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We have a lawyer!   We have a Cause of Action!   We're going to Court!
Hello everyone,
Did you receive your cheque this month for the value of your natural resources that have been harvested from this country?  I didn't receive mine so I was wondering if it might be lost in the mail.  The other possibility of course, is if you did not receive yours, and I did not receive mine, then maybe someone stole it!
Every one of you knows that there is something terrible wrong with this world today but far too few of you realize that the chaos and violence that exists in the world today is actually caused by those who are holding us in slavery and stealing our birthright.
Why are they doing this?  To facilitate greater control and the continuing theft of the the wealth of this entire planet that actually belongs equally by birthright and in equal shares to each and everyone one of us.
I have attached a book which will tell much of the story.  There is much more to tell but we only need to know enough to understand the problem, who and what is the problem, and how to fix the problem.
We have a lawyer and we are launching a legal action against all governments in Canada and many others, for, amongst other things, human rights violations.
Did you realize that most, if not all, Acts and Statutes (fiction law) in Canada violate our human rights, resulting in our enslavement to those who operate a private for profit monetary system?
Did you realize these same Acts and Statutes have been used to steal our birthright, the earth and all the wealth thereof?
Did you realize that the only purpose of income tax is to pay the interest on the national debt to a private cartel of international bankers who have unlawfully acquired the license to create our money supply and control our credit, the creation of which is the DUTY of the government to do?
Please read the book, visit our website at , join us by filing an Affidavit/Affirmation and then support us financially by contributing to our legal fund.
Our Legal Action:
We have a lawyer who will be surrendering his/her BAR Card(s) in order to take our legal action to court wherein the respondent/defendant will be the government(s) in Canada, amongst others, and the charges, amongst others, will be the violation of our human rights.
Many well intentioned heroes in this country have been researching and in many cases sacrificing their freedom and wealth to find a way out of the slavery we are in but, and I say this with the greatest respect, their efforts, conducted on an individual basis, have not, and cannot, change the system, only legal action can accomplish that goal for one and all.
Which one of us can be expected to learn what these people have learned in order to protect ourselves and rid ourselves of the problem?  Not one in a million I would suggest.  However, we have made things really simple because all you have to do now is join our legal action, become a participant by filing an Affidavit/Affirmation, and donate to our legal fund.  All of us are capable of doing that.
We have the lawyer's assurance that we are going to win this case.  However, what does wining mean to you and I?
It will result in our freedom (the government is a pawn for the bankers and not of themselves, the problem) from banker ordered and government created enslavement Acts and Statutes.  Freedom means responsible human beings free to do as they wish except harm another or damage their possessions.
Secondly, it means we will be able to freely access and enjoy, our Patrimony, our birthright, the earth and all the wealth thereof.
I am hoping that you will read the book, join us by filing an Affidavit/Affirmation with our lawyer and become a Plaintiff in our legal action.  And secondly, support us by donating to our legal fund.  To do so or learn more, please visit our website
We want you to know that we are pleased to have at least two private individuals that are willing and able, and have unconditionally pledged to top up any shortage we have in our legal fund, even the whole amount if necessary!
As exciting as this is, we humbly ask you to accept your own responsibilities; to make sure you fully understand the issues, to make sure you fully support our common objectives, to make sure you share this vital information with your families and friends, and to make sure to contribute as much to the growth of the legal fund as you can reasonably afford.
The affidavit is not ready yet (although you can access a sample on our website) but we expect it to be ready soon since our lawyer assures us that the legal action will be filed by August, 2013.
Please join us in our attempts to oust the money changers from our lives once and for all.
We cannot do this without you.
Love and great peace to you,

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