Saturday, December 24, 2011

Will You Embrace Your Destiny?


December 23, 2011
A word from the father’s heart to yours: Will You Embrace Your Destiny?
“I have called you to the nations* to a destiny and I am asking you now, Will you embrace your destiny?

“This is a time of new beginnings and you are called for such a time as this. Know that you were chosen to be in this day and in this time. There is a vast cloud of witnesses who beckon you to move forward in the power of My Resurrected Son.

“Do not come to Me with your list of all your inadequacies and tell Me why you are unable to line up your will with Mine. I already know you are unable and that is precisely why I called you! You must know that what is impossible with man is possible with Me. I Am that I Am! I Am sufficient for all you need. Do not say any longer that you are unable. That, dear child, has already been established!

“Will you will lay everything down and pick up your mantle, continually wear it, and go where I send you? I will give you everything you need when you need it if you will obey My promptings. As you obey, the provision you need will already be waiting for you on My path, so do not look at what you do not have as you begin to step out in your destiny. Have faith and know that I will provide for you. Shed the garment of doubt and clothe yourself in My mantle.

“Will you honor Me by quickly coming into agreement with Me when I ask you to do something? Know that I start with small things. As you comply with My Spirit in the small things, I can move you into the bigger purpose that I have. Do not despise small beginnings, dear one. I start there with everyone. Even Jesus had small beginnings.

“I have called you to a destiny; will you embrace your destiny?”

You ARE More Than A Conqueror!

“Will you honor Me by looking at what I can do instead of what you can do?

“Beware of the spirit of fear and timidity. Will you embrace the call on your life or not? If you embrace fear you cannot also embrace your destiny of faith in Me. When you embrace fear you are proclaiming that I am not faithful! You may not realize this is what you are doing, but it is. Faith cannot exist where fear resides. You must exterminate fear. My love fights fear! My love conquers fear! I set before you a choice. Choose faith or fear. I will give you the answer, choose faith!

“Fear expects Me to be unfaithful and to break My promises to you. Fear expects the worst before it has happened. Faith will cause you to see the miraculous through the eyes of your heart first and then you will see the miraculous right before your very eyes. You have to see it first by My spirit, then you will see it in the natural. You can attract what you fear to yourself, or you can attract to yourself what you hope for. The choice is yours. I give an established warning: Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it the issues of life flow.

“Know that I desire for you to expect the best before it happens. I desire that when you see a storm approaching, you will expect Me to move on your behalf. Doubt your doubts! I have called you to be MORE than a conqueror. What this means is that you can know you have won the battle before ever entering it. The Greater One lives in you. You ARE more than a conqueror because I have already won!”

Seeds Of Destiny Produce Fruit!

“I have planted in you seeds of destiny. Will you allow the Living Word to water those seeds? Will you allow the Light of My Salvation to shine through you until those seeds grow to bear fruit?

“My dear one, do you not yet know that I desire for you to have an entire orchard of trees that overflow with fruit? There is sweet succulent fruit to be grown, harvested and enjoyed. All of the harvest will be brought to My banqueting table. My banner over you is love.”

*Nations - ethnos, peoples, lands. We all have a sphere of people where the Lord has given us His power and His authority. Please pray and ask the Lord to confirm to whom you are called and where you are to go in Jesus' name. Wisdom is proved right by her children. God bless and keep you. JB

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