Friday, November 9, 2012

Expect Bankster Arrests Within a Month

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Expect Bankster Arrests Within a Month
Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail]
Date: Friday, 9-Nov-2012 13:34:37

RBS, UBS Traders Said to Face Arrest in Libor Probe

U.K. prosecutors are poised to arrest former traders and rate setters at UBS AG (UBSN), Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc (RBS) and Barclays (BARC) Plc within a month for questioning over their role in the Libor scandal, a person with knowledge of the probe said.
Police, directed by Serious Fraud Office prosecutors, will act in the next month, said the person, who declined to be identified because the matter isn’t public. Arrests in the U.K. are made early in investigations, allowing people, who may not be charged, to be questioned under caution.
The SFO has 40 people working on the probe into manipulation of the London interbank bank offered rate, a benchmark for financial products valued at $360 trillion worldwide, and has involved the City of London Police, said David Green, the agency’s director.
“Significant developments” in the case are coming “in the near future,” Green said yesterday in an interview at his office in London, without giving further details and declining to comment on possible arrests.
The SFO opened the investigation in July at the request of British politicians after Barclays was fined a record 290 million pounds ($462 million) for rate manipulation. Regulators across the globe are investigating claims banks altered submissions used to set Libor in an effort to benefit traders, or so the lenders would appear financially healthier.
The arrests could be temporarily delayed because of disruptions to the SFO’s schedule caused by a move in offices.
Egregious Attempts
Green said the agency is focusing on the most egregious attempts to manipulate Libor and other related benchmarks. Investigations into firms, managers, traders and rate setters at lesser offenders will come later.
Regulators in the U.S. and U.K. are looking into how derivatives traders and bankers who submitted interest-rate data colluded to rig benchmarks to benefit their own trades, and whether lenders low-balled submissions in 2008 to hide their true cost of borrowing. Criminal probes by the SFO and U.S. Department of Justice are running in parallel with civil investigations being conducted by the DOJ’s fraud division, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the U.K. Financial Services Authority.
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Anonymous said...

I'll add that I agree with one stipulation:
Obama is the antichrist very likely, so he is actually going to get rid of the Federal Reserve. That means he is going to in fact toss out the dark cabal, this will be proven in 2012 and beyond.

However, this will not be of any benefit because when the Federal Reserve gets tossed out Obama is going to bring in a One World Religion - a.k.a One World Dictatorship and Ron Paul knows it.

Yes, Ron Paul could have delayed this but the outcome is the same. The reason Obama is so dangerous is not because of the polices he will enact that makes America more "prosperous"....No, the real reason Obama's dangerous is how easily he will deceive everybody!

As what comes after the toss out, will literally make it so no one will recognize America again. After Obama cleans house he installs Islam into every department - forces us into a One World Religion and demands total worship or death by sword. This is when Russia will drop bombs on the United States and its game over, unless you flee the U.S before that day arrives. Prepare, it's in the book of Samuel.

Be warned folks - the glamor of a world without Rothschild isn't as good as it appears!
And all these things, will come to pass.

Anonymous said...

Notice the "Headline" states that Bankster are to be arrested. The article says "traders and rate setters" are the ones the "Serious Fraud Office Prosecutors" are goning after not the Banksters. I wonder if London has a "Not-So-Serious Fraud Office" hmmm? Haven't all the sooyth-sayers been claiming that the banksters were already being arrested?.

So let me get this straight...procedutors that work for the "City of London" are going after their own. Well, it makes sense that is why they are not going after the real culprits...the CEOs of the banks.

The answer is simple and a template is already in place. Just do what Iceland did. Throw the boys in the "Poky". Maybe they will come around after a few years of getting

Anonymous said...

Yep, I agree with the reader above. Once the House of Rothchild crumbles the last pillar of society as we know it now will topple. Only to leave a new family in succession to carry out their dirty deeds. I am just amazed at how few people search for the truth. Yes they print it amid thousands of pages of falsehoods, while leading the masses into FEMA camps for their protection. Yet I hear nothing about NIBERU which is an event happening now. And global warming is a scam also with carbon taxes as the earth rotates over a 6 million year period. The weather changes this can be seen in Redwood National Park yet most are in the Dark about the light workers and other such nonsense. Good Luck if you believe it. And yes, they will make you rich with the full knowellege that 95% will suffer the lotto curse. Good Luck ya'll. Keep your heads low as the guys that built pyramids for the Eygpt and the Myans come back to town. Just look it up on youtube. Me I am going for a nice place in South America without all the Government surveillance. The Truth Is Out There!
Peace! By the way every President is related to the British Royalty Anyway. Wake up it's all on YOUTUBE the real news channel. Peace! We are going straight to hell in a handbasket and nobody is telling YOU the REAL truth.

Anonymous said...

President Obama is NOT THE ANTI-Christ!!! Get a clue...

Look back at 2001 and who reigned in control of the USA - who allowed and set up the attacks on our own soil - who brought thousands of soldiers into 2 wars - millions killed...

If you want to CALL someone an ANTI-Christ - start there and then look in that family tree!

GET YOUR FACTS straight before you write things that are NON-SENSE!

None of what you have stated will come to pass....and don't know WHO IS FEEDING YOU THIS GARBAGE but just stop!

You will drive yourself into the looney-bin and will be there with the rest of the psycho-paths!

Ask Arch-Angel Michael for divine protection!
~ namaste.

Unknown said...

LMAO! really? you really believe this?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah he's really making that all up - read the Bible.

Foolish Americans....most of them are brain dead!