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Message from the Galactic Federation by Greg Giles - December 27, 2011

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Message from the Galactic Federation by Greg Giles - December 27, 2011
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Date: Tuesday, 27-Dec-2011 18:57:33

Message from the Galactic Federation by Greg Giles - December 27, 2011
Hello from all of us, your Galactic brothers and sisters. We would like to share with you at this time a little about what our lives are like, as many of you will soon be joining us on our continued mission to restore peace, love, and light to your world. We spent much of our day working at various workstations onboard our ships, monitoring various situations and facilitating operating procedures for functions our particular ship is designed for. We, the Galactic Federation, have many lightships each designed for a very specific purpose. We have ships that are capable of removing and purifying the poisonous gasses being deposited into your atmospheres through the spraying of what you may refer to as chemtrails.
We also have ships that engage in combat with opposing forces of the cabal, although our form of combat might differ from what you may envision. Our aim is to remove the space fighters from this quadrant of space, and we make every effort to see to it that no harm comes to the personnel within these crafts. The cabal has built, with profits derived from the labors of the people of Earth, quite a sizable fighting force with many secret bases on, in, and off your planet. Many of our advanced ships and much of our highly trained personnel are assigned to the task of removing these forces and placing them in quarantine from Earth and humanity throughout your ascension period. After your ascension they can no longer be any threat to you or your world.
We have other ships with specialized personnel for other assignments as well, such as environmental protection services. These Galactic Federation members utilize specially designed ships to detect hazards such as the radioactive fallout from the nuclear power facility in Japan. These team members study the situation and formulate a game plan to safely remove and purify any contamination.
We also have groups with assignments closely relating to the work of your intelligence agencies, gathering intelligence information and monitoring certain situations, groups, and individuals to keep abreast and one step beyond the scheming of the dark ones. We are able to sit in on their secret meetings, and one cabal agent cannot whisper to another without us being able to hear precisely what is being said. Such is our advantage over the dark, as we enjoy complete privacy at our strategic meetings no matter how many personnel are engaged.
Dealing with the cabal and many other areas of humanity’s ascension makes up most of our day, but we still have time to enjoy things that bring us relaxation, joy, and happiness. We enjoy our meals together in dining halls, or if one would prefer, eat in more quiet surroundings. We have time to read and enjoy books from authors all across this and other universes. We are even able to monitor your radio and television signals, and if we wish we can watch some of your television programs or movies, but we do not engage in watching television nearly as often as Earth humans might. We do monitor your news services, although from our vantage point we see little actual news reporting and mainly attempts to control your thoughts and opinions.
We also enjoy games and music, and many of us love to travel to distant worlds just as many of you would enjoy traveling throughout your planet. We also enjoy exploring Earth, and many of us have been able to spend some time on your surface world, even traveling to your inner world. We will be able to enjoy traveling from place to place and city to city more openly once the cabal and their minions are purified from your world.
As you can see, there are many career opportunities within the Galactic Federation, and these opportunities are being made available to those of you who have demonstrated certain qualifications. A most fundamental qualification would be one’s level of consciousness, and another would be their ability to work well with others. Once we are able to land and make open contact with you, many more opportunities to work with us will be made available. There also will be many positions available to those who wish to assist the new governance of your world, as this is your planet and it will be your responsibility to govern yourselves after all service to self individuals are purged from your offices and agencies.
Many of you hold positions within the Galactic Federation and will be welcomed back with open arms very soon. Many of you have many friends and co-workers eagerly awaiting your return after your current assignments on Earth are completed. Until then, please continue the tremendous work you are doing throughout your current assignment, either sharing our messages, making advanced knowledge more accessible throughout the Internet and your world, or assisting others to heal themselves at this most important period in humanity’s history. You are all doing a marvelous job and we wish to thank each and every one of you for your tremendous efforts on this, our shared mission.
We are the Galactic Federation of Light
As channeled through Greg Giles
Ascension Earth 2012

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