Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thrive Movie - 5 actions top take

Dear THRIVE Network,

As we tap into the spirit of reflection and goal setting that often comes with the arrival of a new year, it is no secret we are at a critical fork in the road in human evolution. One road is leading us towards tyranny and possible self-destruction, while the other is leading to a peaceful, healthy civilization based on honoring the rights and freedom of every single person on the planet.

Like millions of you from all around the world, we believe that together we have the knowledge, the resources - and the solutions  - to meet these challenges.

For most of us this choice begins with a simple but powerful question: What can I do, right NOW, to contribute to creating a world where we can all thrive?

Based on the myriad solutions throughout our website, we have come up with a list of 5 of the most important actions we can all take as individuals, that don't take much time or money, to start making a real difference today:

1. Bank locally. When we move our money out of the big centralized banks, and into locally owned banks and credit unions, we defund the problem and fund the solution all in one move.

3. Join a coalition to keep the Internet fair and open. Don't let anybody take control over it.

5. Advocate for renewable and new energy technology. Bring the conversation about free energy out into the open. It will transform the power dynamic on this planet faster than anything in recorded history.

How can you start doing these things?  Visit our website where we provide further recommendations and a step-by-step guide on best practices to engage in these and other leveraged actions.

The solutions are here. It's time to act. Here's to doing all we can toward creating a thriving world in 2012!


Foster and Kimberly and the THRIVE team

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