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Criminal Investigations Close In On G5 Western Banking Cabal

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Criminal Investigations Close In On G5 Western Banking Cabal
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Date: Wednesday, 28-Dec-2011 11:48:11

Source: Alcuin Bramerton
Criminal investigations close in on G5 Western banking cabal as its access to credit is choked off across the globe
Several gamebreakers are now running concurrently.
Any one of them has the potential energy to collapse the Western cabal with a single mainstream media legal headline.
Certain of the initiatives include legal rubrics which require public disclosures to be front-end-loaded in the Western MSM.
If a corporate news group fails to comply with such a disclosure mandate, by that act it will immediately and permanently cease to trade.
Its assets will be impounded and held mothballed for the use of the new media groups which are on the plate and ready to run.
These free-to-air and web outlets will operate above and beyond the control or censorship of corporations, security cliques or sovereign governments.
At present there are five or six open-and-shut cases filed which would immediately terminate the US Presidency of Barack Obama.
Each has majority support on Capitol Hill.
The delay in implementing them has to do with disagreements among Senators, Congressmen and the Pentagon about what, or who, will occupy the downstream vacuum after Obama's removal.
In addition to the élite deceptions swirling around Obama's fake American birth qualification
and the provenance of his stolen Connecticut Social Security Number,
there are mature legal depositions relating to US President's slush funds at the Vatican Bank and Banco Santander in Europe,
and to Obama's unlawful entangling of America in the NATO Libyan invasion.
It needs to be recalled that there are between 27 and 39 levels of security clearance operating above the US President.
The exact number depends upon how you name and list the agencies involved and how they interpenetrate and overlap in their covert remits.
Thirty nine is the commonly quoted number by insiders who manage to break surface and live.
Testimony of Master Sergeant Dan Morris, USAF (Retired)/ NRO Operative
This means that above the knowledge of the US President (any US President), and above the need or ability of US Presidential access, are thirty nine levels of meetings, papers, operations and facilities about which the incumbent of the Oval Office is kept in complete, tightly-managed ignorance.
This is not about plausible deniability, or setting up structures which enable plausible deniability.
It about the fact that the Western cabal uses American heads of state and their administrations as media players to gull the populace.
In Western "democracy", as currently constituted, the politicians are merely hired actors working to a media agenda written by others for the benefit of a largely unseen transnational corporate élite.
But all this is beginning to break down as the money runs out in the West.
George Soros, for example, is beginning to feel the heat of legal due process in connection with his financial interference in US government business.
The UK-France public row over the EuroZone's chaos-financing indicates an accelerating fragmentation of Western cabal organisation.
German banks face an imminent market meltdown.
Commerzbank is now a basketcase for emergency nationalisation and breakup.
See Chart Here:
In Asia the rolling up of the Western cabal's power bases is proceeding apace.
On Saturday 17th December 2011, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, a Rothschild puppet, was assassinated by heart attack.
There is now a struggle for the succession under way between the Rothschild chosen one, Swiss-educated playboy Kim Jong-un, and a rising military faction which seeks to kick the Western cabal out of the country.
A similar situation is evident in the US where a benevolent military coup becomes more likely by the day as the Pentagon and US intelligence agencies line up against the Washington corporation's anti-Constitutional US Homeland Security apparat.
Still unrecognised by most Western-based international market traders is the significant fact that eighty five percent of the total global gold inventory is held off-market in Asia.
Soon this gold is going to be brought on-market through the China South Rare and Precious Metal Exchange.
Various figures are cited in connection with the potential value of this 85% gold injection.
The lowest valuation is $371 trillion.
The gold is held in depositories throughout Asia reported to involve between 125 and 172 separate locations.
Among the largest are said to be those in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.
Will Asia's financial firework display be the Western cabal's execution bonfire?
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