Sunday, March 31, 2013

From the Heart!

Subject: From the Heart!

Over the last few days there is hushed positive intel that has not been shared but be assured that all of the roadblocks have been satisfied, at least as we know them.  We have been told repeatedly it will be here this coming week.  Of course, one should always acknowledge the PTB can always adhere to stepping in the way which truly is not the fault of our information constituency.  Understand, we attempt in every way to disseminate up to date conclusive facts and testimonies which all come from only reliable origins. 

At this point to date, there is no sense in predicting a date and/or rate, but we know it will be to our liking.  As in quail shooting, we are looking down the barrel of this old shotgun - the trigger has already been pulled, the shot has been fired.......we can see the feathers fly......the bird just has not fallen out of the sky and hit the ground yet.  Keep your eye on that bird. 

Hate to bring up Iraq, just know they do have their budget and the rate held within.  They have reported over and over that the budget will be posted by the 31st just prior to April 1 and their constitution "will be followed".  The real story, has already been by-passed.  We are just waiting for the PTB to let her fly.

We are being told by our contacts that announcements will be made this coming week along with the PP's (Omega's) and the Revaluation which will move simultanious.  All our sources are on the same page reading the same page.

There are literally no posts and probably will not be many, at least not viable posts.  We are very close.  Ask yourself, how close is DONE?

Good judgment comes from experience.  For some of you, as with me since 2004, have learned and experienced a great deal.  Therefore, I am pondering whether to make this my last post thus closing the chapter of this time spent saga.  Why not, all is completed. 

My Granddad, a true trail riding western cowboy, before his passing repeatedly told my brothers and me, "There are three kinds of folks - The ones that learn by reading.  Then there are some that learn by listening and observation.  All the rest of them have to pee on a electric fence to find out for themselves."   By now, I am thinking we all have learned a lot, so maybe it is time to all quit peeing on the electric fence and lean back in our old rocking chairs and watch this last bit of history run its course. 

One last comment, when the revaluation does not appear by the hour you think it should just know it is well on its way.  Remember with spring being here now and the temperature climbing - do not go kicking any cow chips on a warm day!


Anonymous said...

thank you John for the effort you have put into this is appreciated by many...

i truly hope this is not your last post...why not keep informing ....

I am not a "godly" man...i am a "creator" man....but i believe you to be a godly i will say it this way..... thank you again and god bless....

Anonymous said...

John...Time will tell....just too much disinformation all over the net

Anonymous said...

John, your site has given good people hope and even the naysayers keep coming back for the info they so desperately want and need. If nothing does happen at least you have united 1000`s of people and opened their eyes to what is truly happening to us, and just maybe we will join together and take our lives & freedom back. Thank You