Saturday, August 31, 2013



   There is an addiction that is affecting thousands of Americans and thousands more through out the world. The sad part of this addiction is (like any other addiction) most people don’t even know, or admit that they have a problem. They go through life thinking all is well or will be very soon.

   I have seen people loose there homes, there family’s and in some case’s loose their life over the addiction on HOPEUM.  Like any other addiction people start off just taking in a little HOPEUM. and then more and more.

Before they know it they catch themselves running out to the car to get a small fix or off to a room where no one will know what they are doing to get there daily dose. I’ve even seen people tell there better half “I’m up to the store do you need any thing?” and before they get out of the driveway they are reaching to get some more HOPEUM. Not even realizing that they are interrupting their family and worst of all themselves through this addiction.

I’ve herd of groups that number 200 – 600 people gather together in Alabama, Bat caves and even on Toni’s hill to get there HOPEUM. This could brake out into an epidemic if some one doesn’t show them how to get off of the HOPEUM.  It is terrible, folks are going broke due to the effects of there addiction. They’re not open to here about anything that could help them. They would rather sit and wait, loose what they have then to try and do something about it. HOPEUM is killing you people it’s time to get on the antidote and wing yourself off the HOPEUM.

There is a cure HVM! For a small fee you can get involved in our movement to help people get off of the HOPEUM addiction. To help them have a better quality of life and spend more time with the ones that need them the most. We will take you through the simple A,B,C’s  of how to change not only your life but others as well.

The first step is go to this pre recorded call and hear what HVM can do for you. The number is 712-432-6099 pin 6959064#  after you hear about the simple A.B.C. steps give me a call and I will help you to get off the HOPEUM and start down the road of recovery.

Tugboat Harry


Anonymous said...

Garbage posting, away!

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Douchebag..lern howta spel!

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It's spelled HopIum, you know, like OPIUM-the drug that the word is named after.

And I only get my Hopium from well established 'Gurus' with highly accredited


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John Why Do You Let Jack Asses Post Crap Like This? Just Another Moron Thinking He Is Something ! He's Not Just Another Obamacrat Trying To Bash What's IS Going To Happen !