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Date: Friday, 23-Dec-2011 18:47:22

By CM thru Candace
Dec 22, 2011
Merry CHRISTmas!
I know how much that bugs you so I threw it in for good measure.
Our Earth Allies, aided by the Agarthans and some others of our Lighted Federation of Star Nations, are busy tying up loose ends, meaning you, and some of you might find yourselves literally tied up facing several weapons, a pen and papers for you to sign.
Let Me make one thing perfectly clear. WE don’t need you to sign the papers. WE can go ahead without you at this point. WE hold jurisdiction over this planet and the entire system, not to mention the rest of this universe, which is MY creation.
Ye ones seek to ‘be like Mike’ and create your own world and then a whole entire universe in your image. Ye have not the means to do so nor would such a thing ever be allowed. Yet you cling to this dream, for you have made it your reason and purpose in life. It is an empty and hollow life that seeks its own destruction, for that is the only outcome that you will experience if you continue to insist upon clinging to such megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur. Ye ones will not be the gods of this or any other universe. Ye have failed to develop the spiritual values necessary to earn the right to progress upon that path.
If you’re going to dig one hole, then dig two. You know full well the meaning of this and yet you fail to understand that both of these holes are for you and that you have dug them yourselves.
Much as your national or federal governments claim to supersede the laws of your states or localities, so do WE. It is with this in mind and with the full backing of universal, superuniversal and grand universal federations and councils, that WE do therefore, now move to enforce OUR RIGHT to govern and advise as WE see fit and to remove ye ones, by any means necessary and as WE see fit to do so, from this planet entirely. Whether you sign the papers or not changes nothing in this regard. WE are simply allowing our Earth Allies the time and opportunity to make as much headway as possible for the sake of the planet and humanity.
We know your plans and fully expect you to go ahead with them and so WE have decided to act irregardless of your actions as WE see fit to do so, having all rights and powers on Earth as well as the heavens. WE can do this and WE are doing it and that is that.
Sign the papers for your own sakes and for the sake of all involved. If that does not suit you, even to doing what is in your own best interest as beings that still hold a possibility of survival, then so be it and the full measure of it shall be upon your heads. Ye ones took the weight of this measure upon yourselves thousands of years ago and ye have never tried even once to remove it from your heads. So upon your heads shall the reckoning of it be.
You may sign or not sign. It will benefit you to sign. It benefits Us in no way since WE act above and beyond you in more ways than you can imagine or comprehend.
WE have signed our own papers, so to speak and WE have promises to keep and they will be kept in a timely manner whether ye ones believe or not. By now, all means of escape for you have been blocked or removed and the truth now stands before you in all its glorious reality. Ye ones may choose or not choose to go quietly into the Light. Rest assured that it is the last and only choice you will be able to make concerning your fate until you are given the choice of survival or uncreation in adjudication before the heavenly councils and Divine Seat of Judgment.
Until that time, I bid thee adieu and Merry CHRISTmas!
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If this has anything to do with me I am not signing any shit away to my own creation. I know universal universe laws, I have to be consciously awake without any form of mind control on me, that means hypnosis is out of bounds! I can not have pre-scripted things given to me. It can not be an earthly contract and has to be fully explained. I am glad I was able to reform Yaldabaoth, and now I am no longer obligated to destroy my own creation. Asta La Vista baby now I am going back to my own universe with Cthulhu and co. Any attempt to hinder us is an act of war, and I will be tempted to go back in time and stop you from ever being created.