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Marines coming to the rescue of the people - Gotta Love Them!

#OccupyWallStreet - 'The Marines are Coming to PROTECT the Protestors'

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by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

#OccupyWallStreet - "The Marines are Coming to Wall Street to PROTECT the Protestors' | in5d Alternative News | |October 1, 2011 - TAMPA, FL - The Occupy Wall Street movement may have just received an unexpected surprise – United States Army and Marine troops are reportedly on their way to various protest locations to support the movement and to protect the protesters.
Army serviceman  Ward  Reilly posted the following on Facebook:
“I'm heading up there tonight in my dress blues. So far, 15 of my fellow marine buddies are meeting me there, also in Uniform.

I want to send the following message to Wall St and Congress:
I didn't fight for Wall St. I fought for America. Now it's Congress' turn.

My true hope, though, is that we Veterans can act as first line of defense between the police and the protester. If they want to get to some protesters so they can mace them, they will have to get through the Fucking Marine Corps first. Let's see a cop mace a bunch of decorated war vets.

I apologize now for typos and errors. Typing this on iPhone whilst heading to NYC. We can organize once we're there. That's what we do best.If you see someone in uniform, gather together.

#OccupyWallStreet - "The Marines are Coming to Wall Street to PROTECT the Protestors' | in5d Alternative News | |A formation will be held tonight at 10PM.

We all took an oath to uphold, protect and defend the constitution of this country. That's what we will be doing.

Hope to see you there!!”
Reilly added, “Please note...this is from another veteran, NOT ME. (I was Army, he's a Marine)...and I am on my way to DC, not NYC. :>) ....but this is fantastic, and he's not a VFP guy....just a soldier that is outraged by what we have become in this country, as it should be.
Occupy Washington, DC link
“A LOT of veterans get it,” Reilly stated.  “Only one third of one percent of our citizens serve in the military, and we are the ones who sacrifice MUCH, and all we ask in return is that civilians control the people they elect. (miserable failure so far) But ...the image of police, or anyone else, pepper spraying veterans or even confronting them, is "priceless" as they say, and will help slap this country into seeing what we have become.(totally insane, politically and police-state-wise). And EXACTLY what I have requested from my brother and sister veterans in DC Oct.6.”
This could be the defining moment that sends the Occupy Wall Street movement into perpetual motion.
In this writer's opinion, these servicemen, and any other troops who join in, are heroes, just like the everyday heroes who have been there from day 1 along with those who are now joining in.

#OccupyWallStreet - 'The Marines are Coming to PROTECT the Protestors'  | in5d Alternative News | |JP Morgan Lobbying for Support?

In related news, JP Morgan recently donated the largest gift in their history of $4.6 million to the NYPD. New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly sent CEO and Chairman Jamie Dimon a note expressing "profound gratitude" for the company's donation.
Let's go back in history. In 1893, bankster JP Morgan funded Tesla's free energy device. When Morgan found out that there was no way of charging people for it, he suppressed this technology. Shortly afterwards, Morgan became one of the founding fathers of the Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme. The corruption between JP Morgan, the individual and JP Morgan, the corporation, is undivided.
For a GLOBAL list of Occupy Wall Street protests, check out Occupy Together - A Global Occupation Movement
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ntmag1 said...

This type of support is needed NATIONWIDE, I ask all the men & women in uniform to stand with us in each state, county, city & town to organize protest in front of every bank in AMERICA. Who's in?

Anonymous said...

THE ENTIRE GOV'T BOTH ABOVE and UNDER WASHINGTON D.C. UNCOVER IT from all the camofloge and all you'll find is the stink from the corruption.We fought for God and country NOT GOD and Marxsism

R.E.S. USMC RET. vietnam era

Anonymous said...

Why just Wall Street,why not IRS,FEDERAL RESERVE,
UST,CIA,PATRIOT ACT ALL of DC above and below ground.When you uncover all those unknown gov't
depts of ??? you will smell the stink from all the corruption.I joined the MARINES for GOD and COUNTRY NOT GOD and MARXISM, smokin60s USMC RET.
vietnam era

Anonymous said...

Occupy Washington, DC link:
Occupy Together -A Global Occupation Movement:
*** Related Articles: Over 100 NYPD Officers Refuse to Work, in Support of Occupy Wall Street Movement. #OccupyWallStreet - What the Cops Are Really Saying Behind Our Backs For More *** ////
Occupy Wall Street 9 20 2011 The "Occupation" is LEGAL. … 320 vues/views of this video
Ajoutée par /added by cambell1308 le1 oct.2011 The Protests are starting in the USA and Big Brother is not happy. Please support our protesters, and end this Elite run system, once and for all.
from : 1:20min
next is : ..

Anonymous said...

You can watch the live feed of Wall Street, HERE: * SEE LINK: ///
Wall Street Protests Spreading To Other States Like Wildfires! Media Fails To Cover It! Posted By: Jordon [Send E-Mail] Date: Sat, 1-Oct-2011 20:09:23 Americans are standing up for what’s right and the mainstream media fails to cover it. There have been major protests and police brutalities over the last week in NYC as angry citizens peacefully protest the criminal bankers. The movement has now spread like wildfire to other places, including California.
An excerpt from the International Business Times reads; Their goal was this: ‘Move in’ and Occupy Wall Street for a little bit, flood lower Manhattan with peaceful protestors and fill it with bedding and kitchens and demonstration signs. Their motive was to show that ‘We the 99% are fed up with the greed and corruption of the 1%.” The impetus propelling them forward is a disdain for corporate greed, repeated bail outs, tax breaks for the 1 percent, terrible government policy, and the corruption of the Federal Reserve. Initially, the call was for 20,000 people to descend onto Wall Street and occupy it for an indeterminable amount of time, but while there are significantly less than 20,000 in New York, Occupy offshoots have begun to spring up across the country. Nearly 200 San Franciscans surrounded the Bank of America building in the center of the Financial District Thursday afternoon, rallying against the aforementioned bank bailouts, and yelling “Why is life a bitch? Cause we don’t tax the rich!”
Could this be the spark that starts a revolution in America? Occupy Boston 9/30/11 - Protest at Federal Reserve Bank of Boston ...vid..
Occupy Wall Street - San Francisco - Sept. 29th, 2011 ..vid...
Articles In This Thread:
Personal Account: "Wall Street Ground Zero" from on-the-ground, Researcher/ Astrologer Robert Phoenix (views: 901) aqua -- Saturday, 1-Oct-2011 15:48:13 000 The LIVE FEED, *mentioned in above Post* IS MESMERIZING! --- *NM* (views: 543) aqua -- Saturday, 1-Oct-2011 16:00:22
Reader C: "It's emotional ... Goodness Be With Them" *NM* (views: 138) aqua -- Saturday, 1-Oct-2011 16:11:23 000 Reader JC: "Scarroo the MainStreamMedia News!" *NM* (views: 150)
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#OccupyWallStreet - 'The Marines are Coming to PROTECT the Protestors' (views: 907) Jordon -- Saturday, 1-Oct-2011 16:41:30 000 Wall Street Protests Spreading To Other States Like Wildfires! Media Fails To Cover It! (views: 256) Jordon -- Saturday, 1-Oct-2011 20:09:23
*Sounds* Like The First Fifteen Marines Made It There! --- People Giving Them Love --- *NM* (views: 209) aqua -- Saturday, 1-Oct-2011 21:08:01;read=217122 ..

Anonymous said...

Wall Street Ground Zero, A Personal View, Massive Cardinal T-Square Off In Action. Posted by: admin in 2011, Astrology, Awakening Dreamers, Cosmic Heroes, Pluto In Capricorn, Saturn In Libra, Uranus in Aries. /America in contrast./ I was at Ground Zero on Wall Street yesterday./sept28th/. Though it might be a bit pre-mature, I felt like I was witness to history in the making. In a square, not far from where “The One World Trade Center” is erupting into the sky, a ragtag group of old and young, left and right, black, white and variant shades in between were assembling into some sort of vastly intelligent and hyper-cooperative entity. I was struck by the raw, primal, tribal, yet highly cordial immediacy of it. At the center of it all was a space carved out for speakers to address the crowd. They would say a line and the entire crowd would repeat it, word for word, so that everyone could hear what was being said without amplification. This method of conscious mimicry arose when early on, as dissenters and agent provocateurs began heckling and shouting down the speakers. The crowd simply responded by creating a conduit of voices to speak over them. The event hackers have since dispersed. In just eleven days, a tent city (without tents) has sprouted up from the cracks. The food situation has evolved from pyramids of peanut butter jars, to a full blown kitchen, feeding and supporting the crowd. They now have their own media center and a live feed of the event, (not covered by the mainstream news) which can be witnessed, 24/7. The call and response to the outside world has been revelatory at times. Word goes out over Twitter or the live feed channel that people are hungry and within 20 minutes pizzas magically manifest. Drummers bang out a steady beat on the periphery of the square.
... Pluto in Capricorn, is the rise of the corporatocracy. Its TARP. Its the dismal and likely scandalous failure of Solyndra, the abandoned love child of the Obama administration, now being subpoenaed and combed over by by investigators. Its the unholy fusion of big business and big government. Its “The Beast.” The pressure on Pluto in Capricorn is being exerted from the wings, bearing down on it, forcing to react like a senseless machine. Anthony Bologna, a NYPD sergeant detective was caught on video sadistically macing an unsuspecting and non-confrontational woman. This might be the squirt, heard round the world.
Within 24 hours, Anonymous had posted every detail about Bologna’s life, including his kids, their schools, etc.. I’m not sure how I feel about this. We take zealous umbrage when the all-seeing-eye invades our privacy, are we not a lesser version when we do the same to a psychopathic pawn in the game? ... But the amazing thing is, is that this isn’t just money and the economy people are TALKING about, in real time, face-to-face fashion, they’re breaking down Monsanto, GMOs, 9/11, endless war, homelessness, its all on the table, or rather on the square. America seems to be finally waking up from a long, extended state of collective somnambulance. Its awkward and in its own way, uniquely American. ... The sacred music is the relentless yet loving heartbeat of the mother, beaten on plastic buckets, and exotic drums. I was just there and I gotta tell you, I felt the holy spirit. You can watch the live feed of Wall Street, HERE: //
*** 10cc Wall Street Shuffle Live Scheveningen
4 803views, added by Minestrone10cc le 26avril/APRIL 2009. Live on the beach in Holland in 1993. Great, tight performance and a good vibe all around... as it should be. Thx to FGr and 'Donkie' FROM: 4:26min
also ***
This entry was posted on Thursday, September 29th, 2011 at 12:23 pm ..

Anonymous said...

Armed Forces veterans won't hack it. We need active military. If you look at the videos of the protests today, there are plenty of active military backing up the police. I've got a bad feeling we're going to see another Kent State before this is over.

ntmag1 said...

The reason I suggested every bank in america is because the banks are the public face of all the other agencies mentioned above. Another reason for just the banks in every STATE,COUNTY & TOWNS local news does not need to get the national news feeds from the controlled media new feeds network. News is controlled on a national level when focused just on the IRS, FED Reserve,etc.... Local news nationwide is a far bigger story that truly reflects the mood of the nation as a WHOLE. This way everyone can see what is going on nationwide. Thank you for reading.


BigBillie01 said...

If this is ON then Glory Be there is a Santa Claus.
Can I believe this - Man, I want like all the wishes in a life time for this to be true.
For all the Lies, Cheating, Corruption , Deceit that come out of the system we are to witness the Carvery arriving at the nick of time.

God Bless America and God Bless these Guys.