Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tim Turner's republic - comments by anonymous

Hello, I am a former member of the Restore America Plan, and I have been hearing a lot about this so called " Republic for the united States of America" Let me explain something to the hundreds of so called patriots who have joined up with this so called Republic. 

A true republic is where the rights of the minority cannot be infringed on by the majority. We as sovereign men and women have our unalienable rights that come from our creator. But this so called President of the Republic back in June of 2010 as a Guardian Elder of the Restore America Plan conducted an election of all 1350 grand jury members, who mind you are jurors not electors. So Mr. Turner's proposal to form an interim government passed or so they said. 

The fact of the matter is many members of The Restore America Plan did not approve this interim government for the reasons that they felt that it violated their oath as grand jury members. So Mr. Turner used the 1350 Grand Jury Members to create a quorum to conduct his election and then turned around and took his so called election results and violated the rights of those who voted against his proposal. This is civil government 101 for all of you not so bright readers out there, there is nothing complicated about this to get hung up on.   For all of you so called patriots who are part of Mr. Turners so called Republic you have a lot to learn about what a true republic is about. 

What took place at the hand Mr. Turner as a Guardian Elder of The Restore America Plan was simply Democracy! Two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner. Mr. Tuners so called Republic for the united States of America where the players have changed but it's the same old New World Order Game! This is no Republic you bunch of Inbred Redneck Hillbillies, it's mob rule! For those of us who do not have our head firmly inserted up our asses know that the United States Military, Who are the true stewards of our Republic who are waiting for true patriots to re inhabit the de jure Republic, do not recognize this thug Mr. Tim Turner. 

Mr. Turner also calls his program "Restored America" which one is it Tim, "Restored America" or The Republic for the united States of America" ? Mr. Turner claims that we have restored the Republic, sure Tim, with good old fashion Democracy. Mr. Turner a charge you for being nothing short of a two bit used car sales men. But it's not Mr. Turner who I blame, he's doing what any employee or former employee of FEMA would do. 

I blame the hundreds of so called patriots who shoved this so called Interim Government down the throats of those who did not see it as lawful or righteous. You all need to have your conscience examined if you still have one. 

But I do want to thank you for exposing yourselves for the self seeking self obsessed morons that you are, we not know who you are and when our true Republic surfaces we won't have to deal with the likes of you because you have shown your True Colors. 

Sincerely anonymous


Anonymous said...

dayum skippy ! and when this was brought to Mr Turner and Company et al they refused to adhere and isolated any and everyone who questioned their cout d' lets be really honest RUSA Mr Turner and Company et al are mere treasonous bastages in the mix

Anonymous said...

Thanks for exposing this fraudster. In truth there were 10 Constitutions of the united States before the one we have now. There we even 10 interim presidents before George Washington. The first Constitutions were all rejected by the States...why?(we learned this is grade skool)because no Bill of Rights. The current one is "FOR" the united states because of this. Fraudster TT wants our rights shredded

Anonymous said...

So, "when our true Republic surfaces" how do we know when that happens? Who will be the one to notify the rest of us? Will it be this month, next month, next year, some indication would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, inquiring minds would like to know when, and who will notify the rest of us. It is always tomorrow or next month or before Christmas, which by the way is Sunday. Or they come up with some other excuse why the nothing ever happens. WHEN WHEN WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE ANNOUNCED. PEOPLE ARE LOSING THEIR HOMES AND THEIR LIVES BECAUSE SOMEONE, AND I GUESS ONLY GOD KNOWS WHO CANNOT DECIDE WHEN TO ANNOUNCE WHAT IS COMING DOWN THE PIKE IF ANYTHING. SO WHEN IS IT GOING TO BE ANNOUNCED?????? ANSWER PLEASE!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes ANSWER PEOPLE FOR ONCE!!!! You have been running people around in circles for so many years... it is way past time you step up or go away. The USA is in dire straits and you guys keep saying IT IS HAPPENING MONDAY .....THEN OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG NOW IT IS NEXT WEEK.... OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG NOW IT IS NEXT YEAR....ON AND ON AND ON....... PROVE YOU ARE FOR OR LEAVE.