Thursday, December 29, 2011

The IQD will RV and it will do so before the end of 2011 because ---

12-29-2011 DocDinar: In my opinion, the IQD will RV and it will do so before the end of 2011, no later than mid January 2012. It will RV because 
(1) Iraq says it will have the most valuable currency in the Middle East 
(2) Iraq’s currency should reflect its natural wealth in oil, gas, minerals, diamonds, etc. 
(3) Iraq cannot continue to operate with a worthless currency 
(4) Iraq may not enter the WTO without an internationally tradable currency 
(5) Iraq may not be released from Chapter 7 without an RV 
(6) Iraq is spending enormous sums of money on U.S. jets, weapons, oil contracts, etc. 
(7) Public Iraqi bank accounts are overdrawn and require an RV  
(8) The RV is essential to meet the Iraqi 2012 budget  
(9) The RV is essential to combat inflation in Iraq 
(10) The Euro (global) financial crisis requires the RV 
(11) The U.S. said the Iraq war would not cost anything financially and the U.S. stands to take in about $60 billion over the next several years from the RV, and 
(12) In addition to the U.S., many world governments own trillions of dinars and are depending on the RV to shore up their bottom lines  
(13) Iraq does not want to lose OPEC membership 
(13) As Christine Lagarde of the IMF stated, "This partnership has facilitated substantial debt relief and helped achieve macroeconomic stability, including a strong dinar, low inflation, and a resumption of economic growth." 
(14) Iraq does not want to have wasted ten years of hard work, lose all power, and return to full sanctions for 3 years.

So, be encouraged; this long journey is just about to end and an exciting new beginning for our lives is about to start.

To Our Success,
Jeff (Duckyboy)


Anonymous said...

Hi John
can you verify if the RV is waiting for Basil III compliance by Iraq and others??? also my thoughts on a LOP ..they open themselves to fraud charges because they sold us $$ based on a potential of rv at a rate that would make them the holders of a valuable currency. IMOA

Anonymous said...

Sorry Duckyboy, but none of your 14 points have any bearing on a Dinar RV. The elite are going to bring down all Middle Eastern countries and take them back to camel jockey days. The U.S. and the elite are in control of Iraq. Just wait until your date of mid January comes and goes as have all the other dates claiming a RV. Maybe you should listen to Lindsey Williams to get the real story.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how they call this stuff "intelligence" when it is always wrong. It reminds me of the intelligence behind the WMD. The only ones less intelligent that those that spread this are the ones that believe it. It's been "tomorrow" for several years!

Hobgoblin238 said...

And just what does Lindsey Williams say?