Tuesday, December 27, 2011


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Date: Monday, 26-Dec-2011 21:58:13


Anonymous said...

There is a program, I can't think of its name, that proves how these ufo pranks are done. Most of the time it is pretty simple and inexpensive to do.

Anonymous said...

One will have to land in my yard before I will believe this stuff. Showing me lights in the sky just don't get it for me.

Anonymous said...

These look like the 17 ' lights ' I saw in September 2010 except mine were in broad daylight here in Salem Oregon at my place of employment. At least one manager saw what I saw. Said they are not planes or birds or balloons, did not know what they were. I had a camera in my car where I was standing but did not even think to take a picture till they began to disappear. I have a plain digital camera and it has the viewing screen, it was so bright that the screen blacked out and I had no idea what I was photographing. I ended up with one 'light ' on the disk but it was very inconclusive. I enlarged it over and over with MS Paint and it took on a very strange shape.. it looked like some kind of a probe and had a small ball beneath the main part of whatever it was. All I know is that there were 17 of them and they changed their formations almost constantly, just like the ones in the pictures in the Russian Fleet seen on December 24. I totally believe they are here and observing us.. I have had close to a dozen sightings over the years since I was age 2 1/2 in 1949 and with my parents and older brother experienced a 2-3 hour missing time episode.
They do not have to land in my yard.. I have seen them too often with close encounters of the Third Kind. Oregon MUFON came out to interview me and determined I had a legimate sighting.


Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious that people still think the only beings in this entire universe are on this rock. The only way that could be possible, is if we were the first creations. Then I could see the Creator giving up and not doing it again! But, I don't think that's the case. There are many different dimensions and we live many different lifetimes. Well, I think the real truth will be revealed before the end of next year.

Chelsea Hutsell said...

There's always a story about UFO's and all those stuff, is there a certain fleet maintenance software that can manage those stuff? I don't really believe with UFOs and other human unrelated stuff. But thanks for sharing this post!