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RealTime Gordon Duff -First the Army Lies to the President – Followed by the Mitt Romney Knife in the Back

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RealTime Gordon Duff -First the Army Lies to the President – Followed by the Mitt Romney Knife in the Back
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Date: Saturday, 31-Dec-2011 04:56:26

Posted by Gordon Duff

American troops in Afghanistan are running out of fuel and food as Christmas approaches. The war rages on as it has for a decade and America is losing, nothing new there.

American supplies are being blockaded in Pakistan because US drones killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

Compounding the problem now, we have learned that the version of events Pakistan gave in the first place, called “liars” by our press and military, was 100% correct.

The liars were the Americans on the scene whose “Afghan allies,” as usual, ended up totally infiltrated by Taliban.

After 10 years, the new “national army” are all either working for the drug lords of the minority northern alliance or, as with the new “national police,” either petty criminals or Taliban.

These two forces cost more to train and supply than the entire Chinese army, no, we are not kidding, this is how much we have spent or wasted, you choose.

So, when Americans go into the field, their “allies” are invariably their enemies, troops that know America is leaving and ready to lead Americans into an ambush or direct an attack on America’s Pakistani allies as they have time and time again.

In a report released today, the Army admits that it was wrong and President Obama is preparing to issue an apology to Pakistan.

He hopes this will be enough to partially quell anti-American sentiment in Pakistan and get supplies moving before America is forced to begin a “Berlin airlift” or simply withdraw.

The “airlift,” of course, gives Russia total control over American policy in the region which will include a guarantees for the safety of Iran.

...These “conspiracy theories” are facts:

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Anonymous said...

...part1/3...Ben Fulford: New Asian Union Means ....The Fall Of The Dollar.Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail] Date: Sat, 31-Dec-2011 20:30:26.(Thanks, B. :).Reader B. sends us this material found on Ben Fulford's blog today: ...////
BenjaminFulford  ※Weekly geo-political news and analysis ,12/31/2011.This is a link to an interview made with American Freedom Radio on December 30th, 2011: *****
New Asian Union Means The Fall Of The Dollar. **** That strategy is precisely what I advised the Chinese to do, and what they figured out for themselves too. The missing ingredient in that analysis, is the understanding of what else China has been doing, in preparation for this move. They have been buying far more commodities, especially metals, than they need. That is because they want their financial system to be reality based, instead of fiat. Our faction is trying to save the dollar, by removing all the fraudulently created derivatives from the books, and backing the dollars with gold and commodities. Unfortunately, the Khazarians are fighting this tooth and nail, and are fighting to the bitter end, to preserve their fraud based system.
Ben, This letter was posted on "The Voice of the White House"12/27/11. It ties into what you have been writing - FYI
A Different View, Dec 22, 2011 by Elmer Chen:
When I attended classes at the Rhode Island School of Design, in the 1980’s, I developed a great interest in German militaria, through my friendship with a very knowledgeable Virginia businessman. He later told me of his close connections with the Central Intelligence Agency, and that he was connected ....with the Southeast Asia office, of that agency. We became good friends and when I returned to the PRC, we did keep in touch with each other. He visited me in Kowloon, upon a number of occasions, and we discussed the collecting world and often the political and intelligence fields.
Last year, while visiting, he had a big copy of a special file, his department was working with, and we read it over and, since it did concern itself with the PRC, I found it more than interesting. This had very detailed information about how the American military intelligence agency DARPA had been working infiltrate and build defenses, against Chinese military computer systems. This covered many technical pages but what I found to be most impressive was a lengthy report abouta raging war between the American Army, and the Central Intelligence Agency,centered in the Pakistan and Afghanistan areas. According to this, the American Army was very angry with the CIA, for its drone bombing attacks on Pakistani targets. They were very upset, because the CIA used Army bases, to launch attacks against suspected Taliban targets, even if they were inside Pakistan, and even if many civilians were killed, in these attacks. The reason for the Army’s anger, was that the CIA personnel used Army bases, to launch their drone attacks and even work US Army uniforms, while doing this.

Anonymous said...

.......part2.... The senior military commands were being blamed by the Pakistani government, for the killing of civilians, when in reality, they had nothing to do with it. Several pages of copies of cables to Washington’s Pentagon, showed me very sharply, that the Army had protestedeven as high as the President himself about this, and had been ordered by his office, to let the CIA do, as it pleased. This went very badly with the generals, and that was when they began a clandestine war, not against Muslims but against their own CIA! To do this, they used many tricks, but the most interesting one was the use of the Wikileaks program. Mr. Julian Assanage, the head of this group, was Australian, and considered to be a brilliant “hacker.” He had been arrested for getting into sensitive sites in Australia, and sent to jail for a short time. Later, from 2002 to 2006, when Assange went to the University of Melbourne, he had been recruited the US Army DARPA program, that was designed to hack into Chinese military computer sites. They were very successful at this work, and then, with DARPA assistance and support, .....Assange set up Wikileaks as a vehicle for launching counter attacks against chosen Army targets. With him were other DARPA people, like the dissidents Wan Dan, Wang Youcai, (the founder of the Chinese Democracy Party;) Xiao Qiang, who had become the director of the China Internet Project at the University of California at Berkeley, and Rashi Narngyal Khamsitsang, a leading Tibetan exile.
When the CIA blocked any attempt to move them out of American Army bases,the senior military people in the Pentagon, opted to thoroughly discredit both the CIA and the Department of State, whom they felt were also blocking them. To do this, they resorted to Assange and his Wikileaks, and extracted, and sent to him many thousands of very sensitive secret cables. Then deals were made with major news media, and we now all know that the release of these secret cables, created the so-called Arab Spring, with revolts breaking out in Arab countries throughout the Middle East. This disruption of the Arab world, was by no means accidental. In the first place, many of the dictators and their intelligence systems, had the active support of the CIA... and the Department of State.... and also the Army, was increasingly out of sorts with the state of Israel, who was trying to force the President into fighting a war with Iran, solely for the benefit of Israel. The Army felt that its troops were “being systematically destroyed”, by fighting useless politically motivated wars, and that a war with Iran, would finish their morale off for good. So it was very clear that disrupting Israel’s alliances in the Middle East, was another specific goal.They were very successful in this project. Now, many CIA assets are destroyed,and Israel is in a very dangerous strategic situation, thanks to the situations in both Egypt (which was a specific goal) and with Turkey (which was an unintended goal.)

Anonymous said...

...part3...// PRC:People's Republic of China.// The reports made it very clear, that his young Manning person was an innocent pawn in a larger game, and could never have found or sent the tens of thousands of secret cables, to anyone.
* * Many of them never went through his intelligence station, but because he was deemed as an “unstable and possibly suicidal” person by the Army, it was felt that by ruthlessly tormenting him, he would commit suicide, and that he could posthumously be blamed for everything, and Assange no longer accused for stealing the cables. Assange is very clever, and it is felt that if he is further harassed by the authorities, he might well confess his DARPA connections. The report said he was to be either placated or killed outright. That the Chinese military is not, certainly, planning to attack the United States, or any other country for that matter,.... does not seem to bother the American authorities. Breaking into sensitive PRC systems and manipulating them, is very close to an act of war, and China cannot permit this to continue. Because the Americans are guilty of this, why naturally they blame the PRC, for breaking into their systems, in such a self-righteous way. Instead of seeking peaceful avenues of mutual cooperation, certain elements of the American leadership, look to damage, insult and provoke those whose only goals are the betterment of their people, and to have peaceful and harmonious relations with their neighbors at all times.
Mr. Chen can be contacted at:,, or and is most interested in hearing from concerned American friends!
The Pentagon understands that the problem they are dealing with, is ultimately the owners of the Federal Reserve Board, and their efforts to save their own asses, by starting World War 3. A lot of the people in the CIA are also fed up with the crazy stuff they have been ordered to do, by their Fed (Council on Foreign Relations) bosses. There is going to be a coup d'etat against ....these people and the bribed and corrupt Washington political establishment. ..

Anonymous said...

....Imran has become a leading crowd puller and seems to have outshined all politicians.If Musharraf thinks he will also be able to attract crowds like Imran Khan and will become as popu-lar as him, he is sadly mistaken.What is never mentioned, of course, is that $80 billion dol-lars of heroin cash, is flowing into the region, in and out, with the biggest beneficiaries being the CIA, key GOP policians, bankers in Tel Aviv, Zurich and Dubai, and selected elected officials in Islamabad, Kabul and Delhi.Less well known are groups within Russia who have helped this trafficking of narcotics nearly destroy their own country. Vladamir Putin says, privately, that he plans a bloody purge of all involved, no matter what country they are in. Is this just empty talk? Conclusion:I hate the use of “conclusion” as a “ham handed” way of tying up my attempt at making a complicated situation, seem simple. There is nothing simple about it, nothing for “sound bites” or easy political headlines.We are working to save a military situation in Afghanistan that is, in itself, unsupportable.*****These “conspiracy theories” are facts:There is not now, nor has there ever been an “Al Qaeda”...There has never been any terrorist involvement by Osama bin Laden, who I can prove died on December 13, 2001...We can prove that key aspects of the “incident” known as “9/11″, the Pentagon attack and Building 7, were planned and executed by Americans, with Israeli help. This provides a rationale for assuming that other attacks coincidentally on the same day and same place, may have been planned and executed by the same people, meaning “no terrorists were involved in this production”
Vice President Biden is correct in his assumptions about the Taliban, and GOP criticism is the kind of “treasonous wartime betrayal” that Newt Gingrich is famous for “doubletalking” about.....The recent admission of lying by the Army tied to the killings in Pakistan, also provide “reasonable doubt” about other state-ments tying Pakistan to the Taliban. They are lies also. ///The United States, after apolo-gizing to Pakistan, now owes Iran an apology, for overthrowing its democratically elected government in 1953, and replacing it with a brutal dictatorship, not based on security needs, but done entirely at the behest of oil companies.I can prove every word of this, feel free to drag me into a London court, any time.
This doesn’t mean the current government of Iran is “ideal.” I find it unbalanced and oppressive, but I also consider Israel, a military dictatorship.I am simply being honest, and have impeccable sources.
// The Shah Returning to Iran After CIA Coup -
Democracy Was Not 'In' Then // more at :
from: *****.....and.....Iman Khan. Chargement…4508views.Ajoutée par/added by gpduf, le 9 jan2011. for more:
// gpduf: Gordon Duff, Veterans Today //
from: ...26:25min...////****
Imran Khan Niazi (Urdu: عمران خان نیازی; born 25 Nov 1952) is a Pakistani politician and former cricketer, playing international cricket for two decades in the late twentieth century. After retiring, he entered politics. Currently, besi-des his political activism, Khan is also a phi-lanthropist, cricket commentator, Chancellor of the University ofBradford, andFounder and Chair-
man Board of Governors of Shaukat Khanum
Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre. Inarguably, Pakistan's most successful cricket captain..(....) Imran Khan was born in Lahore, the only son of Ikramullah Khan Niazi, a civil engineer, and his wife Shaukat Khanum.[5] Although long settled in Mianwali in Punjab, the family were of Pashtun (Pathan) ethnicity, and belonged to the Niazi Shermankhel tribe.[6] .....

Anonymous said...

source is :
Stranglehold Afghanistan: How Politics and Lies Is Destroying an Army.First the Army Lies to the President.Followed by the Mitt Romney Knife in the Back.
… by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor.
American troops in Afghanistan are running out of fuel and food, as Christmas approaches. The war rages on, as it has for a decade and America is losing, nothing new there. .....(....) This information, lacking the photos of the Karda-shians and J Lo, boring though it may seem, is a vital part of real democracy as opposed to “mob rule,” something we have enjoyed of late and may expect more of.“Mob rule” isn’t by accident. It has taken several billion dollars to gain control of media and pop culture,to “de-educate” America, in particular, putting out two consecutive generations of college graduates, many with advanced degrees, that are embarrassingly ignorant. America didn’t end up the “failed state” it is today, without alot of well educated morons. ///
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