Friday, June 24, 2016

CORRECTION: — by Anna von Reitz


We have to put this particular Patriot Myth to bed along with “Sovereign Citizen” nonsense.

The Act of 1871 was repealed three later in 1874.

Hello?  So there is an end to this whole bogus and incorrect read of history.

Another Act in 1877, finalized in 1878, did result in the municipal incorporation of the District of Columbia—- but that was allowed by the original actual Constitution.

See Article I, Section 8, Clause 17.

The United States Congress was given plenary absolute control over running the District of Columbia.  If they wanted to set it up as a municipal corporation they were within their rights to do so.

The Problem is not the incorporation of the DC government –which strictly speaking has nothing to do with us —it is the following deceits and usurpations that were employed by the corporate managers seeking to confuse and defraud the American People via the use of deceptively similar names, undisclosed contracts, and other means of fraud.


jay w said...

TIMEOUT I think we need a timeout here , Anna's entire website up till now , has the organic act of 1871 all over the place , and much of her strategies were based on that , and now a simple short paragraph seems to have changed everything ??

Anonymous said...

You can forget using common sense and real law on this blog. Corporate US is a religion here, and has a cult like following that defies belief. Your point has been shown here many times, and they refuse to read it for themselves. They misapply court cases, even to the point of using quotes that are not even in the cases, to try and uphold this nonsensical belief. I wish you luck, you make too much sense for this blog.

Anonymous said...

just one thing: that act never was repealed...

the only thing those crooks did is repeal the act that affects their legislative districts only (the ones in D.C.) and in BOLD WRITING they left the rest of the law as law of the land.

even their offices were left incorporated, in their separate domiciles it's actually spelled out in bold writing in that law. the only part of that law that was altered at any point was just some code to substitute for their hall of assembly in dc, i.e. a city hall, that has only the meaning of window dressing.

Anonymous said...

Adding to the history of what they've already spoke, the Act of 1871 incorporated all the lesser known districts into official corporations with their own district offices called branches.

If you read the fine print of the actual law they passed, this had the effect of incorporating all lawmaker offices across the entire nation. Key word being nation, not nation state or washington d.c. being the only beneficiary of this ruling.

Because this Act of 1871 was implemented nation wide, it is a full on deceit and it is outright treason by any measure. In a literal sense no one was told this was what it was going to end up doing, but as with the illegal fraud in the courts: absolutely no one rose to stop them either.

Since you publicly announce yourself an expert, tell someone when the actual applied law of 1871 will be repealed. I'm sure they will be waiting until the crickets chirp.

Anonymous said...

Corp. U.S. - the Columbia Organic Act of 1871
15 Historical Facts

Anonymous said...

1871, 1874, 1877, 1878 ... these are all but primers for the future.
the authority of the U.S. ... are more importantly the loss of right of the american people occurred much later ... 1933 ... and continues to this day.
our [currently] reality in american can be boiled down to a mere two statutes;
the Trading With the Enemy Act (1917)
and the Emergency Banking Relief Act (1933); [which modified the TWEA)
Emergency Banking Relief Act, March 9, 1933, Codified as Title 12 USC 95a & b;
and the Trading With the Enemy Act, Title 50 USC App. 5(b)

these TWO "laws" are creating the 'matrix' we (americans) all live in (the government usurpation of power AND our servitude to it/them). you want to change OUR future? ... get those two statutes repealed and our world changes OVERNIGHT.