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U.N. military vehicles on Virginia interstate

U.N. military vehicles on Virginia interstate

'Tactical vehicles with bulletproof glass? What ever could those be for?'

Bloggers were quick to point out the curiosity of U.N. trucks being transported on U.S. highways


Cheryl Chumley
June 26 2016 

Bloggers were quick to point out the curiosity of U.N. trucks being transported on U.S. highways. The sight of trucks bearing the United Nations logo being carted on Virginia’s highways has set some Internet bloggers asking why – but as one interested reader posted in the comment section of a story about the curious observance: These trucks are made in America and need to be transported for shipment to U.S. sea ports.
But first, the story. In a piece entitled, “UN military vehicles seen rolling down Virginia interstate,” American Mirror writer Olaf Ekberg asked: “What were United Nations vehicles doing in Virginia! … That’s what motorists were left to wonder when they saw UN tactical vehicles – with bulletproof glass – on a flatbed truck and rolling down Interstate 81.”

A Facebook user named Jeff Stern posted several photographs of the scene alongside a brief statement that read, “Can’t begin to tell you how many of these I passed today on 81 near Lexington, VA. Interesting times ahead!”

And from there, readers of Stern’s post expressed concern as well. “Tactical Vehicles, with bullet proof glass? What ever could those be for, and why are UN vehicles here in THIS country?!” wrote Fernando Johnson, the American Mirror reported.

Another Facebook reader, Vincent Simmons, also noted, “They are sealed against gas, too.”

And this isn’t the first time U.N. vehicles have been sighted on America’s roads.

In June of 2015, Tim Brown with the blog site Freedom Outpost wrote:: “There are a lot of stories that are reported about United Nations vehicles being transported on U.S. highways. The latest comes by way of video footage that shows U.N. trucks that seem to be attempting to hide their logo as they are transported on a U.S. highway in Northern Louisiana. The trucks appear to be brand new U.N. medical trucks, as identified with red crosses.”

The site then goes on to report how the brown paper covering the trucks had blown off on one side, revealing the U.N. logo. And on that, Brown wrote: “The question I have is, why cover up the U.N. logo? It certainly isn’t to protect it. After all, there is no covering over the red crosses that adorn the sides and rear of the vehicles.”

A year earlier, in June of 2014, the blog America’s Freedom Fighters posted a story entitled, “Why are U.N. trucks, tanks and MRAPs seen all over the U.S.A.,” by writer Dean James, that opened: “Okay, Patriots, we aren’t exactly a ‘conspiracy’ site as you may have noticed but I can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on here. … I mean, we have U.N. vehicles being shipped on U.S. highways. One has to wonder why?"

But the explanation could be as simple as a look at U.S. manufacturing.

As one alert reader to the American Mirror report noted in the comments section beneath the story, the U.N. trucks are actually built in the U.S.

“They’re built at the BAE Systems plant in York, PA,” a poster named Bobby Elrod said. “From there they are carried down to I-91 to I-77, and then I-95 towards the port of Savannah to be shipped overseas.”

Brown himself acknowledged as much in his Freedom Outpost blog entry.

“While I am aware that America does produce a lot of trucks that are shipped all over the world and this may be just such an incident,” he wrote, of the 2015 sightings of U.N. trucks on roadways in Louisiana, “it is concerning to see that the U.N. logos are covered with brown paper. However, it is one that appears to have been peeled back due to wind or possibly human error that reveals the logo.”

But at least one other claimed to have seen troops dressed in combat gear, along with the trucks – though that reported sighting is far from confirmed.

As the Daily Mail noted, Bobby Wayne Guinn said in a Facebook post that he’s seen the trucks in Texas and that he was “wondering why 30 United Nations vehicles, fully loaded with combat-prepared troops, were driving down our highway in Dallas, Texas.”

Following his post, the website Liberty asked, in a post that was undated but contained several pictures of U.N. vehicles being driven rather than transported: “Are these U.N. troops here preparing for economic collapse in America? Is this related to Iran ships approaching the U.S. border?”

But a good portion of the information dealing with U.N. presence in the United States is unsubstantiated.

Some readers, for instance, say the U.N. has been using America’s military bases for training grounds for years; others say the photos and stories of U.N. sightings in the United States aren’t always dated or confirmed, and should therefore be relegated to conspiracy status.

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The law of 1952 that could keep the Muslims from coming into our country should apply to the U.N. also.

The U.N. is looking to overthrow our Government and all the governments of the world. We need to kick them out of the U.S.A. as well.

Freewill said...

A paint can of thermite will fix those armored trucks....