first want to make it clear that I dont support Obama. But every time I come to the NESARA site to learn about intel reports or galactic news or the financial meltdown, I basically see this type of "garbage posts" of Obama. 5 out of 10 postings are Obama slander posts. This site should be named "IHATEOBAMA.COM". I mean does the moderator of this site really believe Obama is the cause of the world problems? I thought most of us are aware that OBAMA is a puppet of the Dark Cabal masters who are puppets of Extraterrestrial masters. Shouldn't we be focusing our attention on off worlders who seek to manipulate puppets like Obama? This site is playing the game the Dark Side wants humans to be part of. I wish there was more balance to this site but this is not my site and I can only present my opinion. I love America and what it stands for! Freedom! Especially the 1st Amendment.

Clean said...

ANYTHING can be used as 'news'...

all you have to say is - "Why is the MSM not reporting this"?

Look at the white hats website... they pioneered the technique (of claiming to bring you the news that the MSM doesn't) . The reason these stories are not reported is because they are non-stories. Meaning no-one gives a shit. People are concerned with America and jobs. Not more outrageous storytelling. BTW all these stories are to meant to DISTRACT US.. Look at me - I'm so distracted I'm actually responding instead of worrying about my own life! The plan worked.

John MacHaffie said...

This is from the Moderator --- and a response to your diatribe.

I am a lover and light worker and also a patriot in the purest sense.
I have no hatred in my body.

BUT when I see something wrong and a fraud - I yell NO, not on our watch. I have a reputation of calling it like it is! And I don't sugar coated nor play 'political correctness' game.

Honor, integrity and duty has always been my mindset. Obama has none of these plus he is a fraud and a lying bastard.

Don't like this 'honest' blog, may I suggest you read a Times Magazine or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Tell them Johnny may be if they turn off the tv, mindset might be different.

Anonymous said...

Get real you people! It's called EXPOSURE! If you don't dig around in your cupboards once in a while you won't know you have cockroaches...or something worse. If this type of thing weren't exposed, you'd still think O was the "cat's meow" instead of the sneaky rat he is. Apparently you can't cope with either the truth or reality. Don't bother to read the papers or listen to the news then. Maybe you should go hide under a bed!
P.S. I'll bet you didn't complain when they faulted George Bush!

Anonymous said...

I think this is the man that was killed about 1or 2 years back, he was hit by a hit and run driver, I guess obama got tired of him telling his secrets.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe it. These men pictured called Larry Sinclair are clearly different people. If you've had any training in facial identification these pictures do not pass the test. And with photoshop it's easy to overlay anybody's face on a picture.

And for that matter, my psychic read on this information is that it is false. Please don't buy into everything you read and hear.

Thanks for the post and the great site John. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Obama, the TRAITOR-IN-CHIEF IMPOSTER, "is" virtually hated by at least 75% of the population. The polls LIE, the propaganda media LIES, and HE is also "known" as LIAR-IN-CHIEF. Nice reputation for a president, isn't it?