Saturday, August 31, 2013


 From a friend.
I just got off the phone with a source I trust. I called to ask if there was verification of the Republic being restored now. She said that she could not confirm that, but could say for sure:

The Global Settlements have been issued

Impeachment proceedings are now underway against Obama.

The Reset is underway.

The United States, Canada and Great Britain will be the first countries to be liberated.
 Global Financial Reset - ANNOUNCEMENT MADE TODAY

August 28th, 2013

Suzy Star wrote: This is Fantastic!!

On world news today it has been talking about Global Reset - (the live link is no longer available as it was earlier today)

They were saying that the world is setting the stage for a global currency reset that's about to take place!

It was on CNBC several times today. Was at the top of the hour!!
The news anchor was reporting it. It's about to gooooooooo down!!!!! YES...CNBC. They were talking about how it was going to change the financial status of the world!! The words they used were “GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET”.
 From another Skype Chat room.......Great News!

Just saw this on facebook no link

Dan Mathews

BREAKING NEWS!!!!! The UN peace council has just convened and all world superpowers have committed to a complete non-violence stand down. ALL Peacekeeping troops fighting on foreign soils will immediately be deployed back to their own respective countries, all warships in non-territorial waters are to leave for their home ports immediately. Next week in Switzerland there will be a round table meeting, the biggest meeting ever constructed involving a diplomat from every known country from around the globe. Peace talks will commence and failure to come to a worldwide agreement CANNOT AND WILL NOT be considered an option. There is talk that intervention from above has had a direct influence on this historic and monumental meeting of world-wide countries. Officials of the highest levels have just confirmed that intervention was the governing factor for this most urgent world meeting and DISCLOSURE has been mentioned....It's happening... THIS INFORMATION WAS SENT TO ME FROM A HIGH LEVEL CLEARANCE REPORTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE.


Unknown said...

Why ?

Anonymous said...

there is ZERO proof any of this is true

Anonymous said...

I am going to say this again, You cannot impeach a Corporate President. 1 Sept is the Pope's decree. The Pope's 11 July 2013 Decree - Comes Into Effect 1 September 2013

Anonymous said...

The Reset is underway - Yes it is and is not going to happen this year
and here is why:

Julia said...

There are more and more folks (coming to light) from major superpowerful places that have resigned effective september 1st. Obama is a small player playing his cards VERY carefully.... on the outside he might look like the cabal- but on the insides he is a lightworker strategically making moves to herald in our new age... So impeaching him seems like a last ditch effort to remove a lightworker (that doesn't currently look like it according to mainstream media) from his seat. WAKE UP!