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Message from the Galactic Federation 12/23/11 by Greg Giles

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Message from the Galactic Federation 12/23/11 by Greg Giles
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Date: Friday, 23-Dec-2011 17:55:43

Message from the Galactic Federation 12/23/11
Time is running out. To act as if nothing is happening is the cabal’s only choice right now as they have seen all their last minute options and desperate attempts fall drastically far from the mark. We have seen to this. Together in an alliance with our Earthen allies, we have systematically destroyed every plan, maneuver, front, and offensive the cabal and all their ruthlessly cunning minds could manage to concoct. They are very short of days and will continue to fall unevaded until they and their twisted plans for world domination and the enslavement of the entire human populace have completely crashed and burned. The leaders of the cabal will face justice for their actions. This is the best way for them to learn from their mistakes, and it also gives so many others, either victim or accomplice in the evil game, an opportunity to also learn from all of this.
We have advised you to prepare yourselves for the inevitable, which is a mass first contact with us, the Galactic Federation. The time for your preparedness is now at hand. You have little time left to see to it that certain household provisions are stored to last for a few days or even a few weeks as certain services may be interrupted as the old system of control goes off-line, and the new system of freedom and abundance begins. There is no reason to fear of these changes that must take place. A new path must be cleared for humanity to continue their journey. There can be no other alternative to this.
Already we have seen signs of your new way blossoming to life, and the signs are quite inspiring. What awaits you is nothing shy of miraculous compared to what you have so become accustomed. Continue to share the information of these changes far and wide as the service you do is most important to others and appreciated by all. Be present as all around you may begin to deteriorate into slight chaos and confusion. You are to be a leader of your fellow man. You have trained extensively to be of service in these challenging times. Others will look to you for answers. There are no easy answers, but in time, your efforts to calm your neighbor, family, or friends will pay off. All will return to a much calmer state after we can begin to formally introduce ourselves and our purpose here. Many will begin to see the obvious, that we come in peaceful intent, and wish to assist humanity right the wrongs done to your people and your planet. All will eventually come to the realization that to fear and distrust us was a reaction of uninformed opinion and fear.
Our efforts will soon commence. Our ships will descend from the skies. This has always been the plan, and all of you today are firmly seated on this timeline to experience the thrill and blissful joy of ascension and a planet’s welcoming into the greater Galactic community. Many firsts will be realized throughout this occasion, and what has transpired here will be remembered and spoken of for ages throughout the universes. You will know this firsthand, as your new lives will be one of eternal bliss, and you will be free to cherish these memories you have collected here forever.
Take some time to reflect on your life, and try to put some pieces together that will lead you to a greater understanding of what it is all about. You may come to many new conclusions and learn a great deal simply by finding a nice quiet place for careful reflection.

Looking ahead to your near future, we see many remarkable possibilities for improvements in your day to day lives. Commerce, transportation, food services, all will change quickly to far more effective ways for you to meet your necessities. Your recreational enjoyments may also see new windows of opportunity as your world that today remains largely inaccessible will suddenly open its loving arms to welcome you to her most isolated and secret destinations. Be prepared to experience your world in an entirely new way. File under ‘forever’ your new happiness and your new home. The reality you have come so accustomed to will soon fade away and a new spotlight will appear through the foggy mist of change.
Many will soon begin their first day of their blissfully eternal new lives. Many of us did not expect so many would awaken from their slumber so soon, and we are so delighted to see so many of you, our family, joining together to restore peace, love and light to your world. It truly warms our hearts to see this, and we thank each and every one of you and warmly welcome you to our Galactic family. The surprises awaiting your arrival are immense, with new delights awaiting you around every corner. The universe is a magical and wonderful place, and very soon you will experience its wonder firsthand. For what has been distant twinkling lights will now be the lamp on your front porch, warmly lighting your doorway of your new home.
We are your Family of Light from the stars.
As channeled through Greg Giles
Ascension Earth 2012

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Anonymous said...

This does not reflect Jesus Christ's description of the end of the age/world, His return, the 1000 year period of earthly desolation, and His subsequent return with His people to re-create this world brand new.

False christs, false saviours, false prophets also have a 'scenario', an alternate version of the "end" which they will try to convince us to believe in -- in just such a way that we are required to deny and reject Jesus Christ in the process. And you can be certain more such "conditions" are to be announced in the future.

This is how they separate us from The Creator, steal our souls, and achieve the eternal loss of those who accept and follow them into oblivion. This is how they can hurt Jesus Christ the most, the One whom they hate the most.

Accepting Jesus' truth, we accept Him. Rejecting it, we reject Him.

The real Saviour and the real Heaven are on the horizon. Let's not fall for this last desperate attempt by our enemy to ruin our eternal futures.