Sunday, August 4, 2013

We need a War on Want, a War on Waste, and a War on Bureaucracy.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

We need a War on Want, a War on Waste, and a War on Bureaucracy. Cut back on all Military Spending and Waste. Stop our Wars on the World!

  • Our situation has become crazy. Over 1,350 Agencies, special units and Military fronts are now in operation swallowing funds faster than a Velociraptor.

One World of Nations
Exclusive, 4 August 2013

We are producing Warships which have generators failing in sea trials. We need the Russians to get our Satellites into space. As well as to house the ever growing numbers of US Defectors. Following our own spy games, WE STARTED!!, China hacks our best, and leaves us with the rest. We fund the costly R & D. China then take it for free. Snowden has now let loose a myriad of access ways to bypass all firewalls, an Intel cataclysmic own goal for America. China and Russia love it. A catastrophic Diplomatic credibility minefield is now unfolding for the US. Can you imagine the next Moscow Summit for Obamas team? Yes Mr President, 168 coming in with you, but how many will be staying behind afterwards? For a joke, they should offer them a Defectors Lounge to relax in.

American Agencies and so called” Advisory Groups”, produce over 50,000 reports a year.

We produced WMD support reports. All wrong, all bogus. Who reads them? How many ever make a scrap of difference? How many influence anything which brings in changes for the better in America or for the world? A vast, burgeoning waste of critical money takes place denying money needed for people in need, funding ever growing numbers of expensive people and jobs we don’t need. These wasteful, pointless self-serving Agency Bureaucrats are taking us away from our place in the New Age, and back to the Stone Age!

Why are we wasting Trillions funding these yapping, self-serving, neutered and valueless Dogs of War? Unelected Paper Tigers who seek to control our future, yet know the price of nothing. 50,000 reports a year. At best we needed 500. Scrap the REST! Can these Wasters! Produce wealth, not more useless Suits! START NOW- GET RID OF THEM!  

They exist to spend. Cut them out and spending stops. STOP THE ROT.  


Over 40% of Congresses Budgets go JUST to funding Contractors and Agencies. Total madness! But it gets worse. Add to that their Drug running, Money Laundering, Fed Trade Programs and huge Global Bank scams robbing countries and trusting Investors like Ed Falcone. Almost $1 Trillion was made from Ed’s account, and he got zero. That alone would save the countries budget shortfall. But no, instead it was seized and defrauded by the Agency, Bush, Clintons, Biden, Romney, Herzog and others. Vast Trillions have been stolen. It has gone on for a century as they looted the world since the Jekyll Island disaster. Scrap the Fed. Say NO! Israel and the Zionists are playing with the Goyim.

Our funds are our seed corn for all our futures. If wasted, we starve. If used wisely, we reap a rich and plentiful harvest. Our people vote for the bountiful harvest. Not for the waste. People have the sense to know we need none of this Cabal and their hangers on! They are a collective waste of space and money. Go to war on them!

We have the best Intel Electronics surveillance systems in the world. But our Human Evaluation and policy systems are rubbish. It’s all wasted with so many wrong judgment calls. So why keep funding what clearly “isn’t working!”

We are making War on the World, who is sick of it, and us.

Even Eisenhower saw and warned then of the extent of visible out of control power of these Military Cabalists. Kennedy abhorred them and wanted to close the CIA. The NSA has taken hacking to a new high, but the benefit being what? Even Analysts can see how wrong, how immoral, how costly and how abhorrent it really is.

Entire States have become Vote Compounded where entire economies hang ONLY on keeping Defense Industry jobs, or the Senators lose their seats. There is No Justification for Defense waste, but waste they will to keep their seats. Where is the Moral Imperative or Authority for any of it? We don’t need a Military Industrial economy. We need one producing wealth and jobs. What would an ex part time Union Organizer know about anything? He has achieved what in his life? He’s just a Puppet on a string.

Federal powers usurp the freedom of every State now. State Governors, working for the people, elected by the people, are threatened with withdrawal of funds and even arrest, by a bogus Kenyan usurper elected by Fraud.

Parties operating with no Lawful authority, as the Shadow Government, have high jacked the nation, and spend vast Trillion with no Congressional Oversight, and with no visible concerns or visible interest in the carnage they cause to the Domestic US and Global economies. The Pentagon and Agencies Gray Screens are used to generate and cross trade vast, vast, vast Trillions under no Political remit, just to spend and take whatever they need, because they can. As long as this Fiat money funds toys for the Boys, vast Underground complexes, Space programs which have failed, they neither care nor give a damn. 

Unelected, unaccountable- UNNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

Kennedy was bullied by the Brass hats into the disastrous Bay of Pigs fiasco in Cuba. Inept, incompetent Gung Ho desk jockeys with braids and good Ass Kissing medals went off reservation and got sandbagged. They got their asses whipped. How many were fired? None! But the body bags came home. A decade throwing everything at Vietnam, where “Charlie” just dug tunnels, re armed and kept coming. GI’s went mental under pressure, drug taking accelerated, and they used up the supply of young, innocent girls forced into Saigon Prostitution by a voracious, callous and immoral locust hoard of Invaders. Some culture heritage for the poor besieged and brutalised Vietnamese. Their degrading and shameful rape of a nation will live forever. Napalmed, defoliated, poisoned, THAT is the cruel and pernicious nature of the Beast, the Military Industrial Cabal. And what it does to others, it will do to you. They have no national loyalties, or Patriotism. Vietnam sits waiting, decades on, desperate to regain its own economy. SHAME on this immoral, wanton CABAL, the Fed and Treasury this is not a good period in American history.


the "Mere Gook Rule," a code of conduct the US military came up with in order to make it easier for soldiers to murder Vietnamese civilians without feeling too bad about it ("It's only a mere gook you're killing!")

Iraq was driven into a so avoidable second war. Again decades on, having caused the death of yet more millions, their society is in disarray, and economy in ruins. Week after week we obfuscate over Dinar RV’s. Try living there! Bernanke resigns and scuttles off to avoid coming disclosures. Iraq implodes. Where is the Moral integrity and authority of America? We eulogise Democracy, yet practice Dictatorship, leaving only chaos behind as we leave. Did we ever prosecute a successful war? No! When will the impoverished Iraqis and Vietnamese even have a currency they can call their own?

Vast projects are waiting pending, all can make huge contributions to the US and Global economies. Jobs, taxes and suppliers can all get kick started. We can start getting people Off Welfare!

We have to stop being a Puppet of the Israelis and Zionists. We can’t afford more intervention in the Middle East. All we do is destabilize the place. Israel has nuclear weapons to threaten their neighbors with in the hands of a bunch of vicious Kazakhs. So, why not allow Iran to arm as a counterbalance? They will anyway. Israel has NO NATURAL RIGHT OF PRESENCE. Fact!

cancer detection device
Asia is booming, redeveloping for the 21st Century. America stagnates, while this President Vacates. His only contribution to the economy is her shopping trips on the state expense account. They are Classless and clueless. If only he had been Mandela, not this 2 Term Waster.

Even Peanut Jimmie Carter, ex US President, (of a kind) openly states that America has no Democracy, leadership or Constitutional Mandate any more. Law no longer applies, and Morality has left town.

The US now is best researched back to the edicts of the Tri Lateral Commission and its many special appointees in the corridors of power. Men all placed in selected roles to enforce Tri Lateral policies, the creation of their Totalitarian State ideology. There is no true State of the Union agenda any longer as there is no union. America is not united, but exploited. 

Rockefeller and chairman in Berlin

These are very, very, very dangerous times. Madmen rule the Puppets. Venal, dangerous deluded Old Despots have invested a century manipulating power. Always the same Utopian ideal - World rule. Havoc unleashed would create a Global fireball. Inside their deep cover underground bases they will still cook as Pot Roast.

Almost all the evil in our world is unleashed by the Cabal, avaricious Zionist Bankers, Israeli Kazakhs and the Illuminati Vatican predators with their hidden families. All else is containable child’s play. When will their madness end? So many Global tensions caused by greed. The arrogance of a Tribal community naively brainwashed from birth to believe they are the Chosen Ones. Total indoctrination has unleashed a Kazakh world of misfit Vandals. All founded on delusional myths based on lies from Moses upwards.

Yet so much better is possible, and all within reach.

Iraq sits on the world’s second largest Oil and Gas fields. Even now they are producing 3 million barrels a day. Once the Dinars are released, Iraq can produce 10 million barrels a day and quadruple its economy. US Chicanery is devastating their recovery.

There are up to 30,000 Contractors on the ground in Iraq, with huge income for Blackwater, Carlisle, Haliburton and all the Bush/ Cheney Cabal operations working hand in hand with the Agencies and rogue operations to escalate violence and justify ever more boots on the ground for them. Wars and Global tensions are created by treacherous, manipulative despots who thrive on their coerced, rigged profits, while cities decay and society unravels. 

Other nations focus on building our world. The Shadow Government focuses on destroying it. Nation building creates wealth. Imperialism is impossible to maintain.

America can no longer fund and sustain the role of the global Policeman. The costs are too high. Politically adventurism is now over globally. Nations demand freedom not more US Imperialism.

America needs NOW to return to its own base. American boots on US ground rebuilding the nation. Contractors, if needed, on Border Patrols blocking illegals and stopping drug Trafficking.

Instead of filling Cabal coffers by Regime changes and created wars, the US needs to withdraw, rebuild America and head off the Third World deterioration plunge the nation is now in. Use that money for American Schools, Hospitals, Roads, Homes, energy projects, water systems, improved Community Policing. Contractors waste all that money and deny critical homeland needs. There can’t be both. Vast profits head to the Tax Havens. Zero taxes. Trillions have been lost.

excerpt from "Representation Without Taxation, January 2012"

America now needs to restore its own Constitution, or all is lost.
If the Pentagon cannot fight for America, 
why fight at all?


  1. It needs the help of all of you to get this out. Hammer Congressmen, Senators and Governors. Mass blog it. Ask all YOUR friends to send it to at least 10 more each. Wake up our world. We are in this mess together. Cluster F SNAFU is not the way forward. Can we spell it out more clearly? YOUR voice matters. Your anger matters. Then they will fear you.
  2. Neo
    Thank you for the Tri Laterals overview. It will be used and graphically enhanced as events develop. With so many key Opinion Shapers on vacation until September, we need to release it for optimum impact when they are back. It gives us time to interface it to all now developing. Great job, thank you.

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