Sunday, November 30, 2014

If you breath air, you might want to watch this...

Date: Nov 29, 2014 10:49 PM
Subject: If you breath air, you might want to watch this...

This is a short 15-minute video with excerpts from pilots, doctors, scientists, etc., on what chem trails really are and what it is doing to us and our environment.  Have a little cough you have trouble getting rid of, you might just find the answer here.  This was done in Mt. Shasta County with experts from several different areas.  After the testimony, the committee members all voted to expose this by sending letters to CONgress, Fed and State, plus the entire 3 1/2 hr video of the testimony...since we all have to breathe, it is worthwhile watching this short 15-minute rendition...and spread it around.  The faster people really understand what is being sprayed on mankind, the faster we can actually do something to stop it...Laurel
Subject: How did Monsanto know to create aluminum resistant plants?

Pilots, Doctors & Scientists Tell Truth about Chem trails [Excerpts]

Very short and video that MUST be watched NOW by All Americans

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archangel said...

Do we have sinsere defenders of freedom and life itself among our intel orgs both active and retired? Are there the same among our comandoes like seals and green berets? You guys are highly trained to expunge and eliminate toxic people who threaten the well being and lives of everyone. Mission! Indentify the enemies and their leaders and take them out before they take us ALL out. Tyrants do respect death when Joe Black visits them. Money, power and control (PMC) are the only other things they seem to respect. So meet Joe Black, you bastards from hell. Our beautiful children are counting on you.