Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Drake on Wolf Spirit Radio Show 4-22-12

Drake and his crew appeared on Wolf Spirit Radio today. Click here to go to today’s episode. Note that the first hour was not recorded. Hours 2-5 were Drake’s portion (total of 4 hours). I have downloaded the raw MP3s and processed them into 30-minute parts and a complete MP3s. These are in the section below the line.
Drake and company covered quite a large range of topics, from what is going on currently, to Fukushima, to clones, to Native Americans, to what will happen with our currency during this transition, banks, why the “saving” of the United States is important to the world, etc. I was quite drawn to this show, so I felt it essential to get the word out. I will continue to do this as long as Guidance tells me to.
One reason I feel Drake’s information in these recordings is important is that it can assist us, and inspire us, to envision, in a very concrete way, what our next world will be like.
Note about the recordings: I left in the Native American music (4 minutes) at the beginning of Hour 4 (Part 5) as I got Angel bumps (chicken skin, goose bumps) when I heard it.
MP3s Links
Part 1 (30 min., 5 MB)
Part 2
 (30 min., 5 MB)
Part 3
 (30 min., 5 MB)
Part 4
 (27 min., 5 MB)
Part 5
 (30 min., 5 MB)
Part 6
 (30 min., 5 MB)
Part 7
 (30 min., 5 MB)
Part 8
 (31 min., 5 MB)
The Complete show, Hrs 2-3 (117 min., 20 MB, contains Parts 1-4)
The Complete show, Hrs 4-5
 (121 min., 21 MB, contains Parts 5-8)


Anonymous said...

I don't think people are totally grasping this reality, I'm concerned this convoluted self aspiring gibberish.
1. This is warfare tactics, if you want your enemy to think you have more fire power you create replicas of the real things.
2.Leak disinformation far and wide to see who bites.
3. Never inform the front line what the mission is until they are there.

I can say nobody is being arrested, what your dealing with isn't human, the elephant in the room cant be seen. Take note all things some times looks like the real deal, sounds like it too.
How many times, the problem, reaction, and the solution all come the same source.
This whole thing is right out of the SS hand book, tell the people its being dealt with and action is on the way, only everyone is to be sacrificed.
This stuff is to cause the population to calm down and wait for the rapture, do you really think TPTB would just lay down without destroying the planet as they leave here, radiation is already in everything, everyone is dieing already you just don't know it yet, this fool is talking about law, we have never had positive law ever. Go and file in federal court, they laugh their buts off every time you do, BC there is no law here.
Do you hear a small hissing noise in your head, that is radiation killing you.
What are they spraying you with?

Did you think it would be that easy?
All of you are sick, sedated, confused, and being sold down the river.
Look around you insanity everywhere, killing each other over two dollars, this is it and its not going to be pretty.
Common scene left the building long ago,I would love to see one thing DRAKE says happen, but its a gigantic load of you know what, and I wonder what deal he made, up, or down.

Anonymous said...

You sound like you come from a very negative point of view of things to come. I also think you may be a victim of "fear mongering" as they say and waiting on the "dooms day scenario". Everything Drake says, if you have been following many different sites for many years like I have, is part of something that has been planned for years. It seems "plausible" to me and I think it has to happen in order to create order to all this chaos ....and in Drake's words, he is only the messenger, we are the only ones that can take our own lives into our hands to create a better life for ourselves.