Thursday, December 29, 2011

Message from the Galactic Federation by Greg Giles - December 29, 2011

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Message from the Galactic Federation by Greg Giles - December 29, 2011
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Date: Thursday, 29-Dec-2011 21:04:30

Message from the Galactic Federation by Greg Giles - December 29, 2011
The lines have been drawn on the surface of the Earth by those who are for the new changes that will usher in humanity's new Golden Age, or those that oppose them. Where do you stand? The time to decide is upon you. We need no fence sitters here; this is not why you have journeyed here. You have come to choose a side and fight for what you believe is right. Do you support love, light, justice and equality? Or do you stand for control, rule, domination and enslavement? The choice is entirely yours; there are no wrongs or rights here. All is choice. You decide which vibration you wish to stand for and take action to defend it. The battle has already begun and sides have already been drawn. This epic saga has reached a culmination point with the scales tipping as you read this. Now is the time to get involved. Now is the time to fulfill your purpose. Why are you here? What is it all about? It is time you now understand these questions.
Many have journeyed here to be a part of history. To be incarnate as a member of the human race as their history is altered forever. You felt this task was important enough to take great lengths to be here, and now that you are here and we are well into the final chapter it is time to fulfill your destiny. There are others here who have already taken sides, and not all of these souls have chosen to be a part of the light. The dark as many legions and many soldiers, powerful weaponry, advanced technology and an endless assortment of ruthless tricks, yet their front line continues to be pushed back steadily every day and they are proving to be no match for the forces of light. If you possess darkness in your heart then join your brethren in the ranks of the cabal where you are needed. If your heart aligns with the forces of light then you understand now where you are being called. It is time to don your armor and pull your sword, whether it be of light or dark.
As we quickly approach now the end times, a winner in this struggle will be awarded. It has been decreed there must be a clear winner in this epic struggle between the light and the dark. There are those who have chosen to remain as spectators to this battle, and we honor always the choice of every soul. You are free to choose now and at any time withdraw your decision. There is no judgment or punishment of any kind for this. The biggest ‘crime’ comes in not choosing, as turning a blind eye to this grand masterpiece of theatrical drama wastes so this incredible opportunity for learning and for growth. We ask you at this time to weigh your options and follow your hearts call, and take a side in this struggle. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters of like vibration and see this battle to its end.
You are all on your way to being so much more than you are today. The universe is an incredibly vast and wondrous place for you to journey and explore. All will be opened for you when your shared experience is completed here in the 3D world of the physical. There are truly wonders for you to behold and very many different worlds inhabited by so many different beings throughout the cosmos. Today, you are building your wings that will enable you to take flight through this universe. Do you understand this? Do you sense you are moments away from stepping through a magical doorway? All that the Creator has designed for you is soon to be yours. All are gifts, though you have earned them throughout your many and often difficult incarnations into the physical. For those of you who so choose, these incarnations are completed and an eternity of joyful bliss awaits you. You have many friends and family awaiting you on the other side of this thinning veil, and it will not be much longer until the curtain lifts for you.
We are your Family of Light the stars.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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