Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Obama Readies Killing Americans with Assassination Czar!

RED ALERT: Obama Readies Killing Americans with Assassination Czar!

Note: from Glenn Canady

Just got the following Intel report from Stew Webb. He has asked ALL Patriots to spread this material virally because his sources has said Obama is getting ready to kill and imprison those Americans who are spreading the truth.  He just announced his Assassination Czar and we already knew Obama has a list of enemies he wants to get rid of.  I'm asking for everybody to spread the word of this evil and to pray to God right now that Obama is not successful with his plans!  God bless all of you spreading the truth!  Godspeed!


UPDATE: 12:13am 5/29/12
Updated Monday May 28, 2012 11:00 pm cst
Obama False Flag Iran did it murdered American
DHS CIA CNN Correspondent Bush Crime Syndicate Stooge Fran Townsend was on
CNN tonight stating Iran plotting to kill Americans---
This is Obama Bush Townsend plotting to kill Americans
This Witch-Bitch Frances Fragos Townsend need to be immediately arrested.

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