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Another Message from the Galactic Federation 12/22/11 by Greg Giles

Subj: Another Message from the Galactic Federation 12/22/11 by Greg Giles
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Another Message from the Galactic Federation 12/22/11 by Greg Giles
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Date: Friday, 23-Dec-2011 19:03:08

Message from the Galactic Federation 12/22/11
Hello beloveds, we are not here to discuss today ascension, but instead, your world and what is transpiring behind the scenes. Unreported and uninvestigated by your news media is a battle that rages on between the dark and the forces of light. This battle is taking place in space around your planet. We are very happy to report that we, the Galactic Federation of Light, are winning this battle. We also wish you to know that the safety of humanity is our primary concern. We have many safeguards between you and our battle with the forces of darkness and we make great efforts to see to it that this battle does not interfere with humanity’s ascension. Although our attempt to rid this world and many others of this negative threat has been quite arduous at times, we have seen a steady and commanding advancement in our agenda to restore all worlds to their pristine conditions of love and light. Due to certain matters of intelligence and the need to maintain secrecy of particular areas of our campaign, much cannot be shared with you in regards to the total number of our ships versus their ships and of particular vectors that have been cleared of negative forces. Please know that the light will emerge victorious.
There is no reason whatsoever to feel fear of any kind when reading this message from us. We simply feel it is time more of you understood what is going on in your world around you and why a mass first contact has been discussed for so long but has yet to materialize. The forces of darkness have many interstellar spacecraft capable of implementing much damage, all paid for through black budget programs that fleeced the human population out of their hard-earned money. Advanced technologies have been shared with the cabal’s military by negative ET groups who also had a vested interest in imprisoning humanity for their own purposes. Be advised that we would never allow any of the plans of the dark or any negative ET group to reach fruition. This communication is not intended to instill fear, quite the contrary, as now that you are more aware of why a first contact with us, the forces of light, has not yet taken place, the shadows of doubt that this meeting will take place will disappear as the light of hope is once again ignited in the minds of many of you who have grown somewhat pessimistic about our promises of your future. Keep the faith dear ones. We are winning the battle. We will emerge victorious. Victory shall be ours, and victory shall be yours. Humanity will soon be free. The dark is losing ground steadily on a daily basis. The end is in sight.
There are mine fields across many square miles of your planet. The removal of them is one of the tasks we will undertake when we are safe to make an open first contact with you. The removal of millions of these dangerous weapons is a task that will be done mutually between us, the Galactic Federation, and you, the citizenry of Planet Earth. It will be that in removing these objects from your soil our ships will be required to approach ground level, and it will be clear to all that we are in fact here and also that our intentions are to help repair the damage that has been done to your world. Many tasks such as these will be undertaken in the days ahead, and like we have said, much work must be done to return your world to the condition it was in before humanity, as well as other extraterrestrial races, began to inflict harm upon her.
Many of you will be working directly alongside of us on our joint effort, and this will mean that you will meet us face to face in the coming days to break the ice and get to know each other a little better while we discuss your new career choices and opportunities. We feel many of you will be very excited to begin working with us, and we are looking forward to our new partnership. There are many opportunities such as this available as space is quite large and there is always much work to be done to restore planets to their natural pristine condition, but this work begins first at home, just as a soul is well advised to begin the healing process within themselves before they undertake the task of helping to heal others. As above, so below.
We will make our first presentations to you, our human family, very soon. The dark is losing ground and in retreat in some vital areas. We will not wait long before we make an official and public contact with you after the last of the cabal’s military forces are rounded up and removed from this quadrant of space. This is the procedure we have been undertaking for quite some time, and we will not slow our mission until it is successfully accomplished. This day is drawing very near. We will be with you soon. Until then, be well, remain hopeful. Your liberation from these dark Masters is at hand.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles
Ascension Earth 2012

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