Friday, April 27, 2012

Agenda 21 and The czars of Obama

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Agenda 21 and The czars of Obama
Posted By: mormoola
Date: Friday, 27-Apr-2012 10:30:56

In the interest of "saving" the Earth and creating a "sustainable" future, the United Nations Agenda 21 will dictate:• What kind of car you can and cannot drive
• Where and when you can travel
• Where you can live
• What kind of property you can own, if you are allowed to own property
• What size family, if any, you can have 

The Obama administration believes human beings are Earth's enemy. He has already come out in full support of federal land grabs, and many of his unelected "czars" are pro-global warming and anti-private property rights:• His Global Warming czar Carol Browner left her post after it was discovered she lied and published misleading information to the public. She was a leader in the Socialist Commission for a Sustainable World Society.
• His Science czar John Holdren authored a book advocating forced abortions and mass sterilization.
• His Regulatory czar Cass Sunstein wrote that animals should have the right to sue humans
• His Green Jobs czar Van Jones was discovered to be a Marxist who believed that 9/11 was an inside job.
A Mormoola NOTE: This guy Jones might know something. What about a must follow the constitution czar.

Google... AGENDA 21 or AGENDA 21 czar to get informed and take action.


Anonymous said...

I would like to invite everyone to envision these Agenda 21 people disappearing from the face of the earth (or inside earth) along with our other meditations, on May 5th World Liberation Day. The more people focusing on one thing, the better. Also open to other people's ideas of focus. If you don't know what Agenda 21 is, just google Agenda 21 for Dummies, and they have a short youtube video (long enough so you find out what's going on). I agree with all of God's people... all the holy and righteous people who have everyone's best interests at heart, and agree that all the ungodly, unholy, unrighteous, satan lovers are either willingly transformed to righteousness, or that they are removed from civilization, in Jesus name I pray.

Anonymous said...

"IF" our original constitution was restored, do we keep shouting "Restore the Constitution!"

I feel like the time when everyone was saying "Free Willy"! When he got freed, even the people that didn't see him get released knew it had happened and moved on to something else.

All of this Agenda 21 stuff is old news. It was at a time when We the People had not even restored our States to their proper status.

Sure the government extended it's reaches and took over while we were 'quote' "lost at sea", but the Republic is restored.

I see evidence of it in the news.
Some article comes out and someone reads it as more controls on the people, and I see it as 'if those who had a plan try to implement it against the people, this "New Rule" will be violated and bring them down."

I see the rules, the ones that are supposed to remove our freedoms, but if we are returning to an asset backed currency, then I want someone to tell the 'master hacker' of Microsoft, that if he violates the privacy of someone's account by hacking in, they will throw hungry sharks at them in a tank full of salt water.

I see the changes, but I see the positive side of the implementation of it. The good guys want to say they are stopping us...but good guys wouldn't be doing that stuff anyway.

It's all a distraction.

I wouldn't be surprised if the continent gets split into those caught under the old paradigm who need to complain and want a leader to complain to and to complain about.

I can see that when the Constitution was written, everyone wasn't on board, and that's how it got hijacked so quickly anyway.

Someone was benefiting from the people not being free then, as they are now.

If you keep the people confused enough, they'll do nothing because they'll think nothing can be done.

Analysis paralysis.

Or they'll over negatively analyze the situation and get mad about the changes that would benefit them because they'll say 'well how do we know you aren't like the bad guys?'

You need to do something different people!
Everyone wants the paperwork and no one is trying to put their own paperwork out there.


Interesting the thing that freed the states was not another UCC. Glad I am of that!

Anonymous said...

Great comment, interesting how words on a paper, signed by some idiot clown can stir up so much controversy, words play on the mind, ego reacts for you, so what if they stick a gun in your face, your already on your knees praying for scraps.
Only a true slave would do this, and the master is obligated to oblige.

Your either free or not, its your decision not anyone else can tell you.
If your working for the oppressive slave owner then your the problem, he cant do nothing without you, the US employees 60% of total population of workers one way or another, if they quit tomorrow the whole thing shuts down.

As long as they keep working for the slave master (NOTHING) will change, the problem is not them its you who keep helping them screw you, and they laugh all the way to the bank with your labor never paying you nothing but scraps.

The whole system relies on your dependence to them for anything to work.

I don't think all those workers will give up their jobs or scraps to help any of you out of the noose. That's your dilemma.

Anonymous said...

......part2.....(...) EPA will be involved and will twist the arms of those who do not adopt “smart growth plans,” denying grants to states and cities, and levying other penalties. By the time Americans realize the implications of Agenda 21“smart growth,” they will lose their homes and lands, with no com-pensation. At least people who lost property under Eminent Domain have been compensated. The Interna-tional Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is a conglomerate of 600 national, regional, and local government associations, who promote “sustainable development” and protection of the environ-ment, because of man-made global warming that does not exist. “Sustainable development” is the United Nations effort to contain and limit economic development in developed countries, and thus control population growth. It is “sustainable de-growth,” plain and simple. The focus is “low-income agriculture” and to set limits on the developed world. United Nations and its affiliates, believe that first world countries polluted significantly during their development while urging third world countries to reduce pollution thus impeding their growth. Implementation of “sustainable development” would revert our society to a pre-modern lifestyle. ICLEI wants to keep the environment as pristine as possible, through “ideal-seeking behavior.” These euphemisms are not clearly defined in terms of what or who will evaluate or set the standards for this “ideal-seeking behavior.” Agenda 21 sets up the global infrastructure to manage, count, and control assets. It is not concerned with protecting the environment or the world’s resources. Agenda 21 wants change from old sector-centered ways of doing business, to new approaches. The “desired future state” should be to pursue “economic prosperity, environmental quality, and social equity.” “Social equity” is the new euphemism for “social justice” the Marxists in our government have been using a lot lately. Who gave them the authority and the mandate to initiate such change? I do not remember the American people being asked through a referendum, whether we wanted our way of life to be fundamentally changed according to mandates set up by the United Nations. How will population growth control be achieved in order to protect the precious environment? ....(....) //
“Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh ( Romanian Conservative) is a freelance writer (Canada Free Press), author, radio commentator, and speaker. Her book, “Echoes of Communism, is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Short essays describe health care, education, poverty, religion, social engineering, and confiscation of property. Visit her website, Johnson can be reached at:** ******

Anonymous said...

Actually mother earth is in trouble. Agenda 21 is nothing but. A NWO plan. But it is true that we need to help and restore our environment

Anonymous said...

Hey I just gotta ask, why dont any of you take quantum mechanics into this situation? Its all quantum mechanics, from the single cells to the giant suns. All of it, totally alterable by the implementation of thought. All this, is thought. Thought creates, and with the principles of quantum theory, it is maleable and quite capable of fluctuating given enough dedicated people focusing the single thought of what it is they desire to create or change. I know that matter and energy are the same thing, just in a different configuration. Those who sought to suppress the technology and make our ways of thinking limited and strict, were themselves thinking way above what most people even consider possible, and they, were anything but strict with how much they dealt with personal reflection on the lies, the murders, the theft, and the suppression of relevant technology they knew about, had access to, and used on a very probably regular basis, meaning they could have cared less how low they would stoop to protect it and cover it up, but exactly why would it be so important to do that? Hasn't anyone ever really asked that, why lie, steal, cover-up, and obfuscate facts that were extremely obvious and even well known by certain agencies and individuals for example. Lies are still lies, even if they fight tooth and nail to make others believe its just not true or possible, wow we are back in the dark ages, arent we? This is only the tip of the iceberg, dont you all know? They used technologies like the delta T antennaes that bend time, and even warp it, and its all just sitting there, being used by clearanced people, just so they can have some fun making the "ignorant masses" think everything is just fine, nothing to see here, move along. Didnt it occur to people, that those who know something, are going to be the most vehemant denyers, without going to into details and investigating, its simple psychology folks, liars always defend it with venom, hate, and violence, look at the cover up of the Khoresh massacre, and the 911 lie. The ones who knew or maybe even gave orders or had a hand in it, they will angrily defend the lie as if it were gospel, no other point of view permitted. Its really gotten to me over these last 12 years how singularly this alien invasion happened without so much as the most informed individuals having a clue, until it was way too late and in full swing, but did anyone bother to consider how they did it? Human take over, plain and simple. We wouldnt even see it coming til it was too late, they look like us, talk like us, but they dont act like us, humans have a natural way of doing things, call it social norms right? They wouldnt understand that, or be inclined to anyway. They would act pretty like themselves, depending on the species. I mean, who here knows how a Draco acts? Have you ever really observed how a lower reptilian lifeform acts? Think of a hyper evolved and technologically advanced species like them would act? Hmmmmm! I have watched some snaked and iguanas and bearded dragons, they are slow, watchful, quick to attack, always eating the food raw and alive, when agitated highly aggressive and dont give up easily, and they are merciless. I think that pretty much sums it up, not trying to be stereotypical here, but I know how they act, and I have seen my share of humans acting exactly that same way, and they dont target each other unless they are sufficiently doped up or crazed with rage. They dont listen to reason, and they dont get how we are sumbiotic with each other, they arent like that, they are dog eat dog, kill or be killed, and take no prisoners. I dont know about anyone else, but I have seen plenty of them superimposed in people(I mean the aura part), and they dont like to be exposed at all. Remember that they are the NWO, not humans.

Anonymous said...

2012-05-02. More of the Transhumanist Agenda in J-Pop Videos: Perfume’s “Spring of Life” . at 01:00 Posted by Vatic Master .*** It appears they do not want you to see the video as its 3 times now they have messed with it. So go to the link directly beneath the video to YouTube and watch it there. Scumbags don't want you to know all this. *** Vatic Note: Gradualism at its finest. This all started out back as early as 1958 when the bilderbergs first published their working paper on globalizing, and then a document was drafted and then was updated in 1979 Called "The Lawful Path: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" and it had to do with "social engineering our society through our children and technology. Notice they call it a war..... I found that enlightening, and their weapons are hidden. It was a training protocol for the infiltrating elite into our systems, and it began with music, moved into MTV and finally into the entertainment industry. Simultaneously, the Black Arts and Black Sciences began work on DNA manipulation as we showed on this blog with the nano spiders to splice our DNA, then into the brain experimentations, then into robotics and we did several blogs on this issue as well. Now its back to music to tell us how they see the future for us. This did not even include the dumbing down education system, so its a very big, broad, and well coordinated agenda. They are not dumb, just psychopathic, so they know full well, tyranny has never survived the generation in which it took hold. This is their way of insuring they can continue forever in this final attempt. They use various medium to "tell us" what they intend and if we do nothing about it, then we are to blame since we knew. Remember the vampire movies and those about zombies??? Same thing. Its the future they plan for our children. We must understand these are satanists who celebrate death and darkness, while we celebrate life and light. They will have compliant, "obedient" cattle assets that they own, to do their bidding and keep their mouth shut and ask for nothing and die, when their productive years are over. Nice world these insane people have planned for us. Then we wonder why they treat our children as they do with drugging, vaccines, a "DUMBED DOWN" education system and brutal exposure to authoritarianism. They will, in the end have their "living" robots. More of the Transhumanist Agenda in J-Pop Videos: Perfumes Spring of Life: *** By VC, April 23, 2012. We’ve seen in several previous articles (notably The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music, ... ... ... ...) ....that the normalization of transhumanism is an important part of the Agenda in mass media. The merging of humans and robots in order to for a new kind of “upgraded” transhuman is a concept that is heavily promoted in movies, music videos and video games. Almost all major pop stars have been portrayed as a robot at one point or another in their career. Not only does this make the concept of transhumanism cool and sexy for young people, it also makes a profound statement about the nature of the industry (pop stars being robots with no minds programmed to perform). .....(....) .... MORE OF THE TRANSHUMANIST AGENDA IN J-POP VIDEOS: PERFUME'S "SPRING OF LIFE" .Posted By: Seawitch / E-Mail/ Date: Wed, 2-May-2012 03:35:47, ***** ... ....for more...