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The Doctrine of Natural Law or of "Nature and Nature's God"


This is a must-see video which explains why the United States of America is different from every other nation in the world in its recognition of God as the “origin of all authority on this planet”.

The speaker is a Christian pastor who draws on Biblical references to support his arguments, but the same arguments could be made exclusively from the Old Testament by a Jewish rabbi, or from the writings of Baha’u’llah which form the foundation of the Bahá’í Faith.

This is an excellent video explaining Natural Law and the source of the power of the law in the Constitution.

The Doctrine of Natural Law or of "Nature and Nature's God"
Published on Mar 28, 2013
A sermon on the spiritual and legal ramifications of "Nature and Nature's God", and its direct correlation with what Americanism truly is, outlining what must be done if America is to be saved from its current trend toward ruin.

Some thought-provoking excerpts from the video:

The Centrality of God in the Declaration of Independence
“The French loved what we were doing, they wanted all the same glory that we had discovered. They wanted everything we had except one thing – they didn’t want God.
The French revolution was an atheist-based, God-hating, Christ-mocking political movement on the other side of the world.
Because the writers of the Declaration didn’t want anybody to be confused by Rousseau and the French Enlightenment writers and thinkers, our Declaration of Independence had two points of origin:
1. The power that we have comes from the consent of the governed, the self-governed sacred individual, but the sacred individual does not generate power, and does not of himself and by himself create authority.
2. So the Declaration of Independence took it a step further and said let us point out where the self-governed individual citizen gets his power.
They did it with four terminologies that were used –
What is the source of authority of the individual American citizen?
The organic law of the United States says it comes from our Creator (with a capital ‘C’).
At the end of the arguments of the Declaration, in the closing remarks, it refers to the source of the sacred individual’s power and authority, from which you get your authority as a citizen. It refers to the Creator as ‘the Supreme Judge of the World’.
In the middle of the document it refers to ‘Providence’, a reference to the direction of God from Heaven in the affairs of men.
And it uses the terminology ‘Nature and Nature’s God’.
And so, I am not talking about a Bible lesson, I am not talking about a theological comment here, I am talking about the law of the United States of America, the federal document, the Declaration of Independence, the rationale for the existence of this country, organized – only organized - by the Constitution.
And that document, that organic document, says that the source of the authority that the Constitution organizes comes from God.
And that issue is the one thing that makes this country different from every other country on the face of this Earth.
And that is why secularism and any kind of movement in this country – I don’t care if it’s called Libertarianism, the Libertines, the Conservatives, the Republicans, the Liberals, the Democrats, I don’t care what label it is
If you get to the root of their philosophy and God is not a part of the equation, they are un-American because they are against the founding documents of this country.
Civil Government is Not the Solution
“How did Moses’ mom and dad (feel) when they released their baby in a basket (as described in the Book of Hebrews) and pushed it out into the water and they released the Baby into the Hand of God – probably weeping, broken-hearted at the infanticide going on all around them, murder, screams – think of it.
They put the baby in a basket and pushed it out into the Nile River. They did it looking and believing that there is a government beyond the grave.
That’s the difference between a secular humanist and a true Christian.
Government itself is not my saviour. Government does not fix the world. It is a side benefit, and we must do it to honor God. But our goal is to reach the grave having been educated in the difference between good and bad pleasure, between good and bad pain… in such a way, having faith in the government of God… that makes us great champions while we are here.”
Government’s Role is to Administer Natural Law
“The Apostle Paul taught that this ‘natural law’ of pain and pleasure was written into the hearts of men, whether they were redeemed or not, whether they went to church or not, and therefore he said they were without excuse to not believe in God.
Self-government requires by necessity family government. The individual is left to destroy itself without the guidance of others. Human beings require other human beings to have success. Both self and family government function as complementary extensions of what we believe and understand is ‘natural law’.
When we see ‘Nature and Nature’s God’ in the Declaration (of Independence) you should know that every signer… understood the Christian definition and understanding of ‘natural law’.
Benjamin Franklin was not a born again Christian… but let me tell you something about Benjamin Franklin, for example. Benjamin Franklin was extremely reverent and appreciative that the Judeo-Christian faith uniquely provided the foundation for good government better than anything he had ever seen, and he was very open and welcoming to the issue of religion and its necessity in government.
In Romans the Apostle Paul talks about natural law – everything is subject to natural law.
In Chapter 13 Paul says about civil authority, first of all, that an elected official is a minister of God. Why? He is here to execute wrath upon the unjust.
He goes on to describe two functions of government:
1. punish evil
2. reward good
Interesting – government is ordained by God to punish evil and to reward that which is good.
It begs the question – are fallen men allowed to arbitrarily define the meaning of the words ‘good’ and ‘evil’ on their own? No, they are not! So the Bible is required for proper government according to the New Testament.”

Truth a Necessity for Civil Government
“A secular humanist believes civil government to be the greatest of human accomplishments. You and I know that is absolutely not true. We are all on the same journey, we’re going to the same place. We came from the same womb, and we are headed to the same grave. The greatest achievement of man is to arrive at his grave in proper condition for what happens next.
Good citizenship, obedience to the civil law, cannot earn Heaven… Obedience merely to avoid punishment is not pleasing to God…

The government’s role, in the mind of God, then and now, is that the conscience must always be utilized not only in the creation of law, but they must stay in agreement on the basis of truth, or no justice can possibly exist.

You cannot have two standards of truth. Obedience must come from faith.”
The Purpose of Civil Government
“The problem we have, if we don’t understand how to navigate natural law, is that when we get to civil government we will screw it up royally. And everybody will be in Congress saying ‘something stinks, this whole thing stinks’ because the way that God’s design – self-government to be instructed by family government; self-government and family government to be the instructors of civil government – was not followed.
If we do not get it right in our house, we will not get it right in the nation.
And though a parent is not authorized to abuse their power, they often do – don’t they?
Though they do not have the ability to eternally save the soul of their child, they certainly can and often do, through the abuse of Nature and Nature’s God, damage the conscience of their own offspring.  A conscience - that tool that navigates properly, if trained, the difference between good and bad things.
And when the child reaches adulthood, they do not pass the baton to Father God. Instead, the bent child enters the arms of their slave-master to sin… We instinctively say of such a child – ‘he’s going to end up in jail someday’.
And if he doesn’t end up in jail, he might end up in Congress legalizing or turning government into the institution of the thief on his behalf.
If you take your neighbor’s things, they will put you in jail for theft and make you wear an orange suit.
Somewhere along the line our people figured out that they could turn government, which is here to punish theft, into the instrument of theft, and steal from people and give it to others.

Who punishes the government? Who makes the government wear an orange suit?
You do – as long as you are hooked up to God, and you know the difference between right and wrong…
And although a civil government is not authorized to abuse their power, they often do abuse their power, don’t they? A government that does not properly codify the difference between that which should be rewarded and that which should be punished produces mass hedonism.
These things all occur in accord with unchangeable, irrevocable natural law.
This is why John Quincy Adams said that ‘our government is created exclusively for a deeply religious people, and it will not succeed with any other’.  
If all government comes from the Creator, than all levels of government share the same transcendent principles.
What then is the purpose of government in the mind of God? How do we save America?o:p>

If we are answer to that question I invite you to lift up your eyes and see the world through your Creator’s eyes – get  His perspective.
The highest purpose of civil government is to facilitate the discovery of God. There is no greater call for human government.
The purpose of government is to facilitate true justice so that self-government, family government, and civil government all point in the same direction – God.

…This is the purpose of ‘Nature and Nature’s God’, enshrined into our legal code in the Declaration of Independence, our source of authority, our destination, all of us sharing the Fatherhood of God, and the same grave.”

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