Sunday, May 27, 2012

Let’s Think About It/ What country do you live in?

Let’s Think About It
What country do you live in?
Prof Jim

Many of the things we need to think about are blatantly in front of our face. These are not “hidden in plain sight”. They are not hidden at all. Unfortunately, they are so common that many never wop their forehead with the palm of their hand and say, “It’s been in front of me all along!”
The country you live in is one in that category.
One of my favorite questions to ask people is, “What country do you live in?” More often than not it happens at the local watering hole. One of two answers is: America; no that is a continent. United States; Wrong. Would you like me to prove it to you with something you have seen on the news many times?
This is a bit more fun presented in story form. I will center it on Indiana only because I am in it. You need not be fussy. Use your own state if you wish.
This fellow named Ed decides he is not living as well as he would like so he goes and robs a bank. Ed walks out with a nice satchel of money.
Question: Where oh where will Ed go to live happily ever after?
Want a hint?
So, why would I suggest Brazil?
Brazil has no extradition treaty with the US.
This begs the question: What is extradition?
“To turn over (a person accused or convicted of a crime) to the jurisdiction of another country, state, etc. where the crime was allegedly committed.”
Note; in any legal definition “things listed together are similar”. State and country are similar.
So this other gent, John, sees how nice Ed is living down in Brazil (samba, rum punch and topless beaches) and also robs a bank. Unfortunately John is not as bright as Ed. (Now come on. Why are you thinking this applies to any particular “John”?) John stops off in Kentucky to say good bye to family and friends on the way to Brazil. (That explains a lot right there.) And John gets caught.
Pray tell, how does Indiana get John from Kentucky?
Those that guessed “extradition” did very well. Congratulations.
Extradition is something you see on the news several times a year. Not long ago some kids in Indiana killed their grandparents or something and fled to Texas. There was an extradition hearing.
I ask you to think about this: If it is all one country, the United States, would extradition be required?
Does extradition tell you that Kentucky is a different country than Indiana?
From Black’s 4th:
State, Foreign State, A foreign country or nation. The several United States are considered “foreign” to each other except as regards their relations as common members of the Union.
I will ask again. What country do you live in? Think about it.
The main knowledge to gain from this is that the states are foreign to each other and foreign to Washington DC. You might want to frame it and hang it on the wall. For now it is interesting knowledge but it will come to much greater significance later.
Sidebar: If there are any good litigators (which I am not) out there in reader land, you might consider what you could make by suing the web sites that do not let you put in “Indiana” where they ask for country but only give you the option of “United States”. Are they forcing you to an admission? Just pick on the rich ones though. And remember where you got….well, think about it.
Next, the war.


Anonymous said...

News Flash! Even the STATES are foreign to YOU a living Man. I don't live IN a foreign State. Their FOREIGN STATE exists only in name on a pirce of paper that is just a fictitious entity. How do you a man live IN a piece of paper or live IN a fiction? You are born FREE and you are your own NATION among yourself. Unless the home you live in has been ceded to the United States, where that land is owned by the United states, then no local city, town, county, State or federal State has any jurisdicxtion over that land. I live ON a piece of land that is WITHOUT the United States and WITHOUT its foreign subsidiary STATE and WITHOUT their foreign subsidiary corporate County, City or Township! So unless "I" give them there FOREIGNORS my CONSENT to come on my land that is its own separate jurisdiction, they are acting without any authority and outside their jurisdiction where they become personally liable for their taking it upon themselves to act without authority and jurisdiction. And under THEIR law they are committing acts of terrorism under THEIR PATRIOT ACT!

donald wayne said...

I know a man who speaks like this. I have listened to his recorded calls many times. I miss him. Would that could have made him my friend before he slipped away. This one too, knows the language of liberty. Or, is it he of whom I speak? I may never know. But these words are the ones we should learn to speak, folks. Sovereignty begins first between your own two ears, he said many times. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Unless the home you live in has been ceded to the United States" 9:05 above

Yes it has as each state has a law that that makes all of your property belong to the state and the state pledged it to the bankrupsy of the US in 1933 or 1934. That is why you get a Deed for your home and not a Title. You don't get a title for your car but a Certificate of Title. Ken

Anonymous said...

Yes, all property is vested in the State, but all property vested in the State is all based on artificial property, not real property. Look at any deed. What is described on every deed? A fiction name created by the State they created with their birth certificates to merely APPEAR to look like your name. And what property is described on every deed? A fictional location created by government as a fictitious military zone that exists only in the minds of men. So if the names and places are fictional, then the deeds have nothing to do with your actual home. And when did the creator give man deeds to his property? The creator owns ALL and never gave man ownership of anything. Man has no authority to claim ownership of anything. It ALL belongs to the creator and he only gave man USE of the property. He gave EVERY man USE of his creations no matter how rich or poor. The problem is when YOU make claims to THEIR fictitious property you are consenting to give up your real home as surety to pay THEIR claim against THEIR fictional property. It is ALL just an illusion and man forgetting who he really is has accepted THEIR created illusions as his reality. Governments have absolutely NO authority of any kind over man. They can only get authority if man CONSENTS to give them authority. Man consents giving them their authority by making false claims to THEIR fictional Names and fictional property. STOP making claims of ownership to anything. STOP claiming THEIR fictitious Name.

Anonymous said... ???? ???? ??? ..................and................
Web Results 11 - 20 of about 453,547, for What country do you live in? Prof Jim.
.....niburu You can see there the difference between Nibiru and our sun and why you can normally not see Nibiru because you have to look into the sun to see it ????

Anonymous said...

Good post! If you get a Jury Summons, take a look at Question #1. Answer yes or no. "I am a citizen of the United States." Are you a citizen belonging to the federal United States government??? No. An honest answer would be: “I am an American citizen having been born in one of the states united in America. But not a citizen of [belonging to] the United States Government.”

Anonymous said...

Why would you even fill that out? Just return it. Are YOU that NAME it was sent to? That ain't ME! So how can I possibly reply to that? The STATE created that NAME, not me. The State officials are all trustees for that NAME, not me. So just return it with notice of mistake.

Unknown said...

So then i can just go into the house to live in anytime i want and use anything i want because you have no say over it because you don't own it. This sounds awesome ill be over in 20 minuets to take a shower! And eat everything in the house.