Tuesday, August 4, 2015

UPDATED 8-4-2015 - WON!!!!! Case in West Virginia that opens door to creating a constitutionally compliant structure, a civil authority that can require the military to ‘stand down’ against ‘We the People’. ~J

WON!!!!! Case in West Virginia that opens door to creating a constitutionally compliant structure, a civil authority that can require the military to ‘stand down’ against ‘We the People’. ~J

Thomas Deegan and two other men
have won a case in West Virginia

that opens the door to creating
a constitutionally compliant structure,
a civil authority

that can require the military to stand down. 

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 
All we need do is support this work and lend our bodies to enforce his efforts. There is too  much information here to attempt to summarize it. I’ve listened to this more than once since the call on Thursday evening, and I’m listening again now.
These patriots are now calling for our support on August 24th in West Virginia, but I’m hoping support will also be very visibly be expressed all over the country.
We’ve all been waiting for this! Listen to the first minutes of this recording, and you will see that what many of us have been working towards has now become reality.

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Much more info at hudok.info
Also, please help this audio go viral. It is a reality that they may attempt to take out some of us who are working on this, but we cannot permit them to put this information back in the can. If we do, it’s all over for humanity.
You are more than welcome to ask questions, have a discussion, and so on. For many, this info will be a ‘first’ — and even for many of us who are already aware it will be mind-blowing, so please be patient with people’s questions as you help them to find the answers.
There is not much time: As Tom says their intention is to kill us all before the end of the year.

The link to copy the recording to your blog, etc.


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Update! 8-4-2015

Hi Freewill,
Here you go; if not the definitive response on the below "Evidence Packet", and it's attendant article, then it's extremely close to it. This is from folk that have gotten 'loose from the irs, from the "property tax" collectors, and from the "ticket"-issuing parties/"armed revenue agents" (police)'. He's a man that honors Scripture/Word of the Father, has never lied to me and I trust what he tells me, as he has done extensive study into all of these things. He's a "resigned from the bar" Texas attorney (see aol link below), of lawful law foremost but, also, his expertise includes other venues of law.
In his 2nd response (included), he alludes to the 'buzz saw' of problems some folks, those ignorant of the legal law, will run into, when attempting to address these things, as was also indicated in the 7/30/15 audio conference call with Thomas.
We, first, have to find ways to stop contracting with these"legal" (not lawful) tur(n)keys. As he states, 'We'll know they're serious about a solution when they stop using "funny money."  Until that happens, they still just don't "get it.".' Funny money is what makes the new whirled order machine go 'round; we must stop using it.  
FYI, I've included these aol links so you can see legal_reality is easily researched. An aol search on legal_reality returns (no surprise here) "no results". pjr
About 2,550,000 results

Web Results

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Sent: 8/4/2015 2:50:38 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: ...Evidence Packet
3 August A.D. 2015  [GMT]

Take everyone of these, every single one of them, with a grain of salt.

The "patriot" community either has never really wanted to solve the problems or has been so compromised by agents provocateur that the "popular" underground info is as polluted as the typical sewer.

That "evidence" has nothing to do with anything.  It's 100% "blame game."  If the problem is "out there," somewhere, rather than with the person we find in the mirror, then the person we find in the mirror is "excused" from the responsibility of fixing the problems.  That is at the heart and soul of the "patriot" community mindset since that line of activity started circa 1950s.

There's not one thing on that list that has prevented "us" (my clients and I) from getting loose from the irs, from the "property tax" collectors, and from the "ticket"-issuing parties/"armed revenue agents" (police).  There's not one thing on that list that compels anyone into any relevant "gotcha agreement" or the understanding of which gets one back out of those same "gotcha agreements."

"Federal" means "federal," as in, "by agreement."


On 2015/08/03 18:19, PJR wrote:

From: legal_reality@earthlink.net
Sent: 8/4/2015 3:02:28 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: UPDATE: WON! Case in West Virginia that opens door to creating a constitutionall
4 August A.D. 2015 [GMT]]

In finding nothing judicial about this, I looked a little more into the matter through these links.

What they're talking about seems very much to be the "redemption" process, which depends on "silence means consent" in the formation of an agreement.

In general, that's the very sort of thing that gets a whole lot of "patriots" all energized, "See it works!" sort of thing, and they'll run headlong into a buzz saw they never saw coming.

First pass (on this initial level of review) -- it's a bunch of "wishing" by people who still have "no clue" what our present legal reality is about (what it is, how it works, and etc.).

We'll know they're serious about a solution when they stop using "funny money."  Until that happens, they still just don't "get it."


On 2015/08/03 17:57, PJR wrote:


houseof harview said...

I must announce that the called for rally scheduled for the 24th of August at the WV capitol grounds in Charleston has been cancelled. Please notify all your contacts of this cancellation. Their website located at: www.hudok.info has once again and allegedly been compromised by the fictional corporate foreign agent occupiers purporting to be the lawful government. It is now time to get off the patriot conference calls, patriot websites, patriot rallies, and patriot demonstrations by turning such activities into plans of action on how to coordinate people to assist in the enforcement of the rulings which will be handed down from their lawful court of record which is under the law of necessity due to the defendant's who are now in default and dishonor while continuing to operate with unclean hands. Please email to: hudok@hudok.com with offers to provide competent assistance in this matter.

Dan said...

Now for what I interpret is that West Virginia had in their Constitution to take action 'By Necessity' which means they did not need to get a major group together to make a vote to pass laws to get ratification, and so on and so on.
Someone did call in and say New Hampshire had a similar case in the 70's that went to their Supreme Court and it was SEALED, so if New Hampshire had the same thing go again as what happened in West Virginia, expediently, then they would I think have to open that other case up, and that is where all 50 States could use the West Virginia case as now it is for ALL 50 and not just one.
So you all need to contact West Virginia on getting the documents set up for your own State, and not even wait till Pope Francis arrives at the UNITED NATIONS, INC. on September 23-25, when ever he shows, as that may be too late.

Anonymous said...

A Whole lot of SOME ONE's will HAVE to use SOCIAL MEDIA ,Also the Friday, Saturday and Sunday gatherings of people !I would, but do not use any of it. If there is a flyer, I definitely would give them out or mail some.

Anonymous said...

where is the ALLEGED case decision-WTF???

Unknown said...

read the filings idiot. then learn what a default and dishonor is.

Anonymous said...

If it is a win, why do Deegan and his friends need a rally at the Capitol Grounds?

Filing paperwork at a court is not a win!

Anonymous said...

The time for talk is over ACTION is the next step in peace and honor!
We The People are the Judge , Jury, Private Private Attorney's Gerneral's, Bounty Hunter's and militia Sovereign empowered by the Supreme Creator to right these wrongs!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Unknown said...


houseof harview said...

The rally has been officially canceled for several days now. How about an un-rebutted affidavit and complaint to the principals of the three (3) branch's of their corporate state government? How about the maxim of law "silence is acquiescence"? If you haven't gone to: www.hudok.info and read these: http://hudok.info/index.php/legal-filings-and-responses/ how can you allege that what they have accomplished is not a win? What have you done to achieve lawful civil authority shy of keyboard tapping or bitch!ng, moaning, & whining about our dire state of the union? Better yet, what will you do to assist in the needed enforcement for justice like right now? I mean after all, you now have the means to right the listing ship laid out for you on a silver platter.

Anonymous said...

They have given the FBI a chance to compare their thumbprints with cold case files. Otherwise they have served up a pile of stinking manure, that will be ignored by its intended targets.

Guild of Tactical Wordsmiths said...

Looks Great!

Keep up the good work;

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Best Regards,


Guild of Tactical Wordsmiths said...

My experience is that any administrative process not carried out through notary presentment is waived aside or ignored;

Something to keep in mind for your future administrative procedures;

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Anonymous said...

I listened to the audio.....reminded me of my involvement in the patriot movement back in 2009-2010 in a similar capacity. Too much ego going on with people talking over one another so difficult to hear. The mistake being made is you have no enforcement. How many times have we seen this? You've won nothing without it. I hate to be Debbie Downer here, but there have been 'other' groups who have attempted similar and gone no where because they didn't secure enforcement BEFORE proceeding forward. Best of luck, I truly mean it, but I don't see this ending well. Most likely you've now landed your names on a list and the FBI will be visiting your house shortly if they haven't already. Unfortunately that's how one get's treated for any good deeds made in the name of 'we the people'.

Dan said...

The people at the Bundy Ranch last year were only there to STOP the removal of the Bundys and enforcing the government on the land to leave.
But I think that if there were high enough people to put their foot down to make the Arrests of the State officials then something would be done, or this could turn the other way for Obama to see and must make an Executive Order for anyone that takes actions like this will be hauled off per the NDAA without anyone really knowing what happened.
A protest of August 24 that was spoken of on the call, which was canceled, can not happen as there just needs to be a gathering by the people on a word of mouth basis to arrive and make the arrests, or otherwise there would be massive amounts of law enforcement as what happened in Ferguson, MO.

houseof harview said...

Dan, BINGO! To Anonymous who posted above Dan at: 12:19 PM. You are correct regarding enforcement and we are calling many of the militias we have contacted to date a bunch of pussies who refuse to engage in a matter that finally offers the lawful foundation needed to do what their, the militia's existence was designed for in the first place. How about you contacting us and offer your assistance in enforcement as opposed to just specifying the lack thereof? You are also correct that the call was a bit wild with speak over fools and after my direct request for future calls to be better control, the recording of last evening's call was much better. Most of us have been on that list you specified for years now however, you must remember, these foreign agent occupiers are the ones that deem the majority of people enemy combatants and we must remember the maxim of law "The laws permit the taking arms against the armed". I mean after all, we sorta kinda out number them by a few, wouldn't you agree? ;-) LAST EVENING"S CONFERENCE CALL HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/3e65n77t9npp2kd/Conference+Call+wi+Thomas+Phil+%26+Gene+8_04_15+64Kbps.mp3

houseof harview said...

May I suggest copying and pasting the link below of the above specified conference call into your browser? The above post was published before I knew HTML links don't work here. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I have no solution for you in regards to enforcement. As you are figuring out, the militia and Oathkeepers aren’t likely going to help in the numbers needed. Additionally the military, which is under the direction of the UNITED NATIONS, won’t come to your aid either. Who’s left? What else can you do? This is what motivated me to find the ultimate answer to our problems. 'The solution' will not be achieved in the manner you are programmed to think is the answer. Now consider my next statement because it's the answer you seek: IF WE DO NOT CHANGE THE ENERGETIC FOUNDATION OF THE REALITY WE ALL EXIST IN, THE HAMSTER WHEEL TO NOWHERE WILL CONTINUE. Think really hard about what I'm saying. You have to step outside the box, outside the matrix to understand my point. Here's my personal quote: "Control the belief systems, control the energy fields." There is much science to support my remarks. If you truly want to understand and step outside the box and solve this once and for all I'm happy to share more... for free... and in greater detail so you understand better. What you are doing is not going to stop the tyranny because it's not dealing with the problem on an energetic level. Let me know the best way to contact you. What I have to share is the only 'solution' and in time more and more will come to understand what I'm attempting to share. Systems will change nothing and if you think they will, show me the science! I'm the founder of one of my states largest patriot groups. I have searched for 'the solution' for many years. I'm confident I have found it.

Anonymous said...

One more thing...if you think what I suggest is hogwash than ask yourself this....why is it that many of the recent seemingly false flag shootings have taken place on the 33rd parallel, a major ley line? Don't the wars in Iraq and Syria fall on the 33rd parallel? Look at Jade Helm...33rd parallel. Where were the notorious Kennedy killings, JFK and Robert? 33rd parallel....Michael Hastings, remember him..... was 33 when he was killed on the 33rd parallel. And where did Jesus die on the the cross for our sins at age 33? Mt. Hermon,.... which just so happens to be located on the 33rd parallel. It's all about energy.....We need to get out of 3D thinking and stop relying on 'systems' to save us. Remember this quote, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

Mediamixer said...

I support this, good luck and God be with you.