Monday, April 30, 2012

Chaos on Multiple Fronts

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Benjamin Fulford Blurb: Chaos on Multiple Fronts as Controlled Implosion of Financial Cabal Continues
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Date: Monday, 30-Apr-2012 19:30:40

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis
The prevailing theme these days seems to be chaos in the West but what we are really witnessing is the controlled implosion of the criminal cabal that took over the Western financial system and nearly destroyed Western civilization. Among the events associated with this collapse were: a fake missile launch in North Korea, the ongoing cover-up of a botched assassination attempt against Obama, multiple liens being placed on cabal-controlled central banks, a trilateral commission meeting in Tokyo, unprecedented military maneuvers and more.
We are entering a very dangerous period as the cornered cabalists are certainly planning a massive new terrorist attack (possible tagets : Tokyo, Rome, London) in an attempt to stay in power. Military, police and other action against cabal power centers is also picking up pace.

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The Rumor Mill News Reading Room 

Benjamin Fulford newsletter: bullet point summary
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Date: Monday, 30-Apr-2012 21:47:42

Adapted and condensed from another website to which I will not provide a link because it also reprints Fulford's entire for-pay newsletter:

  • Controlled implosion of the criminal cabal

  • Cabalists may attempt a massive new terrorist attack (possible targets: Tokyo, Rome, London)

  • Joint China/Russia forces opposed U.S./cabal searches for Asian gold stashes in the South China Sea area

  • On the other hand joint U.S./Russian maneuvers are planned to take Denver Nazi bases

  • A split between the Obama faction and Sabbatean gangster faction, due to...

  • botched hit on Obama in Colombia allegedly plotted by Netyanyahu and Emmanuel

  • Netyanyahu/Messianic faction increasingly renounced by mainstream Jews/Israelis

  • Pentagon may not move on mass arrests until new financial system finalized

  • European signs of collapse are visible for all to see

  • In Asia, developments continue under the surface

  • N. Korean "missile" may not have been a serioius device

  • Best guess is May will see continuing collapse of the old world order

  • "Plenty of talk" about big events in June linked to the liberation of the West and Japan

  • "White Dragon Society...has begun a systematic campaign on multiple levels to overthrow the cabal. There will not be much to see at first but just wait."


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    FULL Ben Fulford Report:

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    ...(...)Consider the story of Leah Bolger, the latest American hero up on trial: She is a young female artist in the Midwest. She joins the Navy at 22, is made commander and serves two decades, as an anti-submarine warfare specialist. After retiring she joins Veterans for Peace, and becomes the organization’s first female president. Then, in October of 2011, she commits the crime of interrupting a public congressional hearing of the Super Committee, to deliver a message from the 99 percent: End the wars and tax the rich, to fix the deficit. Because of her 45-second transgression, Commander Bolger now faces a court trial this Thursday morning, April 12, where she could receive a maximum jail sentence of six months. Bolger, 54, intends to plead guilty and use her court appearance to draw the connection between America’s deficit debacle and the three-quarters-of-a-trillion-dollar defense budget we, as voting taxpayers, spend as a base-mark for failed and unending military ventures overseas.....(...)