Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Blessed New Year To All - Intel on RV & PP

Happy, Blessed and Prosperous New Year of 2012 to you all. 

Intel Dinar RV

Our deep intel sources and moles deep down the rabbit holes have all been 'technicians' and not accustomed to deceits and lies of the dark cabal.

We (Our confidential intel group) have been informed the Dinar RV was going to Pop a few weeks ago. Dark Cabal blocked it again, Timmie boy up to his tricks again.

It has been blocked by the dark cabal until now. Some of the methods used have compromised bankers, compromised programs managers, hidden software to misdirect the funds and etc. 

Strongly suggest Bank Of Scotland to be avoided!

Another late developing factor is the protocol directive that the banking system must be safe and honorable before the RV. The tardiness of the RV till 2012 is to ensure the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS will not have access to your Dinar Cash-In funds. These private entities shall be going down in 2012 and there powers have already been removed. In short - no IRS for individuals.

Those dinar gurus talking about taxes and etc. --- whatever you decide in a few weeks!

Iraq already announced the RV in a mosque yesterday morning. 

THE WORLD DINAR CASH IN (Allowing for no Dark Cabal 

Blockage) WILL be Tuesday morning 9:00 am EST. Expect a HIGH INITIAL RATE!




Have gone out and are going out. 
The holdup and intel lies & deceits originate from the Dark Cabal. We including me, folks have been played big time. The messengers have also been played. Be glad when this roller coaster ride ends. 

Total PP letters is approx 330,000 and they have been going out at approx 10,000 a day. Delivery is done very carefully by bank courier. A courier from your designated private bank will be hand delivering a registered letter. When you sign for it -- you are under a very strict & tight Non-Disclosure. One word to anyone and you lose it all!

The letter is merely a bank appointment notification letter. 

An ATM card with 80K on it awaits you at the bank after you go through an intensive 2+hrs review of the Program(s). How much funds are in each participant's assignment. I drop the phone when I first heard it! 


I have been Blessed and Honored to meet some beautiful souls in this grand adventure. From Nesara, Restore America and The Lightworkers. The primary purpose of all these Blessings at this time is to reset the world, to restore your freedoms and happiness. 

As several gurus have said ---Pay it forward. Remember those in need like yourselves now.

It also interesting to note the contributions of several wonderful souls.

Poofness - Thankyou for your guidance and messages.
Fulford - Your intel is awesome - Thankyou

They have held true while the ghost has lost all credibility.

GOD Bless You And Yours,

John MacHaffie   HIS humble servant


Anonymous said...

Hi John,
Thank you for this announcement. It has been a long time in you have indicated.
Does this PP include for people in the Dire straits program....and does NESARA follow with an announcement?
May our Creator bless you and your workers for making this possible....we are almost there in the turn around of our existance!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome news, John.

Thank you for everything you have done.

Glad you've finally seen the light about "the ghost".

I exchanged several e-mails with Christopher Story over a two and half year period.

The kindest thing he ever said about "the ghost" was "His stuff is largely confused disinfo."

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you God!!!! May we all be blessed with every good and perfect gift this 2012!

And thank you John and Poof and Fulford!

Anonymous said...

2012 the year of real change!
It's going to be a ride!
God bless and be well!

Anonymous said...

That good news, Praise the Lord. I have questions. You mention PP and Dinar.what about TGate Greenlighter, our they in the pay out group for letter as well.

fedup said...

I have mostly operated behind the scene. It is amazing how news pass from one lightworker to another. All in all, we have a job to do, and getting this job done is not in our power; it is the power of Almighty God who can operate in the open while keeping others blind.

I pray without ceasing...

Anonymous said...

Yes....ANY information on Greenlight or treasury gate would be most helpful. After the Department Of Justice demise of our beneficent leader, we get NOTHING of intel. God help us all that this should come to a fruitful end for Greenlight, because the Department Of Justice and those who prosecuted will have theirs coming. A strenuous pursuit of the misadjudication will be pursued and amen.

Anonymous said...

any news on freedom club????????

ymp135 said...

Wow! I am a liitle confused only 330,000 letters going out? Who gets these and why them specifically? I fear I have missed something pretty important here or misunderstood.

in any case the road must feel less bumpy now. take a deep breath! job well done. Ben must feel a much lighter man after this as well. love and light

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year John

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work and has given us Hope..People don't realize Hope keeps things going positve

Anonymous said...

check this out....

nct said...

Hello John,

Can you tell me who Fulford is, and where I can read the "intel" you said he has provided? I get Poof's stuff, but never heard of Fulford.


Anonymous said...

Benjamin a search on YouTube

Anonymous said...

It would be easier for a Camel to get thru a eye of a needle than for a RICH man to get into heaven. This is not a blessing from God, the bible teaches about his kingdom. I don't care what is said, as long as you claim this is a blessing from God and keep miss leading people it will never happen. This is an investment we all made, people have suffer enough. It will happen when it heppen. Promise all you want to the poor and the churches it will not gain you any closer to everlasting life. God would not have no part of people losing their homes, spending their last. Keep it real and if you are going to use God. Pray he do not hold you accountable for misleading his sheep's. THIS IS A BUSINESS DEAL ONLY.

John MacHaffie said...

anon 1:38 --- you have your right to your biased opinion. It is obvious where your negativity comes from. Suggest you browse through some of the numerous articles on this blog. Do you homework and then come back maybe. Or perhaps the truth of awareness is too much for you.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! This is what we have been waiting for! This is because of The White Knights! Thank you all!!!!!

Anonymous said...

By 1/07/2012 the truth will have be here.
John please post this, Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Its Tuesday, John have you heard from your friend ? If 10000 packages were sent out per day. Some one would have said something by now. Its time to publicly apologize for this misinformation.
please publish.

John MacHaffie said...

Per Anon 12:31 --- You should apologize for lack of a brain, sonny! These packages have a very tight Non-Disclosure --- read the posting again. We don't expect a confirmation from anyone on these deliveries.

Ain't no misinformation, sonny.

Anonymous said...

It has been 25 days and nothing. Way to spend some yarns...

Anonymous said...

If everyone has been paid, why didn't Greenlight get paid?

Sally Bates said...

Who all get's these funds? How do I find this out? Do I? I'm 62, living on foodstamps and praying I can pay my rent this next month... any hope here?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it's ever going to happen ?