Tuesday, April 11, 2017

ALERT! North Korean Sub Ready To Attack US

Russia  Warns  North  Korean  Sub  Ready To  Attack  US,  Orders  Northern  Fleet  To Sea

A fearful Ministry of Defense (MoD) emergency action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today says that President Putin has ordered the Northern Fleet to its highest wartime footing after confirmation was received that a North Korean submarine, believed to be nuclear armed, is currently being chased in the Pacific Ocean waters off the Western Coast on the United States—and whose orders to unleash an attack upon America were broadcast in coded messages by Pyongyang Radio less than 24 hours ago.

According to this bulletin, at 00:00 (midnight) (GMT+8:30) local time, Pyongyang Radio began broadcasting to its “members of the remote education university” a massive series of mysterious random numbers—with MoD intelligence experts noting that this broadcast coincided with all known North Korean submarines currently active in the Pacific Ocean region suddenly undertaking combat evasive actions.

Within 6 hours of this North Korean broadcast occurring the MoD reported that US and Canadian anti-submarine warplanes were rapidly converging off the coast of California—with the Pentagon refusing to inform their Federation counterparts as to what was exactly occurring. 

Multiple low-flying aircraft, including a Navy EP-3E Aries II which is used for electronic surveillance, a Navy P-3C Orion, which is used for submarine spotting, and a Boeing P-8 Poseidon used for anti-submarine warfare off California.

Within 1 hour of these US and Canadian anti-submarine warplanes converging over the Pacific Ocean waters off the coast of California, China’s People's Liberation Army (PLA) ordered an emergency deployment of 150,000 troops to its common border with North Korea—and 2 hours later ordered nearly a dozen North Korean ships carrying coal to immediately leave Chinese waters and return to their port of origin.

Critical to note about China’s ordering these North Korean coal ships to leave their waters and return home is that China was fulfilling its 24 February threat to cut off all coal purchases from North Korea—that totaled $1.2 billion last year and represents about one third of North Korea’s total export income.
Immediately following these events the North Korean Foreign Ministry then issued a war statement against the American’s saying: “We will hold the U.S. wholly accountable for the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by its outrageous actions”.

With war now seeming to be unavoidable the greatest MoD fears revolve around the new and mysterious believed to be Sinpo-class submarines North Korea has been mass producing since at least 2014 that are capable of launching nuclear armed ballistic missiles.

Close-up view of the newly identified North Korean Sinpo
67-meter class submarine, 24 July 2014 

North Korean war doctrine, this bulletin explains, involve its inflicting massive casualties upon its American, South Korean and Japanese enemies while at the same time it protects its regimes political and military leaders in what has become one the largest underground tunnel systems in the world numbering between 6,000-8,000 and that can flood South Korea with over 30,000 North Korean troops within hours of an outbreak in hostilities.

With US Defense Secretary General James “Mad Dog” Mattis having stated just weeks ago that North Korea would face an “effective and overwhelming” military response from America and its allies should it use its nuclear weapons, this bulletin warns, not being fully understood by the West is that North Korea is not only prepared for such an attack, it believes that the millions of civilian casualties it can inflict will force these Western powers into defeat as China will never allow these forces to go north of the 38th Parallel.

The MoD’s grave concern of the two Russian serviceman killed just hours ago in Syria by what is believed to be Islamic State terrorist artillery fire—but that if the investigation implicates the US in any way, the Americans will have more to worry about than North Korea alone.

April 11, 2017
Sorcha Faal


Anonymous said...

Russia warns us! China sets up on the border! Aerial surveliance of the U.S. Pacific coast. Only one line in here about Russia and a Syria incident... WOW! We, as a people of the world have achieved a common goal! Please, lets not "F" this up as we need true Peace and may "God" bring blessings on our world!

Olive Oyl said...

There are more things going on in this world than just Syria, though Syria is serious enough. But Russia, China, North Korea are just as important - if not more so - and it is critically important that Americans become and remain informed about all of them. Just because Syria was not mentioned in this article does not negate its importance.

Anonymous said...

I agree and second your opinion.

jay w said...

we as americans have done nothing to stop the only known terrorists on this planet .......The United States of America and all of its subsidiary corporations , this means that other countries will have to stop them , we as americans have declared ourselves as helpless victims of the only known terrorists on this planet .......The United States of America........because of our failure to do something , anything..........The rest of the world will have to do it...........DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEANS ??????? The german people did not understand that either in the prior century ...........

Olive Oyl said...

Jay - agree with you totally.

Olive Oyl said...

Working on this blog I have the opportunity to review comments from various readers. There appears to be two primary groups of readers who make their opinions known. First is the one small group which appears mostly uninformed, close minded, biased, at times the language used is not acceptable for print, and some would even condemn our posting an article by certain sources or dates of former publication. The second group is comprised of those who seem to be well informed, who apparently do allot of reading, researching, fact checking, and who appear to be more open minded - willing to consider opinions regardless of sources and earlier posting dates. They are able to adequately express their opinions and do so with acceptable language. With their informed well written comments and their recommendations for articles and video reports, the latter are those who are the movers and shakers of our NESARA blog! These are the ones who help ALL of us to grow. With sincere appreciation to all our readers…………

Anonymous said...

Dr Pieczenik Warns Trump, Mathis and McMaster About Going to War in Syria -- www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgrua74fA50

Olive Oyl said...

Thank you for the suggestion! Posted on the blog! Blessings!