Friday, December 30, 2011

A View Through the Peephole

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A View Through the Peephole
December 28, 2011
In a vision, I saw a tall white, wooden fence. As I got closer to the fence, I noticed a small, irregularly shaped hole in the fence. As I drew closer to the hole, I noticed that the scene behind the fence was coming into focus. I cannot tell you what I saw, because the vision stopped before I got a good look, but I can tell you what the Lord is saying about this view through the peephole.

I want you to know, beloved, that much awaits those who serve the Almighty God. Much is on the other side of that fence that will be to your liking. Yes, all is coming into focus as I speak and you are going to enjoy every single offering that I am bringing into your life. Get ready!

I am the living God and Creator Who saw fit to give My life for mankind. I propose to you today this truth, take it to heart: I am entering into a new place with My beloved in tow. It is a place full of wonder and beauty. It is a place where you will exclaim with wide-eyed wonder over My presentations. Many will be so shocked that they will not be able to believe their eyes. They will be so happy that they said “yes” to Me on that fateful day. Oh, yes, they certainly will be pleased to have reckoned themselves faithful to the Almighty.

I want you to know that a new season of wonder is fast approaching. Prepare your heart to receive all that I have in store, knowing that the time of wonder is at hand, and that I take much delight in blessing My chosen.

All is coming into focus for you, beloved. All that will take place will come by My hand; My hand offered to revive, creating a wonder in each heart that will receive. Do not hesitate to draw near to Me now, for you are going through a period of preparation. Spend time with Me. Focus on Me, for in so doing, you will walk with a might that man has never experienced. You, My faithful one, will be strengthened within, and you will know a success in your walk that you have never dreamed would be possible. I am preparing you for that fine hour, beloved, that fine hour when all comes into focus and you see the hand of your Beloved move you out of the mundane into the most sublime!!!

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